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SAYING GOODBYE | Before They Were Famous
PRODUCER: Matt Rubel, Question Time
EDITOR: Keval Prajapati
WRITER: Alex De Witt
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Hey guys what's going on michael . mccrudden before they're famous by now . you guys obviously already know that . i've been doing this show for for almost . five years now i've also been going . through a lot recently i haven't . uploaded in like four or five days and i . got a lot of stuff to tell you guys . there's been a lot happening so this . video is definitely gonna be something . really really different so i don't do . like a lot of blogging or . behind-the-scenes kind of stuff because . we got a you know a strict deadline of . daily videos but i thought i would show. you guys where i've been working since . 2013 i came into this studio to film my . very first like professional youtube . video and it's been like krait quite the . journey. i didn't think youtube is gonna be much . i didn't think there certainly was no . career there definitely not for me . i don't think people were really gonna . watch this stuff and we've come a really . really long way now this is a busy room . if you look around you got liam there . you got ron he's on top ten you got . charlotte from inform overload you got. hayley she's the producer of all this . then of course so there's a lot. happening in this room so i'm gonna let . them get to it but i got a lot to tell . you so if you're like a newer viewer of . my show or you haven't watched my before . they're famous my stories from childhood . i was trying to get going and . entertainment the game changer for me . was when i found performance in all . through elementary school high school . and into university i took the stage for . each and every school play there was by . the time i came here to the studios 2013 . i hadn't caught a break i'd like written . and produced shows was an actor as a. writer i was a director i was a . chippendale dancer one weekend i did . everything i could. i'd like respond to a craigslist ad and . it was like come host youtube videos and . i wasn't a lot of money well it's . basically $20 a day but i said someone's . gonna pay me it's not like an audition . so he came here and then i started . coming here once a week and then twice a . week. and in like two years i was filming 10 . to 15 videos a day i still wasn't making . a lot of money but i found opportunity . from from 2013 to now. so what's that four years it's been . exhausting i'll be real with you guys . it's been a lot of fun this with so many . highs but imagine keeping up a schedule . working 365 days a week with hundreds of . thousands of people watching you and . commenting and applauding your successes . and tearing you apart and every chance . but again there's a good bet to . everything i understand that it's been a . lot and i've been working on a really . you know tight structure so the room . we've we did the editing and the writing . in that's different from where we do the . shooting or just show you that every day . i run up these stairs at five o'clock . because i have a two hour window to film . whatever before their families after. their families before they were gone . versus but i'll run up these stairs i've . fallen up two stairs countless times and . sometimes i'm wearing like my cloud suit . or my brick suit there's been times i've. worn wigs and dresses and there's other . businesses in this building so they're . all like what is this lunatic doing but . it's been cool right i've also i like . celebrities come by we've brought them . into this space brought them into our. world sat them down there's a lot of . memories so for this video i'm gonna get . a little help from him that's right i'm . joining mccrudden for before they were . famous a big master university for . theater got some you just talk about . mcmaster that's my nickname really side . back for what like masturbation oh my . god for my content dude so when i . started doing before they were famous it . was pretty quick that i broke out on my . own but i don't really have any money . i had like get someone to edit exciter . write this every day so people would . come by i would always tell them this is . my office and faria like to be real it's . not far off i was just at a desk writing . stealing electricity to build this show . but then we did i eventually get an . office i could afford some rent this is . the place i've spent the last three . years with my team matt cavil a lid it . now it looks different because it's not . my office anymore this is not my and . then we hadn't made it blue like some of . my biggest videos will santa kashi cardi . be the rich life series all that was . conceptualized in this room a catch no . upside went viral we celebrated you know . the people that i get excited to go to . work with every day they've all bonded . and worked with me like 60 hours a week . at least in this room not my room . anymore because i'm leaving um . not going to be film saying goodbye to a . lot of people in this video let's go . talk to landon landon is the guy who. gave me my big youtube break and helped . me for like ever even like last night it . was helping me alright i'm here with the . guy i owe so much of my youtube success . to this man introduced me to the world . of youtube he put me on camera for the . first video that got i don't know like . 40,000 people watched my audition tape . yeah your audition tape it was actually . so good that it was uploaded for life we . need to make money off this . it was crazy yet he was on the seth. macfarlane some boob oscar i didn't even. know what we were talking about and i . didn't understand like we were working. with so little so like them like just go . on camera talk about it yeah you didn't . even watch the oscars he's like but i . could still do it i'm like you can still . do it i let i didn't know him at the . time so i'm like okay this guy's weird . he's gonna go film this video do you . like to watch the oscars now i didn't . introduce landon balancing but i don't . think he needs much of an introduction . this man has five youtube shows there's . top most amazing top ten top ten nerd . life's biggest questions atlanta . productions in forum overload the list . goes on and on you employ quite a few . people you're doing great things but i . was his actual first hire and that was . back in february of 2013 now my life was . in a way different place back then i was . like okay well i was gonna be an actor . and i thought our writer i produced . television shows and nothing clicked and . i was done i was like looking for work . in construction i wanted out of the . entertainment business until i met you . what was your life back when we first. met it was weird um well i was . established for like a year or two but . it was when you joined it was it wasn't . anything yet i was still old where i was . working two other jobs so i was even . full time i was working those jobs to be . able to pay you but uh it was it was . different and i remember we still we . never made a lot of money it was not . just the impressions like all of a . sudden. the dr. phil show called me and wanted. me on their show this is michael right . here judge me been to tennessee . russell brand would react to our videos . i got my money on the fact that bruce . jenner is counting down the hours to . halloween so he can throw on a dress . carry around a purse and not have so . many people ask so many goddamn . questions don't this seem like when you . are setting up blade runner . or some dystopian thing of like when you. see a bit of telly in a film from the . future like everything's a bit you know . people on twitter would would have those. things to say so . although the youtube wasn't paying a lot . of money we were like there's . opportunity there's growth here and. after facing like so much nay sayers and . and no opportunity i was like this is . this is something bigs happening here . yeah so the next i got it thank you . because landed like pushed me out on my . own. essentially i started making before . they're famous in mom's basement 2013 i . made the jim carrey one. i didn't start taking it serious or like. regularly upload until 2015 and you were . like but you got something here what did . you think because they were crap they . were like bad like i'm not the best . editor they were kind of crappy in the . beginning. felix recalled that that was me felix . recalled that this was the first time . people but he made these videos and it's . just your editing skills i would never . have hired you as an editor that was . just run good and then i took notice . some of them they were seeing someone . they were hitting views yeah dan . bilzerian got like half a million yeah . and those guys getting more views and . we're getting i i couldn't believe it i . don't know it was it was weird that . you're making videos and then it just . started growing and i'm like this guy's . gonna be bigger than we are so i kind of . pushed him to do his own thing can't . control me yeah i'm like a bull i . there's no there's no controlling me so . i had to break out on my own i had to . get my own thing going and . if it wasn't for that push cuz i was . really like i'm like you're stressed. oh but because at the time you didn't . know what it was still no and i in fact . in like youtube now it just sucks as . money and some of that back then you to . paid a lot of money like it was it was a . decent income because you can pay but . you didn't know what it was i knew it . was and i'm like like you're gonna make . so much more money if you just if you . just do this thing on your own and i'm . like how the hell i can maybe do this . once a week how the how am i gonna do . this every day yeah how am i gonna put . my life and people i employ based on . this youtube channel for security like . it just seemed an it it just it clicked . for you and then you come back to me . you're like i don't know you're just . you're just different now you were just . like a little bit less s
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