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Play-Doh Disney Princess Water Palace Toy Playset with Little Mermaid Ariel, Cinderella, Rapunzel and Belle from Beauty and The Beast Movie. These Disney Princesses swing, slide and splash happily ever after in the Little Kingdom's most enchanting water palace! Toyset includes The Little Mermaid Princess Ariel that can glide down the slide, twirl around spinner and a princess swing waterfall. Other Disney Princess Dolls sold separately - Cinderella Petal Float Princess, Belle Petal Float Princess and Rapunzel Petal Float Princess. We also show you our Rapunzel Fairytale Float Doll made by Mattel.
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Caption: Hey guys this is disney cars toy club and today we're going to be opening our disney princess water palace place yeah ok so here is what the place that looks like all put together has a swing and this top portion is a waterfall pop off the lid fill this with water press this down and water comes down from this part is a little slide right here and the back has to suction cups and these are detachable but these will allow you to suction cup the place at to the side of your bathtub this place that comes with one dial oops area and if you look at the inside of her dress there are little pieces of styrofoam that is how she floats so this is one of the little toys one of the little fun things to do with the princess on and spin around and then she falls into the water so that will be fun to play with and there's also a swing so you just snap her into the swing and she can swing and you can also add the water and she can swing under a waterfall so i think this is gonna be really fun i'm excited to try it out with water now we thought it would be lots more fun for area which she didn't have to play in the water by yourself so we bought three additional princesses we have bail cinderella and responsible we also have this rapunzel who is on a float so open on these and check these out ok so here are all of the princess's out of their packages and we'll start with bell now their heads turn but their arms don't move and i think that the reason their arms are like that is to help them float rapunzel cinderella yeah and then area of course is the one that came with the place and this was the other rapunzel that we bought and she comes with a float star that she's slipped into that pops off and then she sort of snapped into that her arms move so alright so there are the princesses ok when i am very excited to start playing with this place that let's go ahead and get started we will start with area next up we have cinderella she goes i think the pedal launcher looks really fun i would probably want one of those in real life and then we have rapunzel to make sure that everybody gets a turn here comes val yeah ok next we're going to try out the waterfall and so the way that will do that is to take off the lid and then pour water down go ahead we will have rapunzel try this out for someone put her in the swing there's the little sweet she can swing under the waterfall that would feel really good in the summer ok next areas turn nephron yeah yeah yeah it's kind of funny because whenever i pour the water it stops the swing okay next up cinderella k cinderella okay and last we have bail yeah ok yeah and we can't forget about our rapunzel that comes with the flow ok so we figured that when everybody saw rapunzel slow they would want to have a flow - so we took a piece of styrofoam and cut it out and then put some play-doh on top to make a little cushion now we're going to see if that will work yeah the area that she can float around tons of you think it works so you can make your own floaty to using a little bit of styrofoam and using plato to decorate it or make a cushion ok let's say i wonder if we could get more than one princess without thinking ok so we had to put cinderella and ariel on me or ladies oh and rapunzel flipped over to and that's all we have today with our princess water palace for more disney cars plato and surprise typhon check out our channel don't forget to like and subscribe thanks for watching yeah yeah

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