Pawn Stars Has Officially Ended After This Happened

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In this video we go over why the pawn stars is ending, so be sure to stick around and watch this video until the end. For more pawn stars content like this be sure to subscribe to the channel. Thanks for watching this video: Pawn Stars Has Officially Ended After This Happened..
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And as far as the pot industry is going . and the retail is not not there at the . moment they're actually taking it more . than they're selling the world was . definitely not expecting this but it . looks like the end the pawn stars is . here everyone today we're going to be . looking at the events that led to the . pawn stars throwing in the towel and . discontinuing the show also comment the . end below and we'll give a lucky winner . a shout out in our next video number 10 . the lawsuits so many lawsuits if you . don't think you'll run over a few speed . bumps on your way to the top you're . sadly mistaken so as they're debuted on . the history channel the gold & silver . pawn shop has been the subject for more . than a dozen lawsuits from customers and . employees one of the chefs more . well-known cases comes from david . walters a man who sued pawn stars for . melting down his gold coin collection . valued at 50,000 in 2014 his niece had . allegedly stole the collection receiving. a mere twelve thousand from the pawn . shop and unfortunately for the walters . the nevada court system was in favor for . the pawn stars in 2012 our four . celebrities and their pawn shop also . came under fire by their former managers . last agent wayne jeffries following an . alleged breach of contract another suit . occurred in 2012 as well when the . vietnam veteran was roughly taken out of . the shop by security the man daniel . callaghan sought 20 thousand for his . injuries however anything about the case . has been kept under the wraps in an . interview with fox all harrison had to . say about the lawsuits was the more . money you make the more times people sue . you people are always going to. eventually go to sue you for something . number 9 the show interferes with a shop . when a show gains momentum and is shot . out of a certain real-world location . tourists are bound to show up and check . it out for several years this has been . the sad truth for gold and silver pond . attracting roughly five thousand . visitors to the shop each day according. to the store manager . travis benton about one in a hundred . visitors are actually genuine customers . hindering the business because of this . ponds trade-ins and business deals are . extraordinarily difficult to regularly . conduct in the shop making it more of a . gift shop in a sense of tourists to buy . memorabilia it hasn't exactly forced the . gold and silver guys to shut down their . doors but this new business model of . theirs has certainly taken a toll. the shops income not so much of their . own no oh and good luck to ever seeing . the actual pawn stars in the shop . anymore because oh hey how's it going . fine i have an ansel adams print i'd . like you to take a look at sure not . really . number 8 they don't even work at the . pawn shop because of their show on . history channel the pawn stars are able . to make a wealthy living through other . means so don't expect seeing them in the . shop unless they're quote unquote . working and they still pop in once in a . while but it's only when it's time to . film the show which isn't done often as . you think they scheduled the customers . to see you on tv and they know exactly . what they're bringing ahead of time to . film the show they also have to . temporarily close the shop which is also . your best chance at meeting the crew . chumlee whose real name is austin . russell is free on bail he's facing . felony drug and weapons charges after. police searched his home last week . number 7 . chumley's legal issues on the show . chumlee is quite the character having . somewhat become the chef's punching bag . for laughs in general he seems like a . softy however he recently came into . trouble in 2016 when his home was raided . by the las vegas police in relations to . a sexual assault case what came out of . the raid were some narcotics xanax . methamphetamine and marijuana as well as . an unlicensed firearm chumley's . experience at the gold & silver pawn . shop must have come in handy though when . all but one charge was dropped in the . case he avoided jail time but . subsequently participated in several. counseling sessions while under . probation there was also the alleged . assault case also in 2016 following a. brawl on hollywood boulevard . typically mistakes such as these will . follow someone around for a while and . it's definitely reshaped the way some . viewers look at chumlee and his . association with the pawn stars number 6 . corey's troubles for someone who owns a . bar cory sure can't control his alcohol . one incident occurred in 2012 when big . hoss was out in big bear lake california . to celebrate a momentous occasion things . got really loud really quick however and . soon enough cory found himself in a. drunk tank after resisting arrest and . having a minor bar fight with a security . guard then again in august of 2014 it . was lightly reported on that during a . motorcycle ride out in missouri big hoss . got himself big hammered again acting. ridiculously drunk and obnoxious . according to a few witnesses and photos . the man was far past his drinking limit. this time . and just urinated all over a barstool . quite profoundly as well and while the . event didn't get hast kicked off the . show it didn't get him kicked out of the . bar after tossing a barstool across the . room at least he apologized afterwards . right i think at auction you're looking . at a significant value in excess of . five they lack a sense . of credibility remember the saying