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Welcome to the world, little ones! In this big world you will now conquer, you will be connected and not alone. Change starts now. Are you with us? Visit T-Mobile for more: https://www.t-mobile.com.
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This is T-Mobile’s β€œLittle Ones” 2018 Big Game commercial.
Music: All Apologies” (K. Cobain) as performed by Rockabye Baby!
Welcome to the world, little ones. yeah, it is a lot to take in. but you come with open minds and the instinct. that we are equal. some people may see your differences and be. threatened by them. but you are unstoppable. you will love who you want. you will demand fair and equal pay. you will not allow where you come from to. dictate where you're going. you will be heard, not dismissed. you will be connected, not alone. change starts now. .
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