Seth Rogen Knew of the Stormy Daniels Affair Years Ago

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Seth Rogen revealed to Ellen that porn star Stormy Daniels told him about her alleged affair with the President years ago - and Seth wasn't that surprised.
So i saw a picture of you with. the prime minister of canada. where was this taken . this was taken in some. house that canada owns. [audience claps]. he was so nice. yeah, canada owns a. house in hancock park. it's lovely. i've never been. invited there before,. and then they invited me. and justin trudeau's there. wow. and he just like--. i met obama when. he was president,. and it was a very. like regimented thing. it's like you're brought into. a room, they searched me for--. like i'm a threat,. but like-- yeah. they did a lot of. stuff and they're like,. you'll have one minute with the. president to confer, i guess,. or whatever. and then you'll be moved on. but with him, it was like. he just showed up and was. like i'm going to try. to talk to everybody. and just walked around. wow. and he was super handsome. he hugged me, which is weird. yeah. and--. no, he looks very. happy to be with you. he seemed genuinely happy. yeah. and i felt his muscles like. pressed into my body, like--. like displacement,. like the amount. of space his muscles took. up, my body kind of just--. deflated. -- smeared out of the. way to make room for it. wow. like when a boat. goes in the water. yeah. it was quite a feeling. yeah. he's quite an amazing guy. well, you seem to be. very impressed by him,. so much so that you cut your. wife out of the picture. because i saw the--. that's the picture. [audience laughs]. why did you do that . i can't defend that choice--. yeah. i'll be totally honest. i-- i-- people have. asked me why i did that. it was just i did it. i don't know. for whatever reason. in that moment. i thought it would be. more special to just. have a picture of me. and justin trudeau. yeah. yeah. how does she feel about that . she was not thrilled about it. no. she was pretty unhappy about it. i've been canadian longer. than i've been married, so i--. i see. -- guess technically--. i don't know. i understand. this is-- there's no excuse. i shouldn't have done it. well, no, but you did. i apologize. i did it. so-- so i have to. ask you about this. because i heard about this. this morning in the meeting. so we showed a picture of. stormy daniels the other day,. and she was at a premiere. of yours of knocked up. yeah. and i was like why would. she be at that premiere . and then we realized. she was in the movie. she is in knocked. up, yeah, yeah, yeah. all right. and then she's not only in that,. she's in another movie that--. she's in forty year old. virgin as well, yeah. ok. talk about that. i've known stormy. daniels a long time. and i'll be honest, she may have. mentioned some of this stuff. around 10 years ago at the time. when you ask a porn star who. they've been sleeping with and. the answer was donald trump,. it was like the least surprising. thing that she could have said. and so, yeah, she had. mentioned it actually. wow. and so she did mention it. and, again, it wasn't--. at the time, wasn't. that surprising. and then as his. campaign rolled out,. it became clear that no one. cared about anything he did. right. and so it didn't really occur to. me even that it would come out,. or anyone would care about it. but then when i saw it,. i was like, oh, yeah,. stormy told us all about that. a long time ago. [audience laughs]. so-- and have you kept. up with her, like--. i haven't seen stormy in years. but she's clearly done. well with herself. [audience laughs]. yeah. yeah. so-- but why is she in two. different movies with you . i mean, you just--. she did well . well, no-- yes, we--. in our movies, sometimes there. was two scenes in strip clubs,. and we realized it was easier. to hire like porn stars. to play strippers rather than. get actresses to play strippers. who were not in porn. because if they're-- for stormy. that was the easiest thing she. did all week. right. and so like--. [audience laughs]. if your goal is to be a. more mainstream actress,. it's perhaps a step down. uh-huh. but for stormy it. seemed lateral at worse. uh-huh. and-- and perhaps. an easy day on set. oh, my gosh. that's fantastic. yeah. so let's move off of stormy now. so you got-- you got in. a small car accident. i did. you're ok. it wasn't a big de-- it was--. no, i was-- i was rear. ended, it wasn't my fault. i was driving to go. see the film dunkirk. in theaters and someone hit me. and i was running. late for the movie,. and it was the first. time in my life. i realized i would rather not. be late for a movie than--. than get my car fixed by. this person, basically. and she was very upset. about having hit me. and in this moment that. combined both my selfish desire. to see a film and altruism,. i told her, just go. and it was as though. someone had like given her. a second lease on life. i was just like--. she's just like we. have to exchange information. i was like, no, we don't. just go. wow. yeah. it never happened. wow. it's probably illegal. i shouldn't have admitted--. yeah. --to that right now. but-- and i got to-- and. i got to dunkirk on time. and the brits got out. oh, you did it. you did it. hi, i'm andy. ellen asked me to remind you. to subscribe to her channel. so you can see more. awesome videos. like videos of me getting scared. or saying embarrassing things,. like ball peen hammer. and also some videos of. ellen and other celebrities,. if you're into. that sort of thing. [yells]. [bleeps] god [bleeps]. .
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