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Hey guys it's logan before i start the. video i have a very important message . for you guys first off i want to say . thank you for 5 million subscribers i . cannot believe the channel has gotten . this big but thanks to you guys we . reached 5 million subscribers and it's . just unbelievable so thank you i love . every single one of you and thank you . for showing up every week to watch our . content now i also have some very bad . news. youtube has completely demonetized this . youtube channel that means there are no . ads on any of the videos on this channel . meaning we're no longer making money . making sml videos but even though we're . not making money we're gonna continue to . upload weekly sml videos like we've been . doing we're gonna upload two videos a . week like nothing's changed because this . might be a glitch youtube this might be . a mistake we don't know yet we're still . trying to work things out with youtube . but for the time being for at least the . next few months we're going to be . uploading weekly videos on super mario . logan's so keep keep subscribing keep . showing up even though there's no ads . and there's no money we're still gonna . make content for you guys we love you . guys so much and we really don't want . this channel to die but just in case . something happens to this channel . because youtube could possibly delete . this channel go subscribe to my second . account super luigi logan i'm gonna be . uploading extra sml movies extra content . on my second account so if you want to . find if this channel disappears or just . if you want extra content go subscribe . to my second account super luigi logan . also go subscribe to my girlfriend . chili's account she makes vlogs and. behind-the-scenes so go subscribe to her . account so if this channel gets deleted . i'll be on super luigi logan and my . girlfriend chili's account also go . subscribe to my brother lance's account . he is he's the voice of jeffy he's the . voice of black yoshi . he made his own accounts to go subscribe . to his account you'll find him there . you'll find extra jeffy extra goodman . extra black yoshi extra content on his. account and also go subscribe to my . girlfriend chili's brother her brother . his name is tito and his tito tyler he . makes sonic plush videos so go subscribe . to all those accounts because if . something happens to my logan that's . where i'll be and that's where we're . gonna be uploading content and that's on . those accounts they're still making . money so go watch those accounts because . it will help fund this channel for us to . keep making videos for you guys also we . still have the patreon so if you want to. go donate the patreon that that helps we . also started gofundme so if you don't. want to donate monthly on patreon you . can also do it . donate on gofundme so thank you guys so . much i love you guys so much i love . every single one of you and thank you . guys for subscribing thank you for 5 . million hopefully will reach 10 million . and hopefully this whole mess with . youtube will get cleared up but i hope . you guys enjoy this video and i'll see . you in the next one hello hey oh hey . cody what's up oh nothing you know who's . in the neighborhood thought i'd stop by . oh okay well it's nice seeing you i'll . see you later. joe yeah huh that was really weird that . cody just came by what do you want cody . do you need me oh i don't know you want . to come in come in yeah . so cody what are you doing here what is . this thing oh i'm glad you asked jr. this is my greatest invention that i've . ever created what a black sheet no jr. it's what's under the black seed i'll . just show you behold look at the cloning . machine . cody's crazy cool cloning machine patent . pen. whoa korea took a cloning machine but . what's it do it makes sandwiches junior . what makes sandwiches up that's lame. junior it's a cloning machine it clones . things it closed things why would you . make this well you see me and ken here. we're looking for a caboose for the . train that we were running and i would . have asked you but you don't have the . stamina to keep up with this locomotive . i mean we are like a freight train and . we just don't stop there's no brakes so . i was gonna clone ken so it could be the . meat and a hunk sandwich i was gonna be . a bologna sandwich you know no cheese . but i've never tried the cloning machine . before and i didn't want to risk hurting . ken's so i need to try it on someone . who's expendable expendable like misses . incredible from the incredibles but no . genius she's expandable i mean. expendable like someone i don't care . about what you don't care about the . incredible it's a great movie no jr. i . me and someone who don't care about like . the you what you could make me . expandable like the girl thing . incredibles yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah . sure i'll be stretching everything sure . yeah just just get in the machines union . okay i think i'll be able to strike like . later laughter girl be extra got my arm . still . sure yeah wait wait cody when she gave . birth to her kids like she's stretchy so . like did it hurt like or do they like . just walk out yeah that's a good . question junior but we'll talk about . this later okay just get in the machine . okay . would be just like elastigirl okay you . go junior this might hurt a lot oh good . junior look he kind of looks like