Stranger Things’ Noah Schnapp Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Stranger Things' Noah Schnapp goes Sneaker Shopping at Stadium Goods in New York City with Complex's Joe La Puma and talks about wearing sneakers on the first day of school, borrowing his friend's Yeezys, and who has the best sneakers on the show.
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[music]. what everybody it's joe from complex . we're in new york city at stadium goods . with stranger things know her snap i . find it when when two brands collaborate . it's it makes it like ten times cooler . thank you for having me good to do some . sneaker shopping today get to see what . he's feeling what he's not and then . hopefully he's gonna buy some sneakers . yeah can't wait let's go . [music]. no a stranger things is based in the 80s . and you know your style super up-to-date . gucci sneakers thank you is it tough to . have style from a past era or do you. enjoy it i mean it's cool i get to like . experience what it's like being my dad . as a kid and i mean i got to wear so . many cool different things but there's . cool shoes in the 80s that are cool now . absolutely like you said these were from . the eighties yeah a lot of yeah the . jordan ones right and those are still . cool exactly so a lot of people don't . know that you actually still go to . school you know you're doing the show . and even when i was coming up the first . day of school having good sneakers was a . big is that still for you of course i . mean these were i remember in first . grade i i went i rolled up to school . with these shoes and i thought i was . like everyone was complimenting my shoes . on how cool i looked those are like what . brought me into the fold . jordan world of shoes it's the best . feeling right yeah i remember sixth. grade in 1997 i had the air max 97 so . long before your time but it's the same . feeling and it goes on right so you had . the jordan threes were you ever really . purchasing a lot of sneakers is it more . now i think two years ago i kind of . became sneaker head i don't know why and . i'm actually really excited to be here . cuz i get to like buy all these shoes . and and i'm gonna get to go to school . soon and where are these shoes and . everyone's gonna be complimenting your . photographed wearing the dubs zeros a . lot it's not this one but it's very . similar what do you like about these is . kind of like a left-of-centre jordan . yeah i mean i love shoes that are kind . of different like that no one else . really wears and that's actually kind of . why i find the easies not like just . because everyone has easy's right i find . it like less cool when when it's so. popular so that's why i'm kind of like . interested in them because not as many . people have them we've talked about how . stranger things is set in the 80s do . they let you wear your own sneakers . could you ever wear jordans on an. episode or it's a strict dress code i . think the only thing my character wears . is like converse if i could wear jordans . that'd be pretty cool . [music]. when season 2 was announced lebron . instagram the poster and was super . excited that it was coming back are you . a big fan of his is he one of your . favorite basketball players yeah of . course i mean i remember like my friends . just all texted me like at once . right when he posted it no one did you . see what he posted like go check it out . and i remember going on his instagram . page in it and i saw it and it's like . whitey's he's a family it's insane you . know these are all his sneakers what are . some of your favorites of his for us . oh these okay so these are his first . yeah the zoom generation one yeah these . are cool you talked about your friends . the the cast of stranger things who do. you think has the best sneakers in the . crew probably caleb okay it's kind of . like a little competition between me and . him when i mean it's it's we're friends. but of course like when when there's an . event it's always like who has who has . cooler sneakers and i'm love his shoes . he always has like the freshest shoes i. like more casual like i'll wear sneakers . to a red carpet with with a suit and . then he wears more fancy shoes so we . have different types of styles . no i want to talk about these special . collab reebok did for stranger things do . you remember getting them yeah i have . these in my closet i remember like i . remember first seeing them when when the. directors showed us like for the first. time they were like what do you think of . these shoes we're gonna we're doing a. collaboration they they kind of let us . come up with ideas for the shoe and . stuff and i'm i'm kind of scared to wear . it because they're so like white and i . don't want to get them dirty did they . give you an extra pair they should have . at least gave you like five pairs no . high of one wow they got a hook you up . with more but what was it like to get a . collaboration like that and you know . something that's based around the show i . find it when when two brands collaborate. it's it makes it like ten times cooler . there so the fact that like i get to . kind of be a part of that is there any . brands that you would love to work with . yeah i mean i'm an adidas kind of guy . and i love there's this brand called kit . i've loved the fides it's like a . collaboration maybe we can make some . phone calls i know that guy . how you doing yeah oh cool . noah we are in the special trophy case . okay a lot of these seekers go for a . crazy amount of money these derek . jeter's especially jordan 11 $40, . have you ever held a $40,000 spencer i . don't want to touch it that's crazy . there's so many things you can do with . with $40,000 what would you do with . $40,000 i'd go on a really nice trip i . don't think i would buy a shoe for . 45,000 see that's what your answer . everyone out there because there are . people who will buy this what makes this . so expensive very rare probably maybe . less than 30 in existence it's insane . but isn't it crazy that some people are . willing to buy $40,000 sneakers that's . crazy. yeah and there's even a mm1 back there . that we talked about $75,000 think about . how much money that is for like a shoe . did you own any easy as you said that. when they first came out you were really . into them and then you know a lot of . people had them but did you ever own a . pair i'm renting one for a day for my . friend because i want to like impress. this girl. well you're borrowing yeah basically he . has his the buton easy's okay and he's . reselling them but i'm renting them for. a day because i'm gonna be with this. girl i like and i want to impress her . listen you are ahead of your time my man . wait where are you gonna take her i . don't know still forgot it's two weeks . from now so i okay . i hope he's giving you a good deal yeah . yes know what you mentioned over there . that you like the easies when they first . came out but now it seems like they're . going a little overboard dropping too . many colorways i wouldn't buy them just . cuz like so many people have them and it . it's different from like having like the . thing over there that's so rare it's . people you have that no one else has . that and it's the same thing with like . everything not just shoes so alright so . now we talked about a lot of things the . easy part you get to browse the shelves . see what you want to buy yeah let's do . it. [music]. okay so after looking for a while i . think i want the off-white jordan please . good choice . so your total is two thousand nine . hundred ninety-four dollars and six . cents kill me so your seats in your bag . have a good day thank you . [music]. so noah thanks so much for coming. through thank you so much as you guys . could see left with a very special pair . of sneakers make sure everyone checks . strangers things streaming on netflix . right now and uh good luck on the date . thank you . [music]. what's up everybody it's joe from . complex be sure to check out our brand. new series talking shop to see exclusive . bonus content from the shannan . sharpshooter if you're a fan of sneaker . shopping you'll be a fan of talking shop . click here and subscribe now . [music]. .
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