This Dairy Cow Just Wouldn’t Stop Crying So Her Owner Visited Her Old Farm To Uncover The Truth

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In the United States, milk is big business. In 2016 around 96 million metric tons of the calcium-rich liquid were produced in the country. And a recent survey discovered that more than half of the American public choose dairy products when it comes to getting their protein.
In order to keep up with demand, milk production is therefore on the rise. Indeed, as of February 2017, there were more than 40,000 licensed dairy farms in the U.S. And for the seventh year in a row, these businesses produced more milk than they had done the previous year.
Of these dairy farms, 99 percent are owned and managed by families. This means that multiple generations are able to grow up watching, and learning about, where their food comes from. But while that’s fine for many humans, for some of the cattle it’s a different story.

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Caption: [music]. this dairy cow just wouldn't stop crying . so her owner visited her old farm to . uncover the truth in the u. s. milk is . big business in fact in 2016 . around 96 million metric tons of the . calcium rich stuff was produced in the . country what's more a recent survey . discovered that more than half of the . american public. choose dairy products when it comes to . getting their protein in order to keep . up with the demand then milk production . is on the rise in fact as of february . 2017 there were more than 40,000 . licensed dairy farms in the us . furthermore for the seventh year in a . row these businesses produced more milk. than they had the previous year of these . dairy farms 99 percent are owned and . managed by families this means that . multiple generations are able to grow up . watching and learning about where their . food comes from and while that's fine . for humans. for some of the cattle it's a different. story you see cows need to give birth in . order to produce milk however in the . dairy industry the usual procedure is . for a mother to be split from her calf . shortly after giving birth in fact the . two are normally forced apart just 12 . hours after the calf is born . what's more after the calf's have been . taken from their mothers they are often . sent for slaughter at just 2 months old . this is especially true of male calves . as they are considered to be of little . value when compared to females so aged . just eight weeks the males become veal . and then the cycle begins again . unfortunately that's exactly what . happens to all the cars produced by one . particular cow . maybelle had spent the majority of her. life living on a dairy farm producing . milk for an american family however the . time had come for her to retire which . normally would have meant her being . trucked off to the slaughterhouse but . the gentle barn step . the gentle barn prides itself in . offering refuge to animals that have . suffered terrible abuse and have nowhere. else to go . it's furry residents are then used to . help inspire children who have suffered . a similar fate or to offer any animal . lovers the chance of a cuddle with a cow . the sanctuary was founded by le lacs in . 1999 growing up lacs had always had a . penchant for all things animal related . so together with her husband j wiener . she set out to provide a safe haven for . neglected or unwanted animals and a safe . haven is exactly what the couple . intended to offer maybelle lacs and . weiner had got wind of mabel's . predicament and set out to help they had . been told that the animal in question . was a dairy cow who was about to be . retired and the pair knew all too well . what that really meant however the owner . of the farm where maybelle lived was. hoping to find an alternative option for . her and in one way or another . along came the gentle barn soul acts and . weiner went out to the farm to collect . maybelle and at first everything. appeared to go nice and smoothly . the couple made their way back to the . sanctuary with maybelle in tow . then in a video posted on the rescue . centers web site lacs can be seen slowly . leading the nervous-looking cow into her . new barn stall after some encouragement . from lakhs . maybelle can subsequently be seen . enjoying some food whilst settling in to . her new surroundings but the relative . calm would be short-lived . you see shortly after arriving at the . gentle barn. maybelle began crying incessantly she . kept crying and pacing and calling out . recalled lacs who knew something wasn't . right indeed she and weena was certain . that the only time cows cried like this . was when they were looking for their . offspring and so wiener headed back to . maybelle's old farm in search of some . answers and lo and behold he discovered . that she did indeed have a baby . moreover mabel's former owners had . initially planned to keep the nine-month . old male calf but when they heard that . his mother . been pining for her child they readily . agreed to give the calf up as it turned . out. although maybelle and her calf had been . kept in different pastures they have . still been within earshot of one another . however when maybelle was moved to the. gentle barn and could no longer hear her. baby her mothering instincts kicked in . and she began pining for him happily . mother and son was soon reunited and . when wiener arrived back at the gentle. barn with the calf maybelle clearly . couldn't contain her excitement as soon . as weiners vehicle pulled up maybelle. began calling out to her son who. obligingly mood back and the two. continued to communicate back and forth . as wiener . unloaded the animal from his trailer . then as the gates of the field was. opened the young calf ran towards its. mother. maybelle seemed delighted to be reunited . with her offspring and she wasn't the . only one who was pleased . in fact when lacs heard the good news . she was overcome with emotion and began . to cry but the emotional reunion wasn't . the end of the story. you see when lacs and weiner first. rescued maybelle they discovered that. she had been kept in a field with a male . cow so there was a chance that she may . be pregnant furthermore lack seemed . overjoyed at the thought of this mama . cow being able to keep her final calf . and so the animal lovers called in an . expert to confirm whether their new . addition really was expecting after . examining maybelle though the . veterinarian wasn't so sure lacs and . weiner would have to wait until the . following day for the blood test results . to come back and after what we're sure . must have been a long and anxious night . max put in a call to see if the results . were in and in a video posted on the . sanctuaries website the gentle barns . founder is seen looking totally stunned . as she reveals that the cow really is . going to have a baby and so on september . 16 2016 eclipse was born and just 45 . minutes after the birth the young calf . was trying to stand what's more not only . did maybelle get to keep her very last . baby but her child was born during a . rare. harvest moon lunar eclipse making this . event an even more special one please . share this video with your friends below . [music]. [music]. .

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