you . but he's really ugly . that's my clone yeah why does he look . like some off-brand version of me you . bought on amazon i don't know junior i . think the clone machines a little rusty . yeah we'll get rid of them i don't want . him alive. okay wait enough good oh yeah we can't . use real guns anymore but i mean let's . be honest this video is probably gonna . get screwed anyway whatever oh move out . of the way junior i'm gonna shoot him in . the face and trust me i don't shoot . blanks what you got yeah i can take . clone can not deal with that ugly thing . yeah i'm glad you got rid of them yeah . let me just clean up yeah wait so are . you gonna clone kin or do you trust the . machine enough uh yeah it's probably . okay your clone is probably just messed . up because it was the machines first . time but you know my first time was . pretty messy too all right and you go . kid remember the safe word is cucumber. all right can't wait to see it kid . no what's wrong what do you mean what's . wrong junior do you not see this wimpy . little no muscle pipsqueak well i mean . he looks kind of like kin no he doesn't . junior hunk punk well i mean i mean cody . i mean he's kind of muscular no he's not . junior i could pick my teeth with this . fool ken has more muscle in one bicep . than this loser has in his entire body . well i mean i guess ken is more muscular . more muscular junior i think you meant . hunkier and yeah he is well i mean he . doesn't look so bad to me he has a . little bit of muscle no he doesn't . junior barbie has more muscle than he . does wait so you're not gonna use him as . your caboose no no junior there are very . strict criteria for being in my caboose . and he doesn't meet any of them i was . looking for a one-way ticket to . poundtown . instead i got a one-way ticket to frown . town oh well what's wrong with your . machine it's getting everything off like. my clone kind of looked like me and kin . to clone kind of looks like him but it's . not the same . yeah the clones are wrong i don't know . why well i mean maybe he's like a third . time to charm maybe i'd clone one more . thing well who are we gonna clone hmm oh . what doing. oh we're just cloning ourselves and do . you want to clone yourself in this. machine . sure oh guys ain't married no okay all . right debbie get inside here all right . jeff you in there good yeah junior his . leg is sticking out of the machine so so . the clone is gonna be missing a leg oh . okay i'll shove it in there all right . let's get this thing started . yeah your coat is so ugly . hey fat boy you leave my scooter alone . cooter we call it that boy you even have . a scooter hey fat boy you wanna fight . that's it you're gonna get it oh junior . hey i think we should get out of here . it's getting heated let's get out of . here hey my name's jesse what's your . thing hey fat boy. my name's scooter scooter gonna go play . toys. hey fat boy you want to fight no i don't . want to play toys that's it you're gonna . get it fat boy hey fat boy you suck . scooter you want bike bat boy thanks . good question what a good thing we . scooter why is your shirt a jeffie mom . let's go meet your new shirt okay hey . dawn oh good very nice are you sure you . won't forget your . oh let's drop lakes army tank again it's . gonna uh gonna sit down and watch tv . [music]. [laughter]. [music]. shut me what happened to you i fat boy . you want to fight oh he's good a scooter . with jenny who's scooter where'd he come . from. oh that's good okay from my toaster die . a toaster. yeah jimmy no no no no i'm not to play . these games to me get rid of him giver i . don't care what he came from . get rid of you looks like you so . obviously you did something so get rid . of him jeffy . take him to a park go bury him some way . throw him in the ocean jaffe why won't . you marry me i adopted you i didn't . adopt him come on jr. oh good discharge . boy my daddy doesn't like you so you . have to leave . does that fat boy wanna fight what are . we gonna do jeffy you better have gotten . rid of scooter oh. jeffy did you get rid of scooter oh yeah . sure dad daddy . go to the bed skirt are you big dummy my. game right here my fat boy you found me . jeffy i told you get rid of scooter to . hide them under your bed would you be . friends with him i don't know what you . did i don't know how you created him but . i want you to get rid of him look you . have five messy get rid of them if . you'll get rid of a five minutes i'm . gonna get rid of them and you're not . gonna like it . oh dang i can't believe it . oh where are you going . well i'm not going anywhere you're the . one that has to leave uh-huh well it's . good anatomy good guy doesn't like you . he said you had to leave so let's go . schooner what about my school here i'll . see you in a year i'm going to walk my . scooter oh daddy scooters gone what he's . really gone yeah are you sure he's not . gonna do . no gang he's gone good i wanted him gone . hey fat boy i got my scooter what jenny . i thought you said he was gone look we . don't want you here anymore leave you . want fight fat boy no i don't want fight . that pushed me and my scooter no you . know i will push you i'll push you . somewhere i'll push you somewhere hey . we're doing scooter i pushed him in his . scooter like he wanted oh man that was . fun i want to do that again hey fat boy . that boy you a bike nice shot junior . yeah . .
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