SML Movie: Chef Pee Pee’s New Job!

Chef Pee Pee is tired of working for Bowser! He wants to work for Mr.Goodman!
Oh anymore now that i'm done cooking i . can finally sit down and relax . what do you guys want i just cooked your . dinner please just let me relax what was . that crap you trying to feed me at . junior yes happy a little disgusting . what do you mean it was just chicken . little soul more like chicken noodle . poop. nice one junior chicken noodle poop it . smells like poop it looks like you're . ugly yeah so ugly you made me lose my . appetite ugly and now that i know that . you can't cook me and you are going to . mcdonald's to get something to eat come . on junior yeah a mcdonald's i can't . believe them there's so i grateful i . slaved in the kitchen for like two hours . trying to cook bad oh always making fun . of me i can't believe them you know what . i'm just gonna watch tv or you a chef . are you tired of being poor do you wish . that people would appreciate your . cooking well hi my name is mr. gooden . and i'm rich is full a few days ago i . had to fire my personal chef because i . kind of banging my wife so guess who's . divorced and looking for a new chef . fuckin me don't worry she's signed a . prenup so she's living on the street so . if you want to make millions of dollars . cooking for me on my 500 foot yacht as. we sailed through the islands of the . bahamas then send me a video submission . of you cooking if i like it that'll. change your life forever i'm going to . win it and i'm finally leave this . hellhole oh man and i'm going to be real . hell yeah let me go and find that camera . i need hurt you up oh man dad i can't . wait to eat mcdonald's on me did you . hear what hey cody what's up oh hey. junior . me and ken are making a movie and we . need you to hold the camera because my . hands are gonna be full of dee dee dee's . necks oh yeah i'm supposed to be going . to mcdonald's with my dad oh don't worry . i can go for myself too here you just . stay here with your fruity friend okay . all right thanks dad come inside cody . okay so cody what type of movie are we . filming well the plan is that ken has . been a very naughty boy and he needs to . be punished for how naughty he's been . okay well punished like how well haven't . i get him set up and then i'll show you . okay hey junior do you have a video . camera i could borrow . i need to film something very important. but a video camera yes do you have one . or not oh cody has a video camera let me . ask you can borrow it okay hey cody cody . asche fpv needs to borrow your video . camera. wait barovik why look i have something . very important to film just let me see . your camera please but but but how . long's it gonna take it's not gonna take . that long it's just something really . quick that i have to film just give me . your camera . i don't know i got some files on here i . don't think you're gonna want to see . look cody i'm not gonna delete your. stupid files give me the camera right . now all right fine but if the fbi shows . up you swallow the memory card okay . whatever in the power button sticks a . little bit so you're gonna have to push . it about three times you know gross okay . all right i got cody's camera and it's . time to film a masterpiece but am i . going to film my nurse . he's always out of he is the best tell . me who just made this mess it's been two . weeks since i entered that stupid . competition and i still haven't heard . back from them musta lost i might as . well give up goddamn right it is you saw . my fucking face on your tv what are you . doing here well i got your video . submission for the you can be my . personal chef competition i cringed my . asshole so anymore . i've gone two weeks without shitty okay . um i guess it was bad but i liked it . there's still one more stage of the . competition oh what is it you have to . cook me at dinner tonight whatever you . want you have to make me your special . dish something only you can create i can . do that is no problem with that when you . need it by in a few hours in a few hours . oh this is easy that's easy don't you . fuck this up baby oh no way so dude i . was watching my neighbors are you and . the wife was about to beat the sun right . and then the husband came home to beat . the wife before she could beat the son . man there's always a bigger fish so. junior you think i could get my camera . back from chef peepee sometime it's been . about two weeks what two weeks yeah you . remember he said he was gonna borrow my . camera i didn't think he meant keep my . camera no no he's not trying to keep it . he probably just forgot . i'll go ask him and see if he'll give it . back yeah yeah you do that okay my files . better be on there too oh my god this is . going to be so delicious chef peepee not . now i am one delicious meal away from . never seen you or your dad ever again. we're talking about chef peepee oh man . i'm into the chef competition in the guy . like me so much all i have to do is make . one last meal he's gonna make me it's . personal chef and i'm going to be a . millionaire yeah you guys are always . making fun of me and don't like my food . so i'm going to cook it for a . millionaire and i'm going to be rich i . don't want to hear it okay so you know . take your whining somewhere else i'm . cooking chef baby lost my camera no even . worse chef andy said he entered some . cooking competition and he said if he. wins he's gonna disappear never see us . again. giving me back my fucking cameras now . come on is this so bad i love chef . peepee i don't want to lose it forever . well this is bad well guys let's be . honest is even really gonna win the . competition i mean it's cooking kind of . sucks well all these cookies good enough . to make him this far in the competition . oh do we could sabotage you look like ow . oh i have an idea and it's definitely . gonna work what how about he gives me . back my camera still bring about the . camera cody we could get him arrested . dude get him arrested yeah i mean if . he's in jail he can't win the . competition yeah that's right how we. gonna get him arrested like what what . law did he break um stealing because he . stole my fucking camera cool stop break . up your stupid camera all right guys . i'ma go talk to chef peavy and see if . there's any crime like i see him doing . and i can call the cops on him he stole . my camera why are you crying. oh is it because you're cutting onion - . oh no these are tears of joy to you it's . because i'll never have to see you ever . again. oh talk about a paradise okay guys . chevy's in the kitchen holding a knife. and crying should i call the cops about . that yeah do it okay you can also report . a theft while you're at it my camera . it's ringing cody 9-1-1 what's your . emergency. hello show me that knife that he's . crying he's killing everybody okay how . fast you think they can respond oh man . this doesn't look good for you at all . officer what are you doing here i got a . call about a crazy chef with a knife . that was crying and killing people oh no . i was just chopping up onions yeah is . that what you call people onions you . lunatic supposed to beat you at. something like i don't really know just . my card guess what guys we got arrested . really that's what happens to thieves so . now you can't win that competition . because in jail so now he's gonna stay . here forever . oh that's awesome what about my camera . though who's that . mm-hmm what do you need a camera anyway . so i'll show you . oh hello oh hi chef bp here no he's in . jail he got arrested i don't know he had . a knife or something i can't have a . criminal working for me can you tell him . that he's been disqualified from the . chef competition i sure well thanks . mister can't believe you fuck this up . that pee pee fucked me good and hard . okay yes yes okay joseph so you just . take this whip here and you punish him . you wanna try oh no dude okay guess what . guys chef baby gotta finish this ball of . my competition so now that means is . gonna be my chef forever oh that's . awesome dude . yeah but the downside is now he's in . jail that's where thieves belong junior. yeah that's it's witty blah well i mean . guys want to help me raise bail money so . we can bail him out well we could have . raised a lot of money with a movie we . were making but i don't have my camera . well guess what cody i found your camera . oh yeah oh yeah let's make some money . [music]. .
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