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Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the . biggest football match in the world i . repeat in the god damn world the house . versus the rest room - sure bazinga told . ditch tom chisum vikkstar123 sir referee . que si josh or zurka many minja it's the . house this is the formation of the teams . and this is the rest formation very. standard 3v3 let's get to it at the . house the house versus the rest and ksi . hurry . fully understanding the rules of the . game well he is from guernsey and . they're all inbred now toby fewer gold. tries it know what is safe from a . clueless soccer again toby through and . go oh what a save double save it's like . a saving more shots than a fucking. condom salmon on the ball pauses it - . ksi ksi gives it back somebody gets . through it's caused by we school from . that angle i don't know what i do know . is how full night celebrations are . definitely not cringe and overdone now . the rest tried to kick up all he's down . he's been assaulted free-kick toe we . were to run up the wall moving out the . way surely he can't miss wow . toby giving kayne another reason to . believe that slavery was a choice ha ha . ha . guys ice hurry get that shit out of here . dial and you have another full night . celebration definitely not overdone and . annoying and another goal the rest . running through ladies and gentlemen . he's not wrong are we now really . struggling . the rules of the game as he tries to . shoot into a hospital room it's actually . unbelievable how inbred he is and then. infer from low-range . it's a practice and now they're dabbing . 2018 and they're dabbing oh white people . now instant on the ball don't know what . he's doing but it goes some have been . created. toby clearly not happy with the decision . as he assaults the referee shaking big. leg he pipi and spice talking about . indian i've had my fair share of indian . spice if i may say so myself . let's just say the indians know how to. keep it hot and spicy one time this girl . poured curry sauce all over my penis and . then she licked it up with husband china . think about that that's talent . anyway we got harry on the ball scoring . that's awesome . now kate aside without rageous shocked . has akane all accounts are what a goal . one of the best goals i've ever seen in . my god damn life what a celebration the . fish celebration i don't know what's . going on anymore . but hurry scores and they'll jump into . the cock fest as tommy does as well ksi . cheer ah that's lovely now guess i was . in the back oh wait he gets seeking out . what the referee is blind is recording a . random ait's just taking everyone out as . jarvis schools i don't even know what's . going on just a weight is about to be a . drop too you know something's about to . go down. oh that would have been insane . simon bicycle turns off its some . post-its on the ground . oh fuck . and still fails the bicycle now it is . half-time the house and the rest . [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. all right i'm back i have to commentate . over this piece of shit as i'm sure you . saw in the break vic deciding to make . sure that this video and proving why . it's a slip and slide video now things . should get a little bit more interesting . well already everyone is struggling to. lighten up move or do anything really . it's a bit of a mess don't really know . what's going on anymore i mean do i even . need to come and take this it's funny by . itself so i mean chips it into an open . go off well we can only hope that it's . an arranged marriage with someone nutty . here okay so i serve icicle kick reggie . what a great finish does anyone know . what harry's doing anymore . everyone is just constantly falling very . hard to commentate over pure shit but we . do have some football actually oh if . it's ruined oh there's a lot of people . falling there's a lot of people failing. maybe a goal here . no no just more failing it's all very. tragic case i don't know what's going on. anymore guys. do you even want me to be here well one . in the chive you want me to be here . wait this isn't live this is. pre-recorded so it doesn't even matter . harry what the fuck are you sorry i . can't do this i can't deal with this . anymore guys . i'm not commentating anymore i'm sorry. i'm gonna commentate we gotta fucking . and britta'd break just ruining the game . he doesn't understand how to play . football huh why she tried to throw the . fucking ball it's a basketball hoop it . doesn't make sense . he's fucking just he's pressing me so . bye guys i'm all good now this actually . manages destroy hello for one of the so . many attempts it's now sexual now it's . the houses kickoff i don't know what the . rest to do with the pool here and they . show in school . and it counts i got are you fuckin job . why is i go why is that good fucking . touch me . why is that go can you tell me why not . to go what the fuck is going on you're . so a fucking tell me what the fuck is . going on. none of this makes sense anymore why are . people dabbing my is harry being so. fucking ingrate why is it being so . fucking disabled don't touch me. what did i say about touching me get off . me get off will you blast back i'm gonna . finish this shit and you're gonna . fucking like okay score is six eight to . the rest okay sigh scores . guess i lunch the ball into the back of . the net it's now seven eight surely the . rest aren't going to lose their lead . oh they fucking do what a surprise . celebrations all around unbelievable . effort from both sides or the game so . now suppose alicia now seriously . what the fuck is going on with this . video what are you making me commentate . fuck don't fucking touch me touch me one. more time in old beats i will beat you . like you've never been beaten before . tommy runs up to the ball already slid . spots cause he's done a reverse john . terry well played . now ksi puts the ball on the ground now . he's full of sneaky he's done the sneaky . but it works. oh what a dirty dirty man . now we got harry he puts the ball on the . ground let's see what he's gonna do oh . he stops the ball and somehow it goes in . that was actually pretty lit you know . what well played harry oh that was oh . he's fucking ruined there he's fucking . ruined it by god moving out of the . fortnight i can't i'm going to kill this . this man oh simon schools obviously . sonny always boys can someone just win . already. like what's going on oh what's you know . what you deserve that you fat son of a . bitch god's sake all right. [music]. the rest of misty can the house win this . annual slip and slide yes they come over . it's finally over ladies each other what . thank you . this is it. no more i'm didin the house win the . house wins. .
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