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Cody goes to the beach!
So guys what do you want to do today i . don't know dude but somebody broke us up . my house is stole everything i have so i . have nothing to do oh that's kind of sad . joseph what's that again ten cents we . should go to the beach the beach the . beach oh honey the body there was no the . beach is so fun i haven't been there in . a long time though what is it a do at . the beach junior there's hunky dudes at . the beach playing beach volleyball . oiling up their muscles flexing their . muscles. that's what there's to do with the beach . junior hunky dudes we can also make a . sandcastle i'll do them awesome and make . you shant castle okay we're going to the . beach we're gonna go to the beach just . one second hey i have to call my mom . call your mom because i have to ask you . about going to the beach but you're the . one who thought about going to the beach . so i have to ask you like why would you . bring up something you don't know you . can go out yeah no it was ken's idea and . i just have to tell her what i'm doing . okay so call hurry up yeah hey guys it's . ringing hello yo mom's what up can i go . hit up the beach with my bros go pick a . lickin now cody you can't go to the . beach hey pretty pretty please with a. cherry on top mom no cody i saw on tv. there's a sponge that lives in a . pineapple under the sea and he's friends . with a squirrel that knows karate and . she's gonna kick your butt cody that's a . cartoon it's not even real cartoons . smart tone cody you can't go to the. beach alright fine mom so what'd your . mom say cody yeah dude hey guys you know . my mom she said no well she said no yeah . well i say no because of spongebob . spongebob what about spongebob she's. afraid i'm gonna get my butt kicked by . sandy cheeks squirrel caught you i know . it's stupid yeah it's not even the ocean . that we live near right yeah . you're stupid we're still going to the . beach even if you can't go yeah guys i . can't go to the beach if she finds out. that i went to the beach i'm gonna be . grounded. cody she's not gonna find out you went . to the beach you wanna know why because . she's afraid of the beach too because . she thinks you're gonna be she's gonna . get beat up so she's not gonna catch you . at the beach because she's not gonna be . at the beach so come on cody i guess . that makes sense yeah she's not gonna . catch you cody we're all gonna be there . for like an hour and we're gonna make a . sandcastle and leave . yeah yeah let's go to the beach all . right i'm gonna ask your people you can . take us well you know i'm gonna make . them pigs come on hey chef peepee what . do you want - your own cooking pan pizza . well i was wondering if you could take . me and my friends to the beach we the . beach yeah hold up oh man . imma find me another fine hope you doing . chef peepee . nothing just come on let's look at the . beach come on. yeah guys were finally at the beach and . there's the ocean but cody is that where . your mom was born right i should pour in . the ocean cuz she's a whale got junior . do the whale call the cow because your. mom - cal - i got a sand castle . are you doing this go come on let's go . work on your body well i'ma go and look . so joseph you gotta make a sandcastle of . course dude all you have to do it for . this chain in the funky okay well i'm a . bigger grave for our youtube channel cuz . it's basically dead . oh okay no no that is a pretty big grave . the channels dead oh man wait wait wait . where's cody. oh so he can help us with the sandcastle . yeah dude. isn't the beach romantic can the sun . glistening off your moist biceps oh oh . what's that oh you don't want to get a . sunburn on that tight tush of yours okay . i'll go get the sunscreen i got the . rubber fish and i got the sunscreen now . let me let you what are you doing . ken ken needed some sunscreen and the . bottle broke so that that's what . happened the bottle broke yeah ally whoa . well come on we're making this a castle . okay i just have to do something with . the rubber fist real quick come on cody . okay whoa joseph you already done with . the say castle yeah dude i'm a pro it'd . make you share castle okay great we're . done with the sand castle can i go to . finish on ken now cody start worrying . about your stupid dog here with your . best bud yeah jr. i already got the . rubber fist out and everything but cody . you already put sunscreen on he'll do . anything else well i served to put . sunscreen on me if i come home with a . sunburn my parents are gonna know i was. at the beach i'll get in trouble . hey junior you want to see a hammerhead . shark a hammerhead shark yeah what's it . look