Top 5 Craziest POKEMON GO Moments! (Shootings, Murder, Robbery)

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These are 5 Insane things that happened to people while playing Pokemon Go! Leave a like if you enjoyed :)
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I don't know if we're in the middle of. nowhere we're looking for we're looking. for rural pokemon we're looking for. homeless pokemon pokemon go is one of. the fastest-growing games. it's an augmented reality mobile game. which involves players going out into. the real world to catch digital pokemon. although pokemon go is only four days. old many insane things that happen to. people while playing this game like. getting robbed at gunpoint and. discovering dead bodies. these are the 5 craziest things that. happen to people while playing pokemon. go. number five broken bones. reddit user a mafia was playing pokemon. go for his first time when he got a. pretty bad injury not even 30 minutes. after the release of pokemon go he says. this happened to him. pokemon go put me in the er last night. not even 30 minutes after the release. last night i slipped and fell down the. ditch fracture the fifth metatarsal bone. in my foot six to eight weeks for. recovery. i told all the doctors i was walking my. dog watch where you're going folks. that's right this guy broke a bone in. his foot while playing pokemon go just. 30 minutes after it was released number. for armed robbery. so three goons decided to use pokemon go. to lure victims into a secluded area and. rob them at gunpoint the goons added a. beacon to a pokey stop which lured. players to their area. once the players arrived the three goons. would rob them at gunpoint for. everything they have in total the three. goons robbed a people before getting. arrested the two adult goons were. charged with first-degree robbery. number three shots fired youtuber. landscape who was with his friends. driving around at night and playing. pokemon go. i don't know we're in the middle of. nowhere we're looking for we're looking. for rural pokemon we're looking for. homeless pokemon the game led them to. someone's private property. they got out of the car to catch the. pokemon and then this happened but which. is what you got what. yeah i wow so the property owner came. out and started shooting at them. thankfully no one was injured number two. dead body. a 19 year old girl from wyoming name is. shayla wiggins was exploring a river. searching for water pokemon pokemon go. she was just walking along the river. bank and staring at her phone when she. looked up she saw a dead body floating. in the river just six feet away from her. she immediately called the police when. she saw the body. the fremont county sheriff's office. investigated the body and stated that. the man probably died from accidental. drowning number one. witnessing murder alex ramirez was live. streaming himself playing pokemon go. when he noticed a truck pulled over at. first he thought the man in the truck. was also playing pokemon go. however that wasn't the case the man got. out of the truck and this happen why is. there random truck here at the church is. this motherfucker be a pokemon - oh my. god. huh oh my god holy shit. all god this guy just killed us to all. fucking shit only shit. this guy just killed all my god oh my. god i just wanted to fucking murder. i guess witness a fucking murderer oh my. god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my. god oh my god oh my god oh my god. all i got my god oh my god oh my god oh. my god oh my god oh my god. all my fucking god oh my god oh my. fucking god oh my fucking god. holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit. holy shit all do this guy just fucking. kill this girl holy fucking shit holy. shit oh my god i'm running. fuck me what the fuck i thought it was. playing pokemon oh my fucking god are. you serious oh my god. always he fucking chasing me all my god. he's fucking chasing me do it all the. god fuck. oh my god number 191 1-30 calling on how do you dial . check hope for my god oh my god oh my. god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my. god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my. god. hello hello hello hello hello hello. hello hello hello. yes yes i just this guy fucking dump the. body at the church. i don't know what church i was playing. pokemon and i went over there because i. thought he was gonna know he was not. gonna catch a pokemon and he's following. you right now i'm on north street. i'm on our street north street i don't. know track me i'm on you to bring up. pokemon i don't know where i'm going. he's behind me he's behind me in a. charcoal black drop alex my name is alex. my name is alex. my name is alex alex ramirez my number i. can give you my number of people are. watching you right now i'm gonna go i'm. gonna go to the sonic i'm gonna go to. the sonic i'm gonna go to sonic x sonic. on calder masonic on calling the guys. following me. the guys following me following me he. could kill all gasp i'm sorry side. he killed ok listen i play pokemon. pikachu you gotta you know keep ok. listen it's a game at the game i went to. this church. i'm no i didn't kill nobody. it wasn't me no no listen i'm streaming. right now so i have proof. no i went to this church i went to the. church to get some pokeballs i bring out. of pokΓ©balls and i see a random truck. and i'm like well what the what is this. truck doing its cap. what is this guy playing pokemon - so i. was going to be like a cool another guy. is playing fucking like this. why would you be at a church at freakin. two in the morning right behind the. church because the thing is behind the. church and then i see a frickin body. drop on the passenger side and i'm like. holy shit this guy is dropping a body. turn around he's following me right now. in a black truck silverado fucking. chavez suit. sorry toby chevy silverado at chevy. silverado shall be similar. oh my god fuck me. i don't know where i'm going i'm scared. i'm just driving. i'm driving i'm just i'm good i'm going. to the store i will go to the store. jamaah store the chevron the chevron off. olive garden. olive garden olive garden shit shit shit. oh my god fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck. me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me. thank you guys for watching i hope you. enjoyed this video i made for you if you. did leave a like because it really. motivates me to make more videos also. check out my last video it's the nine. most subscribed youtube errs of all time. yeah. .
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