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Yeah no i haven't my dad oh no it's a . little below me to fight this game . instead of fighting jake paul why not . box mini jake paul he did say any of the . pauses so jake and i decided to we're . gonna try to make him fight dad hello . that know if he wants fight me i'm . totally on board are we paying you 50 k . you are you wow . i'm sorry but i am not going to fight . your creepy . vin diesel on crack looking as that . instead of making your dad want to fight . me you should make him go back to . kissing blindfolded girls he's good at . that isn't it disgusting i read people i . read people i'm sorry about these guys . 100% the most cringe people i've ever . watched these boys need a beat-down but . you know what i'm gonna be on this guy's . final thing that's gonna happen i mean . we're form like this he tried it there's . actually no hope in you thinking you can . be me both jake and logan's first video. on this was the biggest dodge to my . call-out since this guy i like how he . constantly says my name wrong a gbzr dsi . kf c psi k ij you follow me on twitter . and it clearly says my name on my . twitter i don't know are you dumb jake . can you not read i don't understand even . logan says my name but i have your . number look you texted me don't don't . you remember did you forget that we said . we were gonna meet at the super bowl and . then you text it i think i see you then . you proceeded to take photos of random . black people casual racism nice but you . know i don't really care i'm used to it . lost you filmed a dead guy and put it on . youtube so clearly you don't give a fuck . anyway and you also call those pussies . and complain that we were wearing head . guards but he like wore a boxing match. with headgear on first of all so it's . kind of funny but this is you boxing . with head dogs yeah you kind of fucked . up bro but if you want to have a boxing . fight without head guards then you . i'm i'm doubtful i mean you and i both . know that we had to wear head clods for . health and safety reasons i know so . because i don't have a box in my since i . know so because i'm not a pro boxer so . let's look up the definition of ear . unimportant useless 150,000 subscribers . in the past month and 50 million views . compared to my 220 million views and 600 . thousand subscribers so as you could . tell this kid is irrelevant okay jake . how can i be irrelevant if you're . talking about me how can i be irrelevant . jake if you've put my name in your title . and put my face in your thumbnail how . can i be irrelevant but i have a tweet . that has more retweets and favorites . then you've ever had in your life and i . tweeted this a few days ago am i . relevant because my monthly views is . less than yours but you posted way more . than me in the past few months if i . posted every single day i guarantee you . i would get more monthly views i mean i . could go on but i'm not going to because . this is such a stupid argument i don't . understand this whole obsession with . being irrelevant it's fucking stupid . don't turn into this guy no one likes . this guy if anything i think it just . speaks volumes when your own fans are . shitting on you all of these messages . are from your comment section jay if . he's irrelevant why is his name in the . title he has more sobs than you you . peasant he saw you to rewind he knows . ksi you would actually get smacked . around what a coward . ksi is gonna kill him if you legit plan . to fight ksi you will get killed and i . think that's just it jake logan in all . honesty you're both scared jake everyone. already knows in a boxing match i would . beat the shit out of you and then i'd . watch logan clip mate your unconscious . body just four views because that's just . what he's good at . trust me you both clearly don't want it . so don't waste my time and everyone . else's . so this is my proposition because i'm . not going to play your stupid bullshit . games oh my god oh frankie's magnet kid . oh right my dog no i ain't got time for . that. jake you even said this. now i must say that one for share sigh . so come show me motherfucker me versus . you jay paul in a boxing match leave my . bro out of this because i'm the one that . calls you out my belt will be on the . line our pride will be on the line our . dignity will be on the line relevancy . will be on the line since you give so. much of a shit about that i will see you . the better man is we'll see who the real . savage and then after i slap up your . brother you'll be next logan and i'll . fly over to your country and do the . exact same thing to you so jake fuck . your terms i'm the one with the bow i'm . the a side i'm the one that proved i can . fight on a global stage not you so this . is all i want jake. logan listen i want a straight answer . yes let's have a boxing match or no i'm . a pussy simple as that pick one of those. options and then we'll go from there . that's all i'm gonna say on this because . jesus christ i cannot be asked with . their bullshit spinning more kiss i love . gwt take care and peace . .
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