Stealing Peoples Gas Prank!!

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Today i'm going to pretend to steal people's gas out of their car really it's just water oh my god the students huge did i mention that rock is you doing man it's a little it's a joke good it's a picture but it's a ninja oh my god i did its job frank my older brother but it's not enjoy it no dude its water her before look look look look all right easy easy let me just get my stuff get that i get that well look i put water in it look it's fake fake fake there are right here i i don't see me talking about man i just need some guys get some gas for my family just get some guys from around your neck it's going i got my gosh look it's a joke goes it's a joke its water look there's water in the there's in water in the bucket to do never be self-funded it's not fun i'm done i'm done i'm done yeah
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