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The Best Pranks of 2012. Original video links below.
1. Miami Zombie Attack Prank
2. Fight Me Prank
3. Roommate Robbery prank
4. Drive Thru Static Shock Fainting Prank
5. Epic Shake Weight Prank!
6. Campus Farting Prank
8. Shocked By Jumper Cables Prank!
9. Baby Switch-a-roo Prank
10. BadAds iMac for Sale Prank
Outro voice-over was done by
Yeah ok ok and yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah and they're there yeah yeah yeah yeah hello this is tom husband did she just say they might be married don't be mad at me be mad at her what is your wife no i didn't know she was you you want some of this made me a musical where you at right now meet me at music around yeah right down the street dude you can't miss me i got a red hat on you want some of this coming and i got a shirt this is college on it i'm african-american man look i'm at the music store where you at now i'm wait for you can't miss me i got a striped shirt on i'm looking some drumsticks hi what we just got no no no how about the way i got a i got a hat on and off like dick van dyke's ugly brother i'm maybe gay i'm not sure all right i snuck into my girlfriend's apartment waiting for her and her sister to come back home from work about 5 now so once you get back here and we were in this mask and i'm gonna be carrying their tv and the laptop in my hand acting like i'm robbing the place it's only way i think it's oh i think it's okay yeah yeah d that's i think you owe yeah all right yeah i'm good oh what happened i don't know you just have to sign in you move me to call somebody for you oh oh oh what's going on no i have to go home ok i will not know loan no i have to go please no no he can't take me alive / it's a little harder don't know how much longer i don't know how much longer i can hold on your hand crowd tpd top of religion good normal person or an elevator look at a space want you to the united nations you know not hit no listen to this did you hear that now i'm not even jackie like all day it's all good yeah right all right all right listen yeah not even joking hey guys hi how you doing well all right yeah guys are good at it yeah oh haha i'm a real boy i'm a real boy let's start the car i can go now yeah one good yeah real hey hey hey you okay hey oh my god huh ok huh you okay huh i think you've got electrocuted you're killing me yeah oh ok yeah let's go i just do that tell me you did not just do that i what happened you touch the fucking things together a little shocked you do and you are lucky to be alive thanks are you still doing the hitting camera shit alright thanks it's not i want waiting for the cue for my body to put his baby in the bed once he does going to sneak into that window and then i'm going to press the play button for up for the crying noise ok once that style which you see what happens ok yeah yeah yeah yeah all right come on back here this is where i do all my business okay real quick i know the ad said a thousand uh huh it was in perfect condition and i had spilled a little bit of honey on when i was i was making like some rice krispie treats and for honey and its really delicious so the thing where opens and closes it sticks how was your halloween is good we're just carve a pumpkin we haven't done ok pumpkin is ok durable computer that's what you get here it's it's in really good condition for the most part we kept it inside did you want some coffee no i'm good i i mean i could just run on right in the kitchen i can get you to be honest i've spilled coffee on a lot and it still works so i you know i'm not really worried about you yo man you just okay no no you don't touch it don't touch its hot wax i don't want you get burned on you know i've got no not a whole lot i got this we can scrape this off the wall wall with a world bank it off yeah you get that we got a checkup ok now the check cost is anna well yeah but we don't want to lose the home computer hates you i know it's still ok it's not that scratch there's like five marks on there . it marks its wider what oh my god just relax i mean like you are it's gonna be fine did i get it i don't looks like if you have two big debt in it yeah but that's worth it to death for your life as a deadly spider let's not ruin this anymore okay let me put it this chair is broken you i'm gonna shoot for work alright it work that's like all these chairs are fine except for the one i'm gonna hold it off and i'm going to lose it all now it's it's dirty and just hold up i'm going to hose it off if we just kind of hose it down a little bit i was the next now we're just going to get it now that's good as new okay see it all goes away with a little water what's the last class put a pumpkin on it doused with water and confident and away so like 550 all right how about 250 you pay for each other dealers to take turns no you give me to fix you get the computer and the pumpkin thats out the door that's an out the door fronts ready to go thank you i don't want to fire up the grill i'm going to cool it going to dry it off now yeah the grill your blow dryer drop it in the fireplace thank you you have a fireplace yeah all right well let's go to your place will fire that thing up and we'll just throw this right in there yeah now i thought you were going to catch that thank you to the nice blokes who sent in their pranks to us please go on and check them out by clicking the annotations or the links in the descriptions if you enjoyed the pranks why not stay with us a little bit longer by subscribing to file army we upload at least one compilation per week
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