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Considering matching my 500 dollar donation to the suicide prevention hotline.
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Just an open letter to logan paul. Logan i hope that you and your people see this and I hope that you can understand my perspective and why this is upsetting to people like me.
What's up ladies gentlemen of youtube . boogie2988 evidential i was getting to . the power of the internet and we started . off 2018 with a bang uh we have we have . started off 2018 with the very first. youtube controversy that's right the the . one and only logan paul doing a vlog . video in the japanese suicide forest. complete with close-ups of a dead body . so let's usher in the ad pocalypse 3. right here at the beginning of the year . because here we are let me start off . this video by saying that i talked about . this quite a bit on stream tonight and . made the decision that any money i made . during that stream i would donate to the . suicide prevention hotline those folks . have saved my life by being there for me . when i needed someone to talk to let . them save yours i'll put both the phone . number and the website and the donation . link down in the description box below . if you're upset about this whole logan . paul thing there's nothing better that . you could do with that anger and put . your money where your mouth is and . instead of just tweeting about it and . getting angry donate five bucks 50 bucks . or 500 bucks like i did to that charity . and logan if you're watching this i hope . you do the same man it could go a long . way to rebuilding your credibility so so . click that button . secondly i want to say this video can . come across as a little bit hypocritical . because i'm about to blast logan paul . for talking about suicide here on . youtube and i've talked about it quite a . bit here on youtube here's the thing . though i treat it with a certain amount . of seriousness that he did not the . reason being when i do talk about . suicide it's generally for my own . experiences i have been suicidal off and . on throughout my life having suicide . attempts behind me. i've had suicidal tendencies my entire . life even very recently going through my . recent divorce and and and feeling a lot . of very negative things which i've . needed to talk about in therapy and . group therapy and even i don't think i'm . qualified enough after a lifetime . experience i'm not qualified enough to . be talking about it here so i definitely . if you can understand why logan i don't . think you're qualified enough to talk . about it here either it's something that . you need to to treat with a certain . amount of seriousness that you . definitely lacked in your video and. that's why we're talking about this so . for those who are unfamiliar with what's . happened here a vlogger by the name of . logan paul who came over during the . whole vine invasion thing recently . uploaded this 400 and i think 50th vlog . which took place in japan in which he . went and explored their famed . suicide force there where people hang . themselves routinely and while there. came across a court . and filmed his reaction to discovering. the corpse including zooming up and . showing the corpse all purple and hung . than dead and it's it's a pretty . disgusting video and it's been since . taking down from his channel willingly . by his choice but it's also been . reopened many many times to youtube and . elsewhere i don't recommend watching . this video it is not the kind of stuff . you should see on youtube i would expect . it more on the more offensive style . websites never never on youtube iii . thought we were pretty much agreed we're . not gonna show a lot of corpses here on . youtube even in like funeral situations . so i'm very surprised that we saw one in . this level of disrespect now logan along . with deleting that video did apologize . and said that his intentions with the . video was not to exploit the corpse or. put out any negative message his . intention was trying to save lives to . raise awareness of suicide and suicide . prevention and things along that lines . he had never had any intention to have a . negative impact on the community and he . thought even if he did have a negative . impact on the community as long as he . saved just one life it would be worth it . and i believe your intentions were pure . um you've really missed the mark here so . logan if you give me an opportunity i . would like to explain to you why but now . let me say um i do believe his . intentions were good because if you look . at the end of the video he includes it's . a suicidal national hotline number the . same one i include it down below he gave . out the message that you're not alone . that there are people here that will . help i think that's all good stuff logan . if you do stuff like that you're gonna . have me at your back i'm gonna be . standing up there for you and i'm gonna . be very proud of you that's good stuff . so i want to praise you for what you did . right before i attack what you did wrong . okay and some of what you did here was . right and i think not a lot of people . are saying that i'm willing to say that . some of what you did here was right it's . kind of canceled out by the wrong though . first i think the the most outrageous . thing is violating youtube's terms of . service by showing the corpse and even. in this situation even in an educational . situation which i don't think your video . qualifies as but i think that's . something that youtube is pretty much . against and so i think that's one of the . biggest pieces of outrage and a lot of . people don't want to see that kind of . thing on youtube they don't want young . impressionable followers like yours to. see that kind of thing on youtube the . choice to show the corpse i think was . your biggest mistake so i think you . should just . least put that one in your pocket don't . argue back that is just a messed up . thing to do the first reason is because . you should consider the person that is . hanging there in front of you and i know . right now it's just a pile of dead flesh . but it was once a person a person who is . in a lot of pain and a lot of misery and . you really should consider whether or . not that person would want to be . displayed in your video here on youtube . much less displayed as a comedy video. which i believe is the category your . video is listed in which i might have . been a small mistake but regardless i i . can only imagine you you should have had . some level of empathy for the person . that you were showing and determining . whether or not that would have been . their wishes and statistically speaking . i think most people would assume not . they would not want to see their most . vulnerable most weak and also final . moment displayed for the world to see . for 6 million people to see and if . you're one of those people that are . saying well he gave up that right when . he committed suicide then you're the . person i'm talking to that is the . opposite of empathy and i'm asking logan . to have some empathy with this person . please and even if you believe they . don't deserve that right anymore because . they chose to kill themselves then you . can still sympathize with them you can . still choose to be the better person and . do the right thing so either empathy or. sympathy either one would work here not . to mention the impact this has on the . survivors of a thing like this the . family there and i don't know much about . japanese culture but i know here in . america suicide is a very difficult . thing to deal with and i've been told by . many people on twitter that it's even . more difficult in asian cultures so . consider that the people who survived . not just the people who are related to . that person have to see his corpse in . your video but think about the people . who are watching your video who are . going to survive this as well and i . think this is probably one of the . biggest impacts this is where you went . so wrong if you talk to people about the . suicide forest one of the reasons they . don't talk about it so much in japan is . because when somebody hangs themselves . there and they get media coverage it . often spawns a lot of copycats that's . why it's called the suicide forest . there's documentaries on it and i'm sure. you could talk to an expert like the one . you were with about it and and and that . said how did that not occur to you that . you would be showing that video to . millions of people who might very well . copycat that i know your intention was . to save lives but you understand that . you could call . sly's instead if you don't believe me . look up a television show called 13 . reasons why which is on netflix and look . at the impact that that show had many. people who are suicidal have suicidal . tendencies were really worried about the . show there are people who have mentioned . that show in their suicide notes and . it's because netflix chose to air that . and so you have to take into . consideration that it can also be good . and bad to talk about these topics i . learned that the hard way - based on the . fan mail that i got so i hope you can . learn that lesson here when you're. putting that out into the world when . you're putting that message out into the . world you can have a negative impact as . well as good and that's something i . think you really need to be careful with . moving for because it seems to be . something that logan you and your . brother and a lot of the new viners and . a lot of the new youtubers just really . don't understand so i want to talk about . that for a second i'm a big fan of . freedom of expression and freedom of . speech and i think you should be able to . say undo unpopular thanks especially for . good reasons however there is certainly . a line for that and probably breaking . youtube's terms of services by showing a . corpse probably right near the top of . that i think that's probably one of the . things that youtube should probably . react to and i really hope that they do . even it could affect you negatively i . think you need to learn this lesson the . hard way because you have a tremendous . amount of power . most o
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