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Rudy Giuliani is new to Trump’s legal team, but not to public controversy. John Oliver examines his turbulent record as a lawyer, a politician, and an enemy to ferrets.
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[music]. we thought we'd check in on the latest . developments in the ongoing trump . scandals that we've been calling stupid . watergate a story with all the gravity . of watergate if during it there was a . gas leak in the white house and nixon . had been really into huffing glue well . well this week stupid watergate had . another plot twist thanks to rudy. giuliani who only joined trump's legal . team two weeks ago but on wednesday made . big news during an appearance on fox. basically trump is on record denying . knowing about a $130,000 payment to . stormy daniels to keep quiet about their . alleged affair but despite that for some . reason giuliani . trump's lawyer now remember offered a. whole new story about where the money . came from that even startled sean. hannity i'm giving you a fact now that . you don't know it's not campaign money . no campaign finance violation so they . funneled it through the law firm funnel . throw over him and the president repaid . it oh i didn't know that he did yeah . there's no campaign finance law. zero-zero . he not only contradicted what his client . said he topped it off with the drunk . sounding zero of a man saying my . girlfriend left me but guess how many . this guy gives zero now now inside. that giuliani may have just exposed . trump to multiple new legal and . political problems but he wasn't done . because during his media blitz he also. undercut the white house's official line . on why james comey was fired prematurely. announce the release of american . hostages from north korea something that . as of this taping has still not happened . and made this creepy comment about what . would happen if prosecutors targeted . trump's daughter i think i would get on . get on my charger and go right into the . writers their offices with the lance if . they go after ivanka what about his son . in law they've talked about him i guess . i reduce a fine man you know that but . the men are you know disposable but a . fine woman like ivanka come on. okay setting aside the sleaziness of . calling ivanka a fine woman let's not . forget that he also just called a living . human being . disposable which is pretty harsh but . also it is jared you know it's jared he . is basically a six foot three inch stack . of packing peanuts it's jared he's . useless now no giuliani's interview was . so ill-advised and chaotic it left many . people on tv wondering what exactly had . become of him it's a long way from . america's mayor after 9/11 there's . something off about giuliani yeah this . is not the reason absolutely i mean this . is shocking coming from somebody who was . the post 9/11 mayor of new york city . after 9/11 i think giuliani had a ton of . credibility with the american people . over this past week it seems like that's . kind of all worn off exactly people seem . to be as shocked at finding out who . giuliani really is as a child at disney . world who accidentally saw mickey mouse . pull off his head to reveal that he was . actually tilda swinton . not only are you not what i thought you . were a moment ago you are . terrifying and if any part of you is . also wondering what on earth happened to . rudy giuliani tonight we're gonna try . and answer that for you because the . short answer is nothing . he's always been this way and i know . that that might be a little jarring to . hear because the thing that he's most . famous for is being mayor of new york . city on 9/11 after which he was rightly . celebrated for being a calm steady . presence he was times person of the year . he received an honorary knighthood from . great britain and its closest american . equivalent being played in a made-for-tv . movie by mr. james woods democrats . always talked about things getting . better republicans did whatever they . could to make them better . that's what we're here for. [music]. hot right right i mean come on . who wouldn't want to watch james woods . and the lady from kindergarten cop trade . republican things pillow talk on a green . screen peach before exchanging the most . sexless kiss in the history of film how . did that not win all of the awards but . to truly understand giuliani you have to . go back before 9/11 now he first made a . name for himself as a federal prosecutor . where he acquired a deep and lasting . taste for the limelight performing . stunts like going undercover to buy . crack while dressed in a hells angels . vest and a white dress shirt which made . him look less like a street junkie and . more like the third best member of an. all dad blues band called dad to the . bone now he eventually decided to run. for mayor which was somewhat risky at . the time due to some substantial baggage . an internal document produced by his own . campaign flagged a weirdness factor . around him because and this is true his . first marriage was to his second cousin . that's right america's mayor was a cosna . slur but-but-but don't worry don't worry . because he had an excuse for that . giuliani says they only discovered their . family relation after many years of. marriage oh he didn't think it . was just a little bit weird in the . wedding ceremony when one side of the . church was both families and the other . was just one very nervous photographer . who didn't take a single picture now . nevertheless giuliani was elected and . and as mayor he continued his love of . the cameras showing up everywhere from . the whoopi goldberg movie eddy to an . episode of law & order to bill cosby cbs . sitcom which has not dated badly in any . shape or form but what many new yorkers . remember most about the giuliani is was . his unrelentingly abrasive personal. style. he had a weekly local radio show where . he would take calls from constituents . which should be easy to do you just . listen to their concerns and you . politely disagree whenever necessary but . just listen to this exchange with a. ferret owner annoyed by the city's ban. on owning them as pets there's something . deranged about you you excessive. concerned that you have for ferrets is . something you should examine with a . therapist this conversation is over . david thank you this excessive concern . with little weasels is a sickness that's . right. that is the mayor of new york actively . choosing to insult a new yorker whose . only crime was being a fan of ferrets . and i'm sure that when that ferret fan . was given the chance to present his side . without interruption he was completely . reasonable david thanks for coming on . thank you very much you have in your . hands my notes here say one ferret is . named master linus van pelt and the . other princess katie minnie mints and . that's it i hate to say it but i . think i'm on giuliani side i'm on team . giuliani it turns out that ferret . advocates are a lot like ferrets i . thought i'd like them then i saw one and . now i'm not so sure but it went well . beyond picking fights with ferrets. enthusiasts because giuliani adopted a . famously tough-on-crime stance with a. severely increased police presence and . an aggressive crackdown on so-called . quality of life crimes like panhandling . and jaywalking now this approach. antagonized a lot of people especially . people of color many remember it as a . time when the police were licensed to do . whatever they wanted a criticism even . shared by some former cops we will get a . lot of flack oh you're just doing this . because giuliani is letting you do this . and in my heart and i knew it was true . if police officers were just every . single person i want to stop you i'm . gonna question you i'm gonna frisk you. then the civil rights are gone and that . is pretty chilling because it's not like . it's easy to navigate new york streets . anyway at worst you're trying to get . around 14 belgian tourists so don't know . how to walk in a city and at . best you might be ambushed by billy . eichner and if you are not up on your . meryl streep trivia you deserve . everything he's about to give you. now now by the end of giuliani second . term many new yorkers were sick of his . at one point he even had to . move out of the mayor's residence and . made accusations of an extramarital . affair which he handled in the worst. possible way . giuliani told the media in an . extraordinary news conference that he . intended to separate from the first lady . we've grown grown to live independent in . separate lives he'd given no heads-up to . his wife just about the most humiliating . way possible to end a marriage other . than announcing publicly oopsie i boned . my cousin but but then of course 9/11 . happened and all was forgotten because . as america's mayor his reputation was . suddenly solid-gold and upon leaving . office he immediately cashed in he wrote . a book he gave speeches making as much . as . consulting firm called giuliani partners . a name that sounds a lot like a . euphemism for cousins who oh oh . then there giuliani partners it was it . was love at first sight to their great . grandmother's funeral. naina always was a matchmaker now he . also became a partner in a law firm and . over the years his firms represented . clients such as . a tobacco company a private prison . company bank of america news corp owned . fox news and purdue pharma the company . that got in trouble for supercharging . the opioid crisis basically the condom . companies whose logos you'd expect to. see on anna's car driven by a homicidal . grizzly bear and then in 2007 giuliani . launched what was supposed to be his . destiny a campaign for president which . was catastrophic ly bad he talked . non-stop about 9/11 with some supporters . even holding 8 $9 and 11 cents per . person fundraiser all of which triggered . this memorable line from been candidate . joe biden during a debate rudy giuliani . this through there's only three things . he mentioned in his sentence and now . under the verb in 9/11 i mean there's . nothing else . now he's right giuliani could not stop . leveraging 911 for his own ends as . evidenced by his classic children's book . one fish two fish red fish 911 now in . the end his campaign flamed out. spectacularly he did not win a single . state and he went from the front-runner . for the presidency to being out of the . race by january having spent around . fifty million dollars or to end up with . precisely zero delegates or as he would. put it zero . exactly exactly really and after that . completely humiliating presidential flop . giuliani ended up fading from view . eventually washing up in d-list places . like this. [music]. enc mark we posted by rudy giuliani . holy that is a steep fall just ten . years after being named time person of . the year giuliani was doing vj work for . a cable networks editing for television . presentation of scarface just think . about how crazy that is . that would be like if in ten years from . now bravo announced a fuckboys of the . 90s marathon hosted by malala yousafzai . how the did that happen what did i . miss. clearly a significant amount of goodwill . has somehow been squandered wow wow . after that after that giuliani fretted . away years as i rent a quote pundit on. cable news saying various awful things . and he didn't truly join trump's orbit . until january 2017 when he was named . trump's cyber security adviser now why . did trump give him that job who knows . and maybe it was because giuliani had a . security consulting business called. giuliani security and safety despite . seemingly having no real background in . cybersecurity and if he watched giuliani . for even 10 seconds you do really get . the sense that he tries to check his . email by opening a word doc and typing . hi google check email thanks rudy . although the truth is trump's real . affection for giuliani probably came . from his willingness during the campaign . to lend his last shreds of credibility . to various amounts of poisonous nonsense . like this if i did one tenth of what . hillary clinton did i'd be in jail she . paid people to create violence at his . rallies she sold 20% of our uranium to . russia i have eight times online since . january in which she's had massive. coughing fits so go online and put down. hillary clinton illness take a look at . the videos for yourself now obviously . that is all horseshit but i do agree . with him on one point there you should . definitely go online and visit hillary. clinton illness calm and take a look at . the videos because they are i opening . and the reason i know that is we bought . the url for. automatically redirect to something that . rudy rudy guiliani would hate this . animation of to fair it's . awesome also it is worth noting stop it . also it is worth noting that giuliani . security and despite giuliani's . cybersecurity expertise didn't seem to . think to buy the url giuliani - security . calm so we now own that as well the only . thing that irritates more than two . ferrets two ferrets or cousins . not i mean the sexual tension . there is unbearable you know each other . so well and when you look at all of this . in total you realize that giuliani's . role as trump's lawyer isn't an . aberration everything in his life has . led to this point and while he may well . be providing terrible legal . representation for trump he's actually . the most honest representation of him in . general because think about it they're . basically two versions of the same . person they're both new yorkers coasting. on their reputations they both had three. marriages neither of them can shut up . when in front of a camera and perhaps . most importantly they both want to . ivanka which which is weird for trump . because ivanka is in his family and is . weird for giuliani because she isn't so . what happens what happened to giuliani. is really not the right question he's . always been like this what's going to . happen to him is more to the point . because he is now the public face of . trump's legal team and who knows what . he's gonna come up that maybe he prunes . trump down through sheer incompetence. maybe he gets fired in the next two . weeks although to be honest at the rate . we're going he is so fatally flawed as a . human being that he's probably going to . end up president although although to do . that he'll need a campaign website which . he might find difficult because for the . record rudy giuliani 2024 calm is no . longer available because we bought it . and it links to a dancing ferret giving . you the thing. you . you. .
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