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Oh what's up thank you my sister girl . clean be back in a code once again with . another video we got perfect laughs over . there working on what you doing ed in . the video jay huh oh my gosh right hold . my life you end the video doing fun she . bought the house on fire we got trey . overhearing us and my vote in the video . so basically look jeff yesterday jeff . helped chris you know with my surprise . as y'all know i go ahead and watch the . video go watch it but not even surprise . me with my like my dream car and i know. like a jeep like you know just an . american car but that's my dream car . believe it or not and he surprised me. when he did such a good job little did . chris know while he was doing that i was . already in motion trying to give him a . special gift that he always talked about . getting now this gives happen to be a . motorcycle and i never wanted chris to . have a motorcycle because i was honestly . scared because he hasn't seen a problem . like he already pleaded hurt here . yeah he do he already speeding his . camaro and i keep telling them like . chris you know you don't need a. motorcycle on stairs i'm gonna happen . but he like they i promise you know i . know the risk with that so i'm gonna . make sure i do the speed limit that i so . i actually did some research and one of . actually one of my friends out here um i . got their name because i want expose my . friend but one of her boyfriends were . actually selling a motorcycle so i. actually had him drop it off today . because kristin online movie blitz had . been out all morning i don't know what . they've been doing did it go hoop or . something probably i don't know them i . not had always never i was doing some oh . i don't know what that was doing . whatever glide just or something like . that but are you them all know yeah . probably went to the mall yeah for the . dumb guy who's been closed . with them all so david how our morning's . about if it's like in the evening . tonight right now. and um i had to do actually come drop . off i say to do because i'm not going to . say his name . i had him drop it off and put it in the. garage y'all and this bike is just like . a beginner bike right now because i want . to get him nothing to like too big yeah . i like too big or too like you know too . much because i just wanted to learn how . to really like get good at it as i know . come on now it's like he actually did . write it back before um a while back but . like not on the streets or nothing like . that but he know like the little basics . for getting on it and making it move and . stuff like that so actually i'm going to . show y'all and what i'm going to do is . basically um when i get back and i'm act . like chris's x i'm act like i'm vlogging . and this is the brake right here y'all . black and yellow i had access me i had . actually um seen it at my friend's house . and he said he was selling it sounds . like and he was on there for a real good . price to throw like maybe a surprise . kiss and i just now had it today so i . think it's pretty nice word first you . know timers but and he got a little. helmet to go with it and some gloves . came with it too so basically i'm just . waiting on them to get back um come on . knowledge i know they're probably come . back real soon then i come back soon . because i call christmas books and not . too long ago so i'm gonna act like i'm . like vlogging when you come in and then . i be kind of fussing at like go to the. korat go to the garage you get that . trash out and just an agora and no trash . in there but i'm gonna tell home and . some stuff in there you need to get you . got going here and see it so let's get . his reaction and jazz also had held me . on this helped me how to like you know . with the idea of how to like you know . oh yeah hey hey yeah . what two one two three one two yeah . i love them y'all come on understand a . lot of energy that we all have together . i love y'all i know but um yes please . not springshot that face i just made cuz . every three inside of my face . after we're in your neighborhood all . below zero right you see it so yeah . basically i'm just quitting are you . gonna river life yeah i'm using a . refrigerator like a led light like . little do y'all notice the led light . y'all see my nose piercing i just got my . nose feels like two nights ago or was . that like oh yes two nights ago y'all in . a video is going to be uploaded on my . channel queen not just so the link will . be in description make sure i go watch . that because i was really scared and i . think i had loads here come out when he . when he when he pissed my note . so i'm upload that video later so make . sure y'all go subscribe to my channel as . well so yeah i'm just applying my baby . or whatever um i ate jazz i made cookies . and i ate like dumbo john's look good . steak nice is all he meant because you . buy ate like most of them i can't help . it i'm up the earth we like this tea . girl hold on one second let me set this . down so you guys can on so i can make my . feet i know i'm always making something . but you're like oh let me go y'all . actually this was difficult about to me . i just want to talk in on something . alright so there are these two tea well . yeah these two peas that i got since . there's teenie geenie . and then there is tammy : tim you skinny . you drink see me skinny like every. single day actually for about 4 weeks . you just want that if you want to do the . 30 day like um the 30 day talks to clean . this what i'm trying to do now because i . don't have got my wife oh but obviously . um i just want to maintain like i wanna . like i sometimes i do go out not eat . fast food . and i noticed have to look for your . sizes we want to clean the toxins. but yeah use your average i want to make. this one right now . you smell to drink this every day and . see me : basically it cleanses your . colon. your booty hole is up as a wholeness oh . yeah i think your booty hole . no not back to you i know not how booty . hole y'all put y'all rectum but the . colon got some to do with what comes out . somebody right but yeah yo like your . waist. you know you do so um you are supposed . they tell you to drink every other day . but since i go number two like regularly . i don't feel the need to so i was . drinking like every four days instead of . every other day but that'sthat's what it . does it makes you go google a lot . because i don't want to be out like just . get my nails done it's on my denyen all . of a sudden i got to get up because i . feel like i started in my panties tell . me so on but yeah i want to make this . right now and it also gave me a um they . gave me a cup to go with it in a tumbler. and the way i make minds is this cup . comes out right here hold on oh wait . yeah it's just like screwed on it take . this comes out so what i would do is . well let me grab a little bow yeah this . is a tablespoon and they actually get . like half a tablespoon a believe and so . i'm going here in just half a tablespoon . of it i'm just showing you how i make it . but while i'm making i'ma tell you what . it does for you one the number one thing . that it does give you a boost to energy . so if you you know if i need interviews . mostly since you know we'd be doing . videos all the time like because i don't . always have energy everyone to sleep in . so i just put a half a teaspoon in here . and i'm about to go put some water in . the indian microwave so you see the . little leaves floating around in there . those are eventually going to expand and . get bigger but i'll have to put this in . a microwave for about like two minutes . but yeah whatever warm enough i'm just . telling you what it does just one like i . say it gives you energy whatever so . another thing that it does um. you don't have that life alright and . like my stomach i want to keep that . slack illusion is that the word illusion . not using this because of the in the . word illusion is a word every self in . illumination but illusion . let loose now i want to keep it so like . if i feel like i'm getting bloated or . something like that and i'm not - . actually i have a certain month i . haven't started my period back yeah . because as you all know i just went . through a miscarriage i was pregnant i . mean i could have still been drinking it . while outside because it give you energy . during pregnancy - and until it's . healthy during pregnancy but since i . just had a miscarriage just like i . haven't had my period yet but when i do . start to get my period . again like sometimes we get bloated . during your period so you can drink a . lot you on your period it still keep . your stomach flat reduce the bloating is . another thing that it does is on ketose . game glowy and then also people with . like acne and stuff like that it helped. with that as well oh yeah that's what i . got that's how it looks right now and . i'm gonna put it back in the tini blends . color they sent me and screw it on there . and then this little thing right here . and basically when you just like put it . inside on the top so that when you drink . the tea you don't aquas drink to leave . because nobody want to drink no leaves . now that yeah at the top and so what's . gonna happen is it's gonna like start to . turn into a tea is color like green and . the leaves are going to get bigger they . don't look like collard green in there . some people like to put honey and sugar . and stuff nhc to make it taste bitter . but me personally i won't do that . because i feel like it defeats the whole . purpose because it's not trying to . cleanse out toxins on my body . why put more toxins in while i'm trying. to cleanse it you know i'm saying a lot . just be going on 30-day cleanse and they . feel like they be losing weight - so you . know so now i got like a more of a like . a greenish loop oh cut it just says like .
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