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Yah what's up your boy case i'll achieve . abt right after the boxing fight i have . the biggest know the biggest amateur . boxing fight of all time over 25 million . people watched the fight and it's still . going unbelievable reversible hands down . thank you to everyone that came out it . was insane i told you guys i told you . that i was gonna win a lot of you were . just like okay sorry it's just been too . cocky elegant taught the tour and i walk . the walk. sorry about my voice after winning it . got a bit mad so yeah i was anyway i. thought a lot of you would love to see . me actually react to the fight go . through while i was thinking my emotions . etc and besides it's been a while since . i've like talk to you directly i mean if . you follow me on snapchat instagram saul . there and you would have seen what i've . been up to and you know you'll just see . me talk to you guys and so do no one . else's time when you're straight into . this and talk about the fight though . obviously around this time i was in the . dressing room yo i was just chillin bro . i was calm the thing is a lot of people . forget that i you know performed in . front of thousands before i done stuff . in front of a lot of people in front of . a live audience i've done that quite a . few times as joe hasn't actually done . too many like performances like this i . was the first time i've ever done a . boxing match. obviously there's pressure with that i . feel like joe was feeling the pressure a . lot more than i was i haven't actually . seen joe on his entrance i'm gonna . quickly see that right now . more people were cheering him then . i think there's definitely a lot more . johanna fans and my fans his trainers . looked more worried i'm gonna be honest . this dude over here in the polish dude . yeah to watch my hands get rapped and he . just let's just say he didn't feel . confident you're being man you just . didn't have that or we're gonna do . business . we were just there like we know what to . do wait gasps which side is chill we can . have fun it's all bless you look see . look so right looks like he's embracing . yeah yeah he looks alright and then no . see i come from there's me trying to do . some shit don's i don't know i was - i . don't want to make this boring for you. as this one that like get to the good . bit actual fire those of you wondering . why there was a delay this motherfucker . took my head fucking big guys his head . god is black and the one i was wearing . was red you know why it works with my . outfit got this cool outfit everything . set color coordinate and then he goes . and takes my head my head guard and i'm . just an eyeful fuck sake the referee was . just like so are we funny what hey coats . or not come on there was a small chance . of us actually fighting without my god . he's just trying to watch me he's just . trying to put fear into my eyes and ella . i don't give a fuck motherfucker i know . why he to do i ain't afraid of you bro i . fought people way scarier than you so at . this moment he's telling me you're . nervous i know you're nervous . hahaha you're nervous i'm dead like . you're fucked . trust me bro you're fucked that's all i . said no fuck bro this guy's nervous is . fuck you can tell he's just there like . you're nervous you're now of course it's . it i feel nervous i was just there like . this is what mayweather did against my . greg oh no i need it cool i don't know i . respect everyone who does boxing now . dude there's so much that goes into . boxing it's unbelievable hats off anyone . that does boxing it and like does a. profession now i understand why me . mayweather is a god and before i'm just . there like this is boy he's just he . sucks i was he doing he's just how does . he win is that i don't get it now i'm . there like oh my god the way he just oh . my god he's evolved that oh my god . that's it that counter oh my god he's . he's just he's so far see see respect . it's just let's get to the five. motherfucker . so a lot of pretty words just like are . you nervous i'm not nervous well i don't . get nervous i don't get nervous the only . time i've ever been nervous was at the . beginning of me by performing the more . you do the less nervous you get because . you're comfortable that's just how it is . all right so first of all while playing . joe you put pressure on me like you ran . in and pressured so it's annoying . because i was gonna do a tactic way fake . with the jab and then i hit with a cross . right to the body to really like . initiate my dominance bob he just came . real quick up close to me and i was . there like fuck fuck fuck i was just in . i just got a job i got a job keep him . away i'm just a jabbing jabbing jabbing . jabbing jabbing hidden the body trying . to find the body a few times just put . jabbing jabbing jabbing jabbing child . chad i feel so i did i did the right . hurt because you know i saw as god was . just this he's got like this he wasn't . really gone like that i was just there . like well the hook is there so let me go . for it notice how i'm going to the body . so many people forget how important body . shots are that's why i won the fight. 