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Caption: Today's competition is to see who can. travel the farthest and as you can see. . . we have a wide selection of contestants. they will each start in turn from the. . . top of our new my first thomas and. friends twisting tower track set which. . . thomas will demonstrate for you. . . it has two rounds down but the racers. will only use one. . . thank you thomas. . . now our races will run down the steep. slope and the winner will be the one to. . . travel the farthest on the grass. . . first up we have journey in his sesame. street racer. . . nice one early in the trees but that. doesn't matter. . . next we have mater. . . oh good dry mater. . . now percy. . . wow losing just behind ernie. . . if you haven't turned over you might be. in the lead / see they now have the. . . first truck. . . written by george pig oh good try george. thomas this is your track. . . how are you going to do good try. . . further the mater but not quite as far. as percy our second sesame street racer. . . cookie monster cool. . . not so good i think your flanks got in. the way now our first chuggington. . . contestant wilson. . . good try almost as far as george our. second truck rider is hello kitty. . . nice try. . . now a mini hero. . . another nice try. . . and now the race. . . favorite lightning mcqueen. . . wow what a distance and just takes the. lead from earning well done in the queen. . . our last truck rider minnie mouse. . . cool that was great. . . not quite as far as thomas but. definitely the best truck ryder and now. . . our second chugger action chugger good. but not quite as far as wilson our last. . . sesame street racer. . . grover oh dear. . . your flags definitely stop - grover. . . now last to go is the old sea dog. himself. . . salting. . . wow. . . salty what did you have for breakfast i. think. . . yes you have just beaten lightning. mcqueen to win the competition. . . well done so this is the order from last. to first ethic presents the trophy too. . . salty. . . thanks for watching our video to see. more please click on any of these clips. . . and if you haven't already subscribed go. on. . . why not do so now see you soon. . . yeah. .

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