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All right it's a new day just came back . from a night out but today is a very . special day we are going the tmt gym . gonna be a gym pads with may want a . senior and of course i don't know why . i'm doing this fighting boo do jack so . my age a hit me up and was just like do . you wanna you know spar with with you . jackie i was like yeah why don't and . then i decided to look him up i realize . this motherfucker is a world champion. i'm still so i kind of fucked up by that . point he's gonna kill me a lot of fun . it's good to show off improve that yoga . whatever you can do i can do better . feeling good i'm ready to fight no shoes . off for the crap check this your video . [music]. down. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. - fucking in what you guys to grab said . what was thinking . [music]. reach what did you kiss . noho okay so the prediction was stay . aside right come on throw a bone say . you're gonna win yeah he's gonna be . working with lloyd george we got to make . sure his hands are ready and then after . that he's got to get some rounds in the . body i'm the bitch everybody know i'm . the best i'm telling you i might put a. lot of pressure understand sure you may. have to you've got he's got his hands . full by doing really good please do it . yo what do you think . nothing we know yeah what language says. alone by the way experience which is . just experience will never be in a box. about six works ago it's a spinal tap . yeah it's crazy like this is where . locals good idea i learned that i was a . western badu you have to be there i mean . you have to fire hotter fire . [music]. why do various balance testing for . everybody in the gym it's six moves he's . got he by the way he's he's got the . highest score but he was got five you . got to be up on your toes listen serious . if you feel yourself come on come on far . over as far as as far over as you can . you know what keep your right heel up . keep your put your left on the ground . [applause]. all right you guys ready to work . [music]. all the speed test oh shit individuals . in the world here at the mayweather . boxing look and what we're gonna do now . is find out if ksi can hang with by do . jack to division to world champion soon . to be free to the zoo . floyd mayweather senior the infamous. notorious jazzy jeff mayweather and the . one and only ksi youtube sensation. we're gonna see who's got the good . [applause]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. no . so that's my other favorite gym we are . here you know i'm getting out working . y'all logan or any any other youtube . [music]. .
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