like. i'll show you look it was a stupid . sandcastle anyway oh my god what we . gonna do or we do what are we buried him . in the sand dude that would be perfect . sure to be big yeah we will bear the . sand because he destroyed our sandcastle . so make the sand pair back yeah let's go . bury him come on baby let's get you nice . and dark . cuz the ladies love the dot pee pee . mm-hmm chef maybe i'll can we bury you . in the sand no julia i'm trying to get a . tan we're chef peepee we don't want to . bury you in the sand it'd be really fun . i jus wanna take a quick picture and . then we'll get you out of the sand what . can i just relax. chef baby please play flames look look . i'll play along . all right guys come on okay chef baby . you're buried in the sands let me get my . quick picture all right hurry up and . take your stupid picture so i can get . out of the sand okay i got the picture . chef baby so we're gonna leave you . buried in the sand because you destroyed . our sandcastle wait why guys let's go . home wait wait what you gotta be kidding . do you come back here junior you stupid . bastard do you the tides coming no yeah . that'll teach chef peepee for destroying . our sandcastle yeah dude but guys . shouldn't we go back and help chef . peepee i mean what if the tide comes in . and he drowns oh cody what do you look . like a tomato wags and so ripe and juicy . no i mean you look a stop sign uh-oh . because people stop and look at my hunky . bye no i mean you'll get an apple oh cuz . you want to put your worm inside me no . you look like the couch huggins you want . to sit on my face . oh thank yous a sunburn junior yeah you . have a sunburn cody no a sunburn because . i'm as hot as the sun but wait did you . say sunburn yeah cody you look like you . have a really bad sunburn yeah hook it . guys i can't have a sunburn if my . parents see that i have a sunburn so . know that i went to the beach and i'll . be grounded well why don't you put on . sunscreen you big dork i was going to . junior but you guys distracted me with a . sandcastle okay there's no way you have . a sunburn because we were only out there . for like five minutes guys i have really . fair skin it's really soft like ken's . behind well there was a kid of a sunburn . because i was covering him in sunscreen . and it should have been something else . okay well look if you have if you have a . sunburn why don't we try to cure it like . uh are you supposed to pee on it ya know . jenny that's for jellyfish stings well i . mean i could pee on it well i mean i . guess we could try it if you really want . to pee on it . well well let me call it doctor real . quick see if there's a faster way to . cure because i don't want you getting . grounded because we're to hang out all . weekend hey you guys called the doctor. well you see doctor my friend has a . really bad sunburn and we need to know . if we should pee on his face or not yeah . i don't even think it's a question . really i mean i think you guys should . all just pee on me just get like a . circle around me and all three just like . pee right on my face but yeah iii don't . know that that would help for a sunburn . but you could try filling a bathtub . hello neil wait full of oatmeal wait . fill the bathtub follow me i'll help the . sunburn no no it would just be a waste . of oatmeal. you see i hate oatmeal because that's . all i can eat because i don't have teeth . see oh well is your way to cure a . sunburn. right now i can't think of any way to . cure a sunburn right now well we have to . cure right now because if his mom sees . his sunburn she's gonna ground him . because he's she she told him he can't . go to the beach and if he has a sunburn . that obviously means he went to the . beach wow your mom won't let you go to . the beach . what's square yeah she has a square . she's a big fat laughs she's not square . she's a circle cuz she said she's so fat . and big yeah yeah she sounds like it but . i can't really think of any way to cure . it so i guess just don't go home i mean . that's what i would do whenever i have a . hickey on my neck and i don't want my . wife to see it i just don't go home . though i'm working overtime or something . yeah so i can't really think of anything . else just wait it out here but don't . touch him it would hurt a lot we don't . touch him yeah yeah i see what this . sunburn as bad as it is any little touch . to his skin is gonna hurt you know so . even just like a slight little poke on . the face that would that would hurt . really really bad so so just just make . sure you don't do that just don't don't . poke him or touch him or anything like. that especially especially not while i'm . here because i i don't want to like i . don't want to see that i wouldn't i . wouldn't want you to do that here in . front of me right now i wouldn't are you . been a pokken what yeah you can yeah all . right i'll catch you guys later wait . really little small to hurt you yes . doing okay just don't go home and your . parents won't see that you i got a . sunburn yeah i guess i could just tell . her that i'm staying here for tonight . well that sucks cody because i called . her like five minutes ago and told her . that that she needs to come over why do . you why would you do that because i saw . the plot was kind of died down so i was . like let me call her and get over here . so she can see your sunburn she's gonna . see my sunburn and i'm gonna get . grounded well i was gonna call the . doctor and i said i'm gonna call his mom . and tell her to come over . well jr. now she's gonna find out that i . have a son guy well i got an idea why. don't i just dress up like you and when . she gets here i'll pretend to be you jr . it's never gonna work your biceps are . way too small she's gonna know it's not . me and where's your package nothing . doubt at all well i mean oh cody . that's her so you better make a decision . you want me to be you or not all right . fine i keep a spare change of clothes . in case i have an accident let me just . go get it okay hello hey there cody your . friend invited me over so i brought you . medicine cuz it's time for you to take . it anyway . wait cody did you gain weight i was . about to ask you the same thing but by . looking at you my answer yes . cody you just look a little bit fatter . have you looked in the mirror recently . cody i think maybe you should stop . eating so much i feel like you hear that . more than i do . cody i think maybe you should stop . putting all that photon you doll you're . always putting whipped cream and. chocolate sauce on there and eating it . off and i think it's bad for you . well i think you're going to the buffet . every night's bad for you but you still . do it . oh cody let me come in and let me give . you your medicine okay cody it's time to . take your medicine okay ma'am wait wait . those are some pretty big pill yeah i . don't think i made her swallow those . swallow are you silly goose these pills . go in your butt what my bud those are . going to my brother i'll putting those . in my push who are you course you are . cody we do this every day well not today . guys i'll not take him anymore cody . what's wrong. usually you love this it's your favorite . part of the day well no you got it wrong . it's actually my worst part of the day . kids i'm not doing it but but cody . usually you're jumping up and down on . these balls well i don't want to tell . you oh man i'm not taking them no cody . you know what the doctor said you have . to take these balls or else your eyes . are gonna bleed well i guess my eyes . you're gonna bleed cuz i'm not putting . those in my butt cody take your butt. balls or i'm gonna have to take can away . from you well i don't even like care . anymore so you take them i'm not taking . these cody don't make mommy mad you know . what happens when mommy gets mad well. you go get a buffy or something look i'm . not taking these pills in my butt cody . take your butt balls no take your bike . balls cody never cody take your butt . balls or i'm gonna spit on you we spit . on me clothes . cody take it ball with you cody take . your butt balls right now cody . well i'm junior well i'm dressed up like . cody might enjoy a spread on me you're . gross what we've cody he's hiding from . you could you got he got a sunburn could . we went to the beach today he did what'd . you find out he didn't wanna get . grounded so goes without him well cody . you get out here right now . hey hey mom cody why are you so . sunburned because i went to the beach . cody why would you go to the beach you . know that there was a . sponge that lives in the ocean in a . pineapple what if he killed you and . turned you into cody paddy's for that . greedy little crab man . mom that spongebob still cody you know . the beach is dangerous cody i'm gonna. have to ground you yeah i understand now . let's go home and take your butt balls . but buzz i thought i was grounded all . right come on let's do this but bob i . thank god she's got joe so if she was . spitting on me spitting oh you dude yeah . man my mom used to do that to me wow . yeah well anyway let's let's watch some . tv. [music]. a man has drowned at the beach after . being buried in the sand more on the . story as it develops . you think you shep upi's fine . oh yeah yeah i'm research that baby's . fine dude shut peepees awesome yeah it's . fine it's fine. [music]. .
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