100% is why i won the fight because i . kept going to the body i was breaking . him down slowly for the shorts won't . drop him but they do damage especially . in the later rounds it was six rounds of . this guys i'm gonna have to you know . pace myself and make sure that i put in . the hard work now so that in the later . rounds when he's gassed and like . struggling and he's wandering wise you . know he can't breathe as easily as he . was before because of those body shots i . was just - yeah so is point so when i . stop here i'm just there like what are . you doing why don't you hit him back . body shop there and then like what are . you doing you're gonna throw bro and . then he threw so when he threw there bro . i was there like whoa this guy's far. stephanie must have been nervous and he . was just there like okay when they . trying absorb as many of these punches i . could tell he was just there like bubbly . bubbly bubbly that's why i kept chatting . because every time i jumped he can't . throw he's just there like fucked okay i . just go away just go away and then he . found that time just there yeah he's . found a bit of time and then just hit me . there and at that point i was like okay . i go retreat retreat which everything is . he were like did he shot her no i'm . gonna be honest these shots didn't hurt . it's just surprised . i've been sparring with big straw . heavy dudes so like i've taken punches . or like with joe a lot of these were . just like quick tops it was just like a . reminder to know that he's there and he . can still do something i had to make . sure so sure what joe's doing here was . sick he's putting the pressure on and . he's throwing that's why she should have . done at the beginning was too defensive . at the beginning just doing this doing . this and he got me way too comfortable . once i knew i could hear my was there . like okay body shot body shot . look look like i always start everything . with a jab now he's dead and my cool so . i can tell he's kind of tyler on this. point all right let me just jab let me . go jab so if you see he's just there . like smiling it's like really evil . sadistic smile as they're like he's got . a freaky that moment i was like iso this . guy likes to swing with his left so i'm. always like i was just watching his left . now just seeing why he's doing he never . really hit me with the right it was kind . of weird right now another thing my . right hand should not be there it was . terrible like my hand should been here . that's how my style should when i was . fighting him i was find him like this . just got way too comfortable bro he . wasn't pressuring me he i didn't need to . put this right hand up because he wasn't . really doing anything he was a really . active like it's almost a minute in and . like i've punched him way more times . body short and he felt that and videl . got guys know why i could tell we forgot . nice him he went ii noticed how his . hands. all of a sudden drop the case hands . before his hands what up there he was . just there doing that doing the shoes i . him with that body shot he was just . there oh that fucking hurt so he's there . like okay gonna keep my elbows down here . to avoid that and then i'm just there . like jab in the face jab jab and in fact . shaken by some of these shot the . commentary was so biased i'm gonna say . this handstand lawrence and geordie i . love you but this was the one of those . biased commentaries of all mankind i . look again . no it's they're just just you have . little ik so notice how he's always . trying to get towards me i'm they're . always retreating because i don't want . him here i want him here . i'm always here so i can just job job . job and fuck with him with my range bro . i want to just do that if i'm there i . can't really do much and then that's why . he's most effective yeah i'm trying to . dallas they're like i let me try to get . a few uppercuts because i saw it i saw . there's an opening man so notice how . every time he's trying to come forward i . hit and i move again here and then push . my hip moving away keep him on the . outside and whenever he tries to come . inside i'm backwards i was another like . that was that kind of fucked me up you . went in there and just went in there . with a right hook the reason why i just . dodged stars cuz i took my footwork my . footwork just my footwork was on point . i just got on trouble and kept the . distance so this is so yeah so he had me . on the ropes here a few low blows there . like he did definitely hit with one good. shot one shot jordy listen how my jaw . again did i hurt bro it did not hurt me . one bit like look at my face look at my . face can you see bro. do i look like i've just h
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