Pj Masks Disney Junior Full Episodes Compilation – W/ New Superheros Cartoon for Kids 2016 #2

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Pj Masks Disney Junior Full Episodes Compilation - W/ New Superheros Cartoon for Kids 2016 #1
Pj Masks Disney Junior Full Episodes Compilation - W/ New Superheros Cartoon for Kids 2016 #2
About: The series revolves around three 6-year old kids who lead relatively normal lives by day, where they are neighbors, classmates and friends. At night, however, they activate their bracelets, which link into their pajamas, turning them into their alternate identities: The PJ Masks. After their costumes appear, they all turn into energy beams which rapidly fly toward their superhero base, which they call HQ (short for headquarters). They begin in the middle blue level belonging to Catboy where they view the PJ Picture Player[6] and may travel up to Owlette's red level if they need to access the Owl-Glider or down to Gekko's green level if they need to access the Gekko-Mobile. Together, they go on adventures, stop crimes, defeat villains, solve mysteries, and learn valuable lessons. Each exhibits a variety of super powers while in costume, and apparently lack their powers when not in costume.
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Caption: [music]. [music]. so they save the day . show you . [music]. cat boys tricky take it you believe in . houston will be right here tomorrow . singing into his golden microphone that . is my favorite too bad the concert sold . out i really wanted to go . hey guys guess what my mom's taking me . to the jaden houston call tomorrow and . i've got one spare ticket . cool chameleons but maya plus me makes . two . so who are you going to give the extra . to get you connor . my mom said to take my best friend but. you're both my best friend want that . sweet and as your best friend i love to . help you practice your skateboard tricks. anything oh um i'll totally let you play . with my game console for old week thanks . guys but it would be hard to choose just . one of you no matter what you gave me . sorry kids. the show's been canceled jaden's golden . microphone was stolen last night. no she didn't always this is that . microphone it's almost as famous as he . is. yeah and you won't sing without it so . unless it turns up by tomorrow . no concert sorry everyone . the concert can't be can't sold we look . at this a clue . good one now let's see whose feet tipped . off for that microphone and get the . concert back on pj masks we're on our. way. night in the city and a brave band of . heroes is ready to face fiendish. villains to stop them messing with your. day. amaya becomes. [music]. break becomes . [music]. connor becomes . [music]. ok guys we better see the pj picture . player can tell us whose book really . found here i got you a friendship . bracelet. oh wow cool we if this is about the . spear concert ticket . oh come on you're my friend why wouldn't. you where friendship bracelet i guess . you're right outlet you're the best . isn't she get go . sure it's a nice bracelet but is it . better than this. a cat then blue like me thanks deco but . we better see if the pj picture player . can tell us whose footprint we found . unless you have anything else for me i . think i do . hang on i always keeps nagging our . glider and it's your favorite right. peaches nothing beats peaches wait i can . be bad. i've got something else for you to . really what is it . oops i messed up the footprint at least . the tickets are ok don't worry we'll . find that nighttime villain some other . way. yeah sure we'll look around in the . owl-glider cool have any more treats in . there. [music]. years . sounds like someone's using a microphone . [music]. super . [music]. [music]. go to the golden microphone for our . concert so her moscone thing with her . well i'm getting it back and if one of . you does something really amazing to. help maybe i'll know who to give it . extra ticket to i'm coming with you . that's what best friends are core what . you forget okay my gosh . [music]. [music]. looks like loopy litter . [music]. [music]. give that microphone back you loony you . tailstock go to a date i'm jane houston . gods are so no one can . [music]. i need help with my tail want that . taking but i two are you okay i like . yeah great . now who's going to help me catch luna. girl the cowboy maybe a little birdie . telling you who to give that spare . ticket to it's a tough choice . i mean you're both my friends what's. this. cool it's your flossy flash fashion . figure i've been looking all over for it . you can keep it as long as you want . thanks that's so nice isn't it cool . oh clean your room for you whoa thanks . pretty nice of a male let time to think . of anything better get it have to be . really amazing like flying the hours . later or something . western you have a hard time. how i there girl and boy use the . outlanders cost to grab the golden . microphone their claws . how do i hear that one . [music]. oh is it ok microphone is broken . oh it is my fault now no one will see . jaden's you soon don't listen to her she . shouldn't have taken the microphone in. the first place. yes but i shouldn't have made you let me . find the owl-glider outlet and i . shouldn't have taken any of the things . you guys gave me i'm really sorry i made . you compete for the ticket but we tried. to make you choose between us. sorry i will meet you i don't want to go . if you care a little guys . the important thing now is getting that. microphone back. it's time to hero even if it's broken . that microphones not yours luna girl in . it may be broken still shining golden . fine once we taking care of the moss get . the microphone from luna girl. [music]. my turn . super cat . [music]. what's your name . thanks outlet but i wish this microphone . wasn't broken. wait this is switch maybe just got . turned off when i dropped it it works . hey luna girl want to hear what a real . concert sounds like save . [music]. pj pests are going to sing your song i'm . so outta here . we're going now dj masks were the pj . masks and now let's put his mic back . cool chameleons concerts back on the . gmask all right . [music]. .

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