Top 10 Best Super Bowl 52 Commercials (2018 Funniest Ads Superbowl LII)

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Top 10 Best Super Bowl 52 Commercials (2018 Funniest Ads Superbowl LII)
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[music]. [applause]. are we waiting no see so small from back. here i can't really tell . by tonight. the button night we're saved . [music]. time to do what must be done i did it . hey bud night aren't you gonna fight . with us . oh a buddy of mine is having this three . birthday thing if you survive come by . probably won't happen yeah that's true . you know what watch this. wow somebody likes attention here's to . the friends you can always count on . [music]. yeah just a typical super bowl car ad . right or a hilarious beer at war. whatever ad this is but it's a tie dad . what it's a tie dad will make certified. in there are no stains look at those. clean clothes when else would this be an . ad for diamonds a gift that lasts for a . new thing it's time for cobra that fall . into the sleep of no no die dad that's . true o tide pods meet the all-new it's a . tie dad tied so does this make every . super bowl ad a tie that i think it does . watch and see . hello again mates is your man the kind . of man who would climb the height i'm . gonna tie dead nice pants get off my . horse tied up that's not a knife that's . a knife that's me . brian dundee really yeah really . how do you keep saying really draw their. might nothing to see here man just get . the green shane with my my shit bag . see you next week barry yeah when your . dad did it he was he was much and well . my dad told me about this he was just . like yeah i just came up and you did . this okay i just don't think you can see . you from back here . not a lot of crocs out here huh it's. just 37,000 miles of pristine beautiful . beach mate . did you know that australia makes some . of the finest wines in the entire world . no i'd heard i didn't know that . very much. wait hold up this isn't a movie no it's . tourism ad for australia yes but listen . to you the best crocodile dundee since . crocodile dundee really yes really and . we had the best trip ever didn't we. it was pretty sweet . [music]. doritos blaze a bowl new flavor there. [music]. two eyes a clear refreshing lemon lime . do. [music]. should i be making motorcycles yes you . like motorcycles should i start a . motorcycle company should i make a. squarespace website for yes they're very . good websites but why lying the desert . talking to myself . don't ask me okay . you . [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. how do you like it now my friend . [music]. would you like to take it for a test . drive. i just did . [music]. well we did it we seal the bad out and . the good in take a second and look. around you go ahead we have everything . we've always wanted will want for . nothing because me i really love it here . thank you . we have all these beautiful avocados . from mexico but where are the chips i'm . sorry oh the chips the chips roadside . [applause]. i want a croissant autograph . [applause]. we can still make this work . oh wi-fi is down mexico in austin it's . 60 degrees was it you lexan amazon's. alexa lost her voice this morning. causing likely lost her voice . how is that even possible we have the . replacements ready you just say the word . and you're sure this is gonna work yeah . show me a recipe for a grilled cheese . sandwich. pathetic you're 32 years of age you . don't know how to make a grilled cheese . sandwich it's name is the recipe you . like how far is mars . how far is mars well how am i supposed . to know i'd have a video this guy want . to go to mars . there's not even a lot to do there let's . go set the mood now setting the mood . you're in the bush and you're just so . dirty and it's so sweaty . cuz it's hot in that bush like three . bush reap reboot likes to play some . country music no no country music i like . to call brandon i'm afraid brandon is a . little tied up . but do let me know if there's anything i . can help you with jessica thanks guys . but i'll take it from here those are the . super bowl commercials that i have for . you guys this year they were the best . ones and my personal favorites that i . saw i'll watch and so figured i put . together a little compilation for you . guys and i want you guys to let me know . what you think about these commercials . that i put in the video as well as the . commercials for this super bowl in . general did you think they were some of . the best commercials you've ever seen . some of the worst down the middle let me . know what you thought and also tell me . down in the comment section below which . one of these commercials on this list . was your personal favorite maybe it was . one that wasn't on this list just tell . me which one was your favorite also if . you guys want to see some more funny . super bowl commercials i've done a. compilation like this for the past two . years so if you want to see the super . bowl 50 and 51 best and funniest super . bowl commercials i'll leave links to . both of my videos on those down in the . description as well as annotations on . the outro screen that's on right now so . definitely go check those out if you . want to see some more funny ones but . before you go i really appreciate it if . you guys do subscribe to the channel . check out my other videos and of course . leave a like on this video if we can . break 10000 likes out be insanely . awesome i got to do the best for . youtubers stuff i can't i can't leave . that out i can't help myself but i hope . you guys enjoyed and i will see you . later . [music]. .
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