The Fall Of Jake Paul Feat. Why Don’t We (Official Video) #TheSecondVerse

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I’m a 22 year old kid living in Hollywood. I make comedy vids, travel a lot, and I have a pretty colorful parrot named Maverick. This is my life.
Hey jake i made one phone call i got the . same house as you same cars - it's. really not that hard oh hey by the way . welcome to the top little brother feels . good huh but let's not forget how you . got here your little brother jakey try. to roast me what little brother standing. on his own two feet not alone i'm a dog . you're a puppy call your tongue . let's talk about your garbage that you . call it right it should be every other . day just some strong advice i made you . famous one . if the buster happens right yeah you . wanted me but who helped you read all . your lines me . don't forget or you were my shadow on . fine now you've got a few subscribers . and you think that you're the shit i'll . admit you got money you got bars you got . shit but you're a dick you ain't . thankful for your fans it's kind of. funny do your investors know team 10 . ain't making any money see it starts . with as a talent but it's hard when . you've got none i think you kind of felt . because i'm the favorite son i'm a . maverick you're a sidekick yeah brought . you to la if there's one thing you . should know you don't fuck with the . little guy oh the bomber throw is . looking at your face you know know what . it means to glow if i'm to dance and . acting classes do we're nothing now you . try to back come on oh to catch the full . you can't know the victim says guys i . mean the tiger groans but you still . can't sell out any shows they still . can't find some matching clothes harder . you just killing the vibe you heck . you're doing it right now trying to play . ball with the dunk you don't know what . you're done you just you're you're like . yeah you killing the vibe you went to . into ryder trying to type always the . duck you don't know what you don't you . just ruin your life well . each other after all we came from the . same model biologically you know that . makes us brothers it's almost negativity . it really makes me want to feel like you . just need a maverick circuit ribbon you . install me jakey there really hurt . sometimes i wish my real brother was . dirty but now i gotta go we'll put you . in the dirt . doyle wait what hold up hold up about . the music stops there is a second verse . but i'm not going to release it jake . owned up to his mistakes this morning . and he apologized to me us the low gang . and why don't we so sorry logan and . sorry logan again and i also on . apologize to the why don't we boys . i took jake's lyrics very personally . like they upset me they really did and i . don't out like alan gets upset often but . as someone who is a the bigger brother . and someone who wants to be a role model . i'm going to step down before the damage . is irreversible i love my brother jake i . love you bro i am so happy for your . successes but it is taking every fiber . in my body to not release the second . verse but it is the right thing to do i . do everything that i do for the fans and . it means so much to me when i see you . guys wearing my merch when you greet me . in the streets and the fact that you . guys give me the most precious commodity . that humans have which is your time it . means the world to me guys and with . great influence comes great . responsibility and i want to be a role . model for the world solo gang ah we're . gonna deep bro this is weird so thank . you guys for giving me your time day in . and day out . i am honored to have you in my life and . logan paul for president . let's go hahaha okay there is one thing . that i want to address he has way more . followers than me when you add . everything up together and so i thought . people would think it was a joke like by . me saying like i have more subscribers . than him like that's really the only . platform i think i have more followers . than him on nope i got two channels boy . 7. 3 million words legend decision . i'm topping the second one just getting . some sorry boys i'm okay . [music]. .
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