Sarah Jessica Parker Finally Gets Asked To Prom

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'Divorce' star Sarah Jessica Parker wasn't able to attend the big dance in high school, so Stephen recreates prom night with a theme of 'Enchantment at the Late Show.'
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Caption: Ladies and gentlemen, my first. guest tonight is an emmy. award-winning actress and. fashion icon. she currently stars in divorce. on hbo. >> i have no idea why you have. three putters. and i am not an narcissist, i. know because i read the book and. i took the quiz. >> and yet you still thought it. was about you. >> oh my gosh. no, i'm not doing this with you. i'm not doing it. >> okay. >> you shaved your moustache. >> i did. >> it looks good. yeah, cuz your face lookses, you. know, like less. >> is that a compliment . that sounds like a. semicompliment. >> it is. >> stephen: please welcome. sarah jessica parker. (cheers and applause). its. >> it's hard it to shall-- i'm. all turned around because this. is my first time here-- . >> stephen: this is the first. time we have had a chance to. talk. >> in the new. >> stephen: i had your husband. on before you and i have never. been on stage together before. >> correct n frob of other. people. >> stephen: and dave had his. desk over there. >> yeah so i'm all-- . >> stephen: the whole thing is. discome bob lated. >> yeah. >> stephen: i love this. outfit. >> thank you, you can have it. when we're done. >> stephen: i don't think i. have the hips for it. >> i think you might. >> stephen: what i like is. that it kind of has got sort of. a very subdued like sort of. french, like, 19th century. school master look to it. but it's got all this glamor and. sparkle to it t is really. wonderful. >> it's how you seduce the. school children, it's how you. hypnotize. >> stephen: which was legal. back then. >> everything was legal back. then. >> stephen: but you're a. fashion icon yourself because of. sex & the city. >> okay. >> stephen: which, you know,. obviously--. (applause). >> stephen: no, it's true. yeah s that nice . >> what a fantastic feeling. it hypnotizes shall doesn't it. >> stephen: you are lacking up. there because you don't want to. ask me to ask i if there say sex. and the city 3. >> speak into my good ear. >> stephen: i'm not going to. ask you that because everybody. will ask you if there is a sex &. the city 3 and i would just ask. you, what part would i play. >> oh, well there's an opening. >> stephen: well, really,. really . >> i mean aim know not-- . >> stephen: who do i have to. act like . what would my character be like. >> according to very recent. documentation of why we're not. making it. >> stephen: yeah. >> it's because the part usually. played by kim cattrell has been. vacated. so that is what i mean that. perhaps you want to play. samantha. >> stephen: i'm kind of like,. a little slutty, kind of fun. >> know we were in abu dhabi. >> stephen: you were fun,. remember, was that the second. movie. >> yes, we were a lot of fun in. a blew dabbee. no, we weren't allowed in a you. boo dabbee, we shot in morocco. >> stephen: pretending to be a. beu dabi. >> yes, abudabai-- i think the. word sex in the script, the. title page, sincerely, i think. was objectionable, just the. title of the show or the movie. was verbotin. i'm just guessing but maybe. things have changed. i mean there has been progress. >> stephen: you think if we. named it drunk white happy lady. >> we did think of that,. but-- we tried to-- . >> stephen: and afterwards. they go aha!. >> well, i don't want to take. credit for any of the. obfiscation that was plotted but. i'm just saying that there was. some thought about finding a. more palatable way to tell the. truth. >> stephen: aren't we all. aren't we all looking for that. on a daily basis. >> but this was back in the day. when truth matters, you know,. where you hung your hat on. honor. >> stephen: there was such a. thing, my apologies. >> you know, honor and principle. and just good old-fashioned. reliable-- . >> stephen: fact checking. the new show on hbo is called. divorced and you have been. married for 20 years to the. lovely and talented matthew. broderick. (applause). yeah, give it up for matthew. broderick. when. >> did you call him lovely and. talented. >> stephen: is he love leigh. and talented. we sung and danced tok on this. stage. >> he's of much more time with. you than i have. >> stephen: we're not done. you know you have been married. to him for 20 years so doing a. show on divorce is that like,. you know, like trying outlining. a fantasy camp . like what is it for you . what is it like to do a show. about vons when are you not a. divorced person . >> it is-- well, it is a nice. way to learn that you would. rather not divorce because it's. not pleasant. it turns out that divorce is. unpleasant. i don't-- i mean i don't, to be. honest, it doesn't really affect. what happens in my home. but i think it in some ways is. sort of a sub versive-- i don't. know, it seems sort of. supportive in marriage in a. strange way to talk about. divorce and to examine it and to. see what, you know, sort of how. incredibly complicated and. unpleasant and devastating,. awful, often. i don't know, it just seems. maybe easier just to stay. married . >> stephen: until it's not. >> i guess, yes, but maybe the. things that don't-- like the. things that bother you that. don't matter, maybe they. actually don't platter. and maybe therefore-- this. is-- you understand, you know, i. mean that's really-- what i am. saying is, that don't get. divorced unless you really are. bothered by the things that. don't matter. you understand. >> stephen:-- before you get. marry imagine the thing you like. least about this person,. multiply it by ten and think. could i take 50 years of that,. and i did that with my wife and. i went-- got t i'm in, percent and i was totally right,. 25 years in. >> yeah. >> stephen: i think i got this. one. >> you guys are at 25 years. >> stephen: 25 years are this. fall. >> very impressive. >> stephen: yeah, yeah. >> yeah. so you know, yes, you find that. you have a fairly high. threshhold for the things that,. you know-- eh. >> stephen: yeah, have a high. threshhold for pain, that is the. right thing for a marriage. you have been performing, how. old when you first started. performing. >> i was eight. >> stephen: wow. >> yeah, i was eight. >> stephen: my research people. found something here and i don't. know whether you know they. found. this but they found that in you gave an interview it said. actress 18 has some regrets. >> i am regretful that they gave. my age in 1983, that is what a. regret. >> stephen: get out your. calculators. now 18 year old singer and. actress who now lives in-- she. missed prom. you never went to prom. >> it's true. >> stephen: and so why . >> well, you know why, actually,. because i was shooting foot. loose. i was shooting a prom scene. while missing my very own prom. yes, and in fact, the fellow. that i was going to attend prom. with who i guess could say was. pie boyfriend, he was, yeah, he. was-- he was-- crowned prom. king. he knows who he is. his name is. >> stephen: prom king. >> his first name is david. >> stephen: king david. >> yea yes, yes. and i intuited big things for. him. and in fact he was prom king. and i think got a scholarship. for college too, like a lot of. good. >> stephen: he got a. scholarship for promming he went. pro. >> i think he stopped by, he. stopped by my parents on the way. to the prom and i think they. brought my dress out on a hanger. to show him-- what i would have. worn. and i think it was like a sort. of canteloupe-colored silk,. either like a gunny sack or a. laura ashley, you know dressment. and i think about it now and it. was like superchaises, like. really covered, like really. covered. like very proper. >> stephen: i heard that you. never went to prom. >> i didn't go to prom. >> stephen: so i was wondering. if you would go to prom with me. >> well, of course, on behalf of. all the millions-- of americans. thank you. oh, how lovely. >> stephen: hold on, we need a. prom photo. >> thank you. >> stephen: which side w oh, i. don't care as long as you can. see, this what is a prom photo. typically like. oh, you know what, i should be. like-- shouldn't it be like-- oh. my gosh. my mike, ready . is it this way . ? season 2 of divorced sunday on. hbo. sarah jessica parker, erybody. .

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