just . because someone says something doesn't . mean it's true the pawn stars are no . different despite the show being . educational. they've not let go of the fact that . there's still a reality tv show with . that in mind pawn stars will only want . the show off the most exciting and . expensive pieces brought in but they're . not always honest about the items the . idea of bringing on experts came from a . shell like pawn stars that never got . past its first season the idea was to . bring on numerous professionals to. appraise items and the highest valued. appraisal would be the one on air . because of its shock value there's no . better feeling than seeing someone bring . in an antique falsely advertised at . $85,000 eventually however most of the . experts we see now are just hired by . producers to give them reasonably high . or low valuations a man best known as . the toy expert on pawn stars is facing a . domestic violence charge following an . incident outside a restaurant last month . number four the experts also have dark . secrets the pawn stars wouldn't be quite . as complete without their set of experts . we see coming every now and then but . there's still a lot we don't know about . them. some of which ain't so great johnny . jimenez jr. was a former to expert on . pawn stars until his arrest in late 2015 . following a domestic abuse case with his . girlfriend whom he bring to the ground . in a restaurant parking lot john ruskin . off was an autograph authenticator on . the show whom in a 2011 episode falsely . identified al capone's signature before . that of al rudy who was actually a . producer on the godfather with pacino . the owner of the screenplay diane still . managed to sell off the screenplay . anyways for 12,000 blowing out rick's . offer for 500 drew max was another . authenticator who purposely used his . present on pawn stars to falsely . identify sports memorabilia as real . reportedly costing sellers thousands. lastly and most recently steve grads . expert skills were put of the question . in february of 2018 after in correctly . identifying numerous . at a convention causing him to also be . fired to be honest . monstars should just stick away from . autograph authenticators altogether. number three the pond plaza flop with a . series fast rise in popularity rick . noticed an opportunity to expand and. benefit from the thousands of tourists . who visit the store every single day if . you happen to have visited the pawnshop . itself you probably noticed the palm . plaza across the way which houses . several stores dining and shopping . though by august 2016 the smoke shop . pizza place and donut shop all shut . their doors the location has failed . miserably sets subsequently costing the . pawn stars a cool penny i have a book . signed by shoeless joe jackson number to . hold this al bond stars leaving aside . the financial loss harrison had taken on. the pawn plaza our pawn brokers have . also taken quite a few losses on items . as well what are the chef's most popular . losses comes from the time rick harrison. purchased a quote unquote signed . shoeless joe jackson book for thirteen . thousand seriously man go find yourself . some new authenticators there was also a . time when corey big hoss harrison bought . a fake wheelie mays jersey for 31,000 . which was also wrongfully authenticated. guyana suit comes in the pawn shop got a . big set of diamond earrings then there . was a time rick recounted purchasing a. pair of diamond earrings for $40,000 too . bad they were stolen and rightfully . returned to the owner because now rick . was out of 40 grand the hardest loss . however comes from an auction in 2015 . when rick was selling off old. memorabilia in the shop he lost a . hundred thousand that day what we got . here. this is a sony walkman okay that's a . little antiquated number one there's a . lack of interest from rick after doing . the same thing over and over again . you're bound to get tired of it i have . probably the world's number one pokemon . collection inside this case little . figures cards then they're all chars. arts . but when it's the star of the show who . wants to leave things really are never. the same just look at the office when . michael left or that 70s show when eric . left anyways originally rick was hoping. for one or two seasons on the history . channel not 15 he's grown tired of . working 12 hours a day and in a . interview with cbs news he explained . that the following 2017 year he . drastically be slowing down his . involvement in the shop and the show the . show will still be around access but the . longevity of the show is questionable . and with that being said that concludes . why the pawn stars could be coming to an. end feel free to comment what you guys . thought about today's video and maybe . leave a like if you enjoy also don't . forget to subscribe and push that . notification button to see more film . focus videos similar to this one in the . near future and have yourselves an . excellent day person himself was given . the key to lexington north carolina a . fitting tribute to the place that he . grew up in his family has given many . statements on the passing but this one . from his son rick seemed the most . appropriate he will be tremendously . missed by our family the team at golden . silver pond and his many fans over the . world he was my hero . and i was fortunate to get a very cool . old man as my dad that i got to share . him with so many others and they got to . see what a great family man he was it's . something i'm grateful to have . experienced with him he lived a very . full life and through the history . channel television show pawn stars . touched the lives of people all over . teaching them the value of loving your . family hard work and humor we appreciate . everyone's thoughts and prayers and ask . that we are provided some privacy at . this time . .
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