Thomas & Friends Pop-up Surprise Pals VS. Sesame Street vs. Disney Baby Minnie Mouse pop-up

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This is Thomas & Friends Pop-up Surprise Pals presented by Blu Toys surprise Brinquedos & Juegos. Peek-a-boo…When toddlers and babies press, spin, switch and pull the chunky, brightly colored buttons and handles they'll get special musical surprises from
Thomas, Percy, Toby, James and Harold the helicopter.
I'm also showing the Sesame Street Singing Pop-up Pals with Cookie Monster, Ernie, Oscar and Elmo from Fisher-Price. Press the buttons and watch as they pop-up and sing nursery rhymes. Ernie sings Rubber Ducky, Cookie Monster sings "C is for cookie" that's good enough for me, Elmo sings Elmo's theme song, and Oscar the Grouch sings "I Love Trash" Great toy for toddlers, this sing-a-long interactive Sesame Street toy is educational even for preschool children. Cookie Monster favorite food is "chocolate chip cookie" & starts with the letter C.
From DisneyBaby Minnie's Bowtique, this is Minnie Mouse pop-up surprise and comes with Fifi, Daisy, Minnie and Figaro. Toggle, turn, slide or push to be rewarded with a pop-up character. Delight baby w/ adorable surprises while enhancing their fine motor skills.
Pocoyo cartoon this is Pocoyó piano con micrófono y melodías.
Cookie-Monster is also called: Koekiemonster, クッキーモンスター, ComeCome, Kakemonsteret, Kakmonstret, Sesamstraße, Улица Сезам, Бисквитено чудовище, Macaron le glouton, El Monstruo de las Galletas, Das Krümelmonster, Mostro dei biscotti, Monstro das Bolachas, Barrio Sésamo, Sesamo apriti, Коржик.
Minnie Bowtique is also called: "Minnie Loja de Laços" "La Boutique de Minnie" "Los cuentos de Minnie" "Minnie Toons" "La Fiocco Boutique di Minni" "Butik Minnie" "бутик Минни" "Минни-Маус Бутик".
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Pocoyo is a Spanish animated cartoon created for infants and toddlers. In Europe it airs on Disney Junior. He's a 3-year-old boy, interacting with his friends Pato a duck, Elly the elephant, Loula the puppy and Sleepy Bird. Many episodes also involve parties. Here's how he's called in other languages: ぽこよ, Покојо, Napero, ポコヨ, Pocoyó, 我是优优 , Wǒ shì yōu yōu.

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