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AW THIS BREAKS MY HEART TO SEE :/ 6 Times Logan Pauls Dog Kong ran away or almost died. Check out Arya tribute In loving memory of Evans Dog died, R.I.P Arya :( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDigNo8d9Xk

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Oh my god like i turned out really . literally two seconds like you know i . want to do anything to hurt him no this. is horrible. like i don't even know what to do i . don't know what a look this isn't it's a . new neighborhood oh god yeah we lost . kong he's gone only thing he has been . thinking about or doing over the past . week has been going back and so my guess . is he's probably going to where he can . finally go the promise he'll like it . whoa. [music]. security security. what's with the fruit was the root word . secure not secure in secaucus good . where'd you go . did you get any good offers on the . painting you worried me calling you . think he was coming back or was he just . like no he wasn't coming back he'll . happen to be going this direction i . think that that was like a holding spot . like he was gonna wait for all of us to . go that way to look and he was gonna . stab ya i think my dog is dying oh . what's wrong buddy are you bleeding . oh calm bleeding on foot what happened . it's the first-aid kit we need to . perform cpr one two three four five six . seven eight good okay he's good yo . you're bleeding arm all over this . lovesac what happened clothes this is a . get-well-soon flower here take your car . maverick here you go buddy no it's just . foot although it does the cod listen . it's okay cool let's get a look at this . i'm a doctor what's the cause of death . he's still alive . colin we're saving you buddy you said . what you got oh no he's using his . massive long tongue to look into the . blood oh so you bro this dog knows she's . like i got this bro i don't need your . boost first aid kit i'm the doctor get . that eat that foot there you go kong . we're gonna fix you right up . there you go buddy yeah there you go . kong it's like you got a brand-new paw . [music]. oh snap bro we know kong's the funny dog . but i don't think i've seen some just . like this i don't know what's wrong with . this guy in his eye i'm gonna show you . first oh my god he said your dog looks . dead just one more time so you can enjoy . oh no this is actually bad looks so good . is kong he's still alive yeah it's . really cuz it doesn't doesn't look it . doesn't look like it what's oh my god . what what's wrong with him . lydia and also we gotta get it out . that's good you sent me a picture so you . look dead and he did look so dead i use . my thumbnail you poked him and he was. like me either i was just i was. literally just sitting there laughing . for like five minutes really funny i . feel horrible but it's hilarious don't . worry call your home insane . no this morning i was like kind of . making fun of them for the whole stairs . thing i feel horrible . now that i know something's wrong i feel . like such a bad owner buddy i'm so sorry . don't worry buddy we're gonna heal your . officer and you're gonna become disabled . segi free and enjoy a youthful life . we'll see you later calm it's always . tough you know seeing your children he's. gonna bite himself we had an idea great . it's not a great idea but it's . definitely entertainment kong has never . he's never met a tiger we wanna call to . meet the tiger it's a baby tiger how big . can it be in kong its kong to savage you . can clearly handle a tiger look at him . i'm home to seven and i can't wait there . you go anyways alright let's go to the . house first you guys okay i'm going in . i'm going to try to touch the tiger . making noises like kong hey i'm logan . i'm a vlogger innit judge told you bro . he does not like vlogging i got . something for you how about instead of . chewing on bamboo you chew on my hand . dude it's like a dog but a tiger let's . go check out our boy and see what he's . thinking. you mean kong that's yeah - the real . you're nervous . oh yo when i got you i promise you you . would live the most absurd life ever and . meeting a tiger falls on that list do . you think he's gonna bark bro probably . barks it like he might growl bucks other . dogs he might growl it's how much of a . savage cone really until it is nervous . bro like i know kong bro he makes . friends with people and dogs and tigers . kong's not barking yet this is he's just . curious is crazy he's like what . why does a tiger sound like a dinosaur. that's a thing do you think come in say . hi : yo this is crazy . yo this is so ho . [laughter]. [music]. dude this is martin's kong - savage like . is he crazy right now this is a big cat . i don't think i've seen kong as on alert . as i ever ate yeah seriously he's just . he knows something's up but he still . wants to play yo you are crazy cold . oh okay it's your big day . [music]. believe that word ah my engineering . roots coming into play . [music]. [music]. .
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