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Hey guys before the video starts i want . to make an announcement so the super . mario logan channel is still demonetized . it's not making any money so the video . you're about to watch was uploaded two . days ago on super luigi logan because . that channel is still monetized it still . has ads so what i'm gonna start doing is . every sml video before it's uploaded on . this account i'm gonna upload it two . days before it's supposed to go on here . on super luigi logan so if you want to . watch videos but before they're on this . channel go subscribe to my super luigi . loan account because that account is . still monetized and still has ads on it . so i hope you enjoyed this video and i . love you guys and still subscribe to . this channel to people's eyes cuz you're . gonna make people go blind what blind . it's when you see nothing but black oh . don't wait like when we went through . that neighborhood and you lock the doors . and rolled up the window no no jeffy no . i did that because it was raining but it . was sunny out oh no jeff no blind is . when you can't see anything you probably . just damage your eyes hey there sorry to . interrupt your little video here but for . legal reasons i just have to come in and . say do not shine lasers in your eyes . okay you will go blind . alright don't do what jeff he just did . don't shine lasers in your own eyes or . somebody else's eyes or your dog's eyes. because they will go blind. seriously okay okay let me ask you a . question do you like singing you know do . you like watching videos like this or . looking at colors or playing video games . well if you do then don't shine lasers . in your eyes because you will go blind . you'll never see anything ever again got . it you be careful with those lasers . don't even play with lasers alright and . um and don't do drugs okay let's let's . do an eye test jeffy what later do i . have on the top of my hat . zebra zebra and chubby no it's a letter . to the letter m okay uh how many figure . to my whole nut oh . love note i have five fingers i'm gonna . call a doctor . but you're wearing a glove hey there so . you're finally ready to put him down huh . wait what did the dog he's paralyzed so. you're putting him down wait no that's . not why i called you i called you . because jeffy shined a laser printer in . his eyes and i think he heard his eyes . oh so i won't really be needing this . then . go so what's going on well jeffy i think . he hurt his eyes with the laser pointer . so i went to do an eye exam oh okay i'll . be right back i'll get this stuff hey . jeffy can you move your stupid dog yeah . all right jeffy so for this first test . i'm gonna show you a picture and i need . you to tell me what you see okay okay . all right jesse now in this picture do . you see a big fat bitch oh kinda kinda . you you kinda see a big fat cow bitch . okay jeffy if you see a how many fat . rolls does she have count the fat rolls. well it's gonna help oh it's gonna help . because if you can't see the fat cow in. this picture he is definitely blind you . can see this bitch from space you see . this picture it was taken with the . hubble telescope well looks like a nice . wedding it was on the beach oh yeah he . was on the beach in honolulu but people . kept running up to me thinking that . there was a beached whale but no i had. to tell him that's it's just my wife oh . did you fly to hawaii oh oh i flew but . the plane had a weight limit so old . shamu he just had to swim yeah we had to . lure her to the island with buckets of . chum oh well i mean it looks like a nice . wedding oh yeah it was pretty nice you . know there were finger foods but no. enough for deborah here for her they . were more like fist foods just grabbin . grabbin fistfuls you know at the table . everybody else had spoons but not her . she had a shovel and instead of a flower . girl we had a candy girl with a . trick-or-treat bucket we had to have a . trail of treats just to lead her up to . the altar and instead of a bouquet she . had a bucket of chicken that she threw . over his shoulder but don't worry nobody . got any because she ate all the chicken . it was just an empty bucket well what . about a wedding ring oh oh yeah i got . her a wedding ring yeah it was an onion . ring see she ate the engagement onion . ring so i got her another one but don't . worry that one didn't last long either . well why does she look happy in the . picture oh oh you see she's just hungry . yeah there was a buffet across the . street so she's daydreaming in this. picture oh well well why don't you do . the classic pick her up picture you know. um because i like my back you know i . tried to rent out a crane but i spent . too much money on food yeah so so jeff . edie do you see the fat bitch ooh okay . yeah yeah okay so well i'm gonna go get . the next test okay get the next test i . have one more question about your wife . okay go ahead did you have a nice . honeymoon. oh no we. didn't have a honeymoon now she just . wanted a moonpie and don't worry she got . it. she ate it all up oh okay jeffy so for . this test i'm gonna need you to read . these letters from top to bottom okay. okay i see