Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/ Gordon Ramsay

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James and Gordon Ramsay take turns asking each other very difficult questions to answer, leaving the other with a choice: answer truthfully or eat whatever disgusting food is before them, including salmon ice cream and bull penis.
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>> james: let's take a look at. the food we have. clam juice. chicken feet. salmon ice cream. cow tongue. grasshopper. hot sauce. pickled pig's feet juice. and, of course, our trusty. favorite -- the bull penis. ( audience reacts ). you can pick and i have to. answer truthfully or you choose. something. what would you like to give me. first. >> something that will make you. gag. the cow's tongue. okay . now, this one, james, which. product that you've been paid. heavily to endorse do you not. use . ( audience reacts ). ( applause ). chase, curry or apple music. >> james: chase bank, kuerig. or apple . which do i not choose . >> bon appeÉtit. >> james: okay, well --. ( cheering ). i've eaten worse. i've eaten in a couple of your. places. ( cheering ). ( applause ). okay. gordon, i am going to give. you -- i'm going to chuck some. salmon ice cream your way. >> (bleep). >> james: okay . here is your question. rank the following celebrity. chefs from best to worst. wolfgang puck, bobby flay, and. jamie oliver. >> oh, come on!. >> james: which of those. are they friends of yours . are you good friends . >> (bleep). >> james:. ( laughter ). laugh. >> james: so, best to worst. no, you're not. going best to worst. wolfgang puck, bobby flay or. jamie oliver. >> best, wolfgang puck. >> james: okay, guaranteed. ( applause ). number two . >> jamie oliver. and on the bottom bobby (bleep). flay. ( applause ). the last five years we have been. trying to do a cookoff for. charity in vegas. he wouldn't sign the contract. now, bobby, sign the contract,. you limp (bleep)!. ( cheers and applause ). wow!. >> james: hi, bobby. it's not me. it's all him. ( laughter ). okay, gordon, choose the next. thing. >> we've had a cow's tongue. appetizer. now is the entreÉe. i'm going to go with -- it's. going to be chicken feet, but. it's going to be marinated in. pickle pig feet. slowly marinated. ( laughter ). because --. ( laughter ). you're going to need a main. course now. right. question. james, you were in the following. movies: peter rabbit, emoji. movie, trolls. rank them from worst to best. ( audience reacts ). hungry . >> james: i feel so bad. because i like all the people. that worked on those films, but. this is -- i can't eat that. >> if you pinch your knows, take. a little bite of chicken foot. and sip it down with some juice,. it will go down. and use the nail to floss in. between your teeth. ( audience reacts ). >> james: i will go -- come. on!. i'll do -- i'll do best to. worst. best to worst because i haven't. worked it out. number one, peter rabbit, still. in theaters right now. ( cheers and applause ). number three movie in the. world --. ( laughter ). number two, trolls, three. emoji movie. there. ( applause ). okay . > all right. gordon, i am going to give. you -- i'm going to give you. some bull's penis, but marinated. in a little splash of hot sauce,. okay . so, hey, you started the. marinating, buddy. there you go. there's your bull's penis. marinated in hot sauce. gordon, a lot of celebrities. visit your restaurants. which celebrity would you not. want back . that's a great question!. ( cheers and applause ). who is not welcome back . who's not welcome back at ramsay. towers . >> you (bleep). ( laughter ). the first person who's not. welcomed back is james corden. ( laughter ). ( applause ). he's american. (bleep) it. i can't. >> james: really . don't do that much, not with hot. sauce on it, gordon!. you won't be able to see!. ( cheers and applause ). ( laughter ). >> james: there's milk there,. which i think is quite good for. hot sauce. there's milk there. >> where's the sauce from . >> james: i think it's the. hottest one we could find. ( laughter ). ( applause ). ooh!. (bleep). okay. are you all right . >> no. my nose is running. and i think my ass is bleeding. ( laughter ). it is bleeding. (bleep). >> james: all right. gordon, you choose something for. me. >> so grasshoppers, as you know,. are approaching. >> james: yes. so i would like to take some. grasshoppers, marinate them --. >> james: come on, this. marinating is getting out of. control!. >> marinate it in clam juice. >> james: it does look like. (bleep). okay, go for it. give me a question. >> james, possibly the most. important question so far. especially careerwise, what. country is better, england or. the u. s. o u. s u. s. a. ( applause ). >> james: you have to eat. that!. >> would you like more juice . >> james: no!. take a spoon, mix them. around. they'll get less chris peand. swallow quickly. god, smells like --. >> james: it's clam juice. canned or fresh . >> james: what do you think. i'm doing . outsourcing this myself . >> i only want the best for you. get a spoon. >> james: no, wait. i love, love, love being here in. america. >> yes. >> james: i consider it a. privilege every day. there are people i miss greatly. and i love back in -- i can't -. >> there you go. head back. ( cheering ). eat!. eat!. eat, eat, eat!. eat, eat, eat!. ( audience chanting ). ( applause ). ( laughter ). >> james: that would have been. all right without the clam. juice. i don't know what just happened. inside my mouth. i mean, if you got a proper shot. of this . look at this. look in there. look at that. >> eat, eat, eat, eat!. >> james: right. okay. gordon, i will take great. pleasure right now for your last. question in presenting you,. since you've brought in this. whole marinating vibe, i'm going. to serve to you a chicken's foot. inside some salmon ice cream. topped off --. ( cheering ). you started it!. there it is!. you started it!. >> that's unfair because i'm a. chef and you're a host. this is my livelihood and my. pallet is for millions. >> james: you just ate bull's. penis in hot sauce so you might. want to call your lawyer. ( laughter ). okay. gordon!. you eat a lot of bad food. when's the last time you (bleep). your pants . ( laughter ). ( applause ). you are a successful star chef,. one of the greatest exports. britain's ever had. you are married, you have four. beautiful children. when was the last time you. called your parents . eat, eat. ( audience chanting ). >> james: guys, guys --. ( cheering ). he's going for it!. he's going for it!. ( applause ). ( cheering ). ladies and gentlemen, gordon. ramsay!. .
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