you yippee why you watching . me pee you pervert a real test it is a. real test. look you learnt the first four letters . are all right jeffy can you read the. bottom row for me oh i can't okay . how about now. mmm all right so he does have some . vision problems but he's not totally . blind . well what do you recommend i mean do you . really want my judgment i mean look what . i married well no like your eye doctor . do you think you should have glasses . i mean sure if you want them to get . picked on all right i'll be right back . all right there you go wearing because . sore eyes what was that for . oh i'm just getting ready hold on window . face lady gaga goggles nose sandwich . with glass bread gaga goat ron 3000 kid . from stuart little and harry potter okay . so why'd you do that . oh well see now people can't pick on him . cuz i already did oh well thank you i . guess. oh yeah you're not gonna be thanking me . when you get my bill all right jeffrey . it's time to take you to school come on . daddy. all right class today we're gonna be . running why the great wall of china is . so great for the hall beat wall was . built to keep my gurion out being stupid . mongolian tried to steal a grow and grow . a sacred fuli china top of the pyramid . so people wall built to keep my glory be . stupid mom gory out of all aggro patches . any questions hey nerd can you see into. the future with those glasses no one let . me check hmm oh yeah the future ones . telling me something . it's just if you keep talking . oh bitch well we could fight but i'd be . picking glass out of my fists after . breaking that windshield on your face oh . great jeffy you broke your glasses what . dies the bully was making fun of me so i . had to be a mop hey there oh what . happened to his glasses did my ex-wife . sit on him. just kidding i know she wasn't here i . would have heard of leave a boom boom . boom boom. oh well anyway jeffy's glasses are broke . so what are we gonna do now oh well . that's the only pair of glasses i had . well we could try contact lenses contact . lenses yeah they're like little glasses . that you just stick in your eye so you . don't need glasses . oh wait that's not like it hurts oh only . the first time do it the boy yeah see he . gets it okay i guess we'll try contact . lenses all right i'll go get him . all right this is a contact lens well. that's tiny that's what she said . oh oh that said that is what she said . well how does it work oh well we just . stick this in his eye and then he can . see better okay all right jeffy i'm . gonna stick it in your eye is what i . said to my ex-wife uh-huh oh yeah i said . that when i was putting in a contact . lenses oh okay well george jeffy hold . still he's gonna put it in your eye okay . here we go jeffy okay the contact lenses . are not gonna work cuz jeffy's gonna . freak out well what do you want me to do . well what are our other options um well . we tried glasses and we tried contact. lenses so i guess our only other option . is lasik eye surgery lasik eye surgery. what is that well it's where we take . these little lasers and we shoot him . into his eye until he can see better . what like lasers depict his eye yeah . well because he hurt his eyes by . shooting a laser in his eye oh oh really . i i thought he wasn't blind from looking . at that picture of my ex-wife should . she'll make anybody blind. well well lasik eye surgery that does it . hurt uh jamal tell him about you lasik . eye surgery yo . danny am i blind what did the lasik eye . surgery hurt no my eyes were perfectly . fine them yep where is your shirt go put . a shirt on get out of here . yeah who's that that's my friend's kid . i'm watching him for the weekend it's a . whole thing but see lasik eye surgery . doesn't hurt all right so i guess we'll . do that then all right jeffrey let's go . to the bathroom all right what's taking . so long. yeah yeah what's up doctor um i lost you . lost him yeah i lost them oh jimmy's . dead. no jeffy no i'm talking about jamal i . lost jamal i don't know where he is yeah . put on a shirt what about jeffy oh yes . surgery went fine he's right there hey. daddy what why is he wearing sunglasses . um because he's cool beans because he's . hot because he's this week's flavor . oh peas made out of cream cheese . ear cream cheese well okay what so why . is he had to wear sunglasses oh oh . really it's just to protect his eyes . from the light yeah they're very . sensitive after the surgery well is this . vision fixed let's find out . jeffy in this picture do you see the big . fat ugly stinky big. [music]. hey guys it's logan i'm here with jeffy. guys what doing and we're gonna play . another game of what's in jeffy's . diapers where you guys post a comment. and you guess what is in jeffy's diaper . so here's your hints it's something . really really tiny and just checking . they're in color yeah it's really tiny . and it's a secondary color so post a . comment of what you think isn't jeffy's . diaper and you'll win a shout-out from . jeff eber or shout out your channel so . guys post a comment what do you think is . in jeffy's diaper jeff what do you think . it is pop my poop i . .
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