Try to Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning #76 (REACT)

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Laugh Challenge #76 - Try to Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning #76 (REACT)
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Caption: - brooklyn, you're gonna. make me laugh. stop it. ? (upbeat intro) ?. - (fbe) we have got a. laugh challenge for you. today, ladies. - a double laugh challenge . - i know, that's the one. thing that makes me nervous. about this. - there's a twist to this. - (fbe) in addition to the three. laugh challenges. we put out a month,. we've made this extra content. that will feature no videos. - aw, crap. - okay. - me and brandon did it. and it was so much fun, one. and i lost every single one. - (fbe) so, you'll go through. three unique challenges. and if you break at any point,. you'll be out that round. and then we'll just bring. you back in. for the next one and see. if you can make it through that. - oh, that's actually kinda cool. - okay. - i can only hope that i'm. not gonna laugh or smile,. but i'm not promising anything. - i'm not gonna make it. - i'm gonna have to agree with that. - i'm not gonna make it. - can't stop laughing. - are you sure you don't. want two other people . - i think i'm gonna win. - (fbe) okay. - i'm taking you up on that. - okay, let's do it. - (fbe) here's round one of. your first challenge. all you have to do. is eat this cookie. the thing is, it will. be placed on your forehead. and you'll try to move. the cookie successfully. into your mouth without. using your hands. and of course, without laughing. - shut the front door. good gravy. - i've never smiled while. eating a cookie. i just wanna let you know that. i always feel sad. after eating them. - cookies are sad things. - oh. - oh, no. - i feel like the rock. right now. do you smell what i'm cooking . - (laughing) i'm out. just looking at me with. a cookie on my forehead. - oh, it's in my eye. i got a crumb in my eye. come on, go down,. go down, go down. ah!. - okay, honestly, i think. it's working thinking. of the competitiveness. aha!. oh, i laughed. - i have really big eyebrows,. so it's already a hurdle. [bleep], i just laughed. you just laughed. this game's hard!. - how could i not . look at my face, tom. - oh my god,. that almost made it!. you made it . - we should do more. cookie challenges. - that's a difficult challenge,. i must say. if someone can do that,. kudos to you. - (fbe) here's round two. - cheese, my favorite. - yo bro, if i break out,. - we're both wearing makeup. we're gonna get makeup cheese. - it's in my eyeball. good gravy, i got cheese. in my eyes. - brooklyn, you're gonna. make me laugh. stop it. how are you doing . i'm sorry, brooklyn. no, okay. - okay, i'm going real slow. - i'm using the same strat. of going down the right. side of my face. - oh, that's what you did. okay. oh my god. - two for two. - it's stu--. it's stuck. - it's hella hard not to smile. - that cheese was hard, though. i almost had it. - (fbe) all right, here's. round three. - i have to get one. - oh, pepperoni. - oh my god!. - there we go. oh no. - (fbe) jeremiah's a pro. - dude, i don't know what. he's doing, but he's. doing something. - here we go. - come on. i laughed. - see, i know. then i laugh. - ah. - (fbe) three, two, one. - (muffled scream). - that counts. buzzer beater, buzzer beater. - that counts. did it count . did i smile . - oh no. - no!. - (fbe) all right guys,. so that was your first. complete challenge. - that was the first one . - oh, dude. i was like--. i thought it was all. three of them. - (fbe) now, for your. second challenge,. you'll try not to break. while being poked and prodded. in the face with an assortment. of objects. - oh, that's exciting. - i almost just cracked. a smile as it was coming in. - i can see it wiggling. out of the corner of my eye. - here it comes. - i can't. - if you touch my face--. he's touching my face. - oh josie, you're good. - yep, it's slapping my eyeball. oh yeah. - he's just gonna shove these. dry-ass noodles. in my face like this . - this is spaghetti. in front of my face. i like spaghetti. - it kinda looks like hair. - my hair. - it really tickles. that's the funny part. it's funny, but i can't laugh. wow, the spaghetti. is in my lap. - oh yeah, don't touch. the nose hairs,. don't touch the nose hairs. oh yeah. - (fbe) good job. - good job. - asketti. - it's rick. - i will do the commentary. - get it . - jeremiah's got a pickle. on his face. - pickle rick. - oh god, it's wet and cold. it smells, too. - it's kind of like. a cucumber facial. - no, stop. don't play with me like that. come on, now. damn it. - that's the worst part. - my dog is gonna love. this though, 'cause when. i get home, he's gonna be like,. "pickle!". - you're gonna ruin. all of my makeup. i have to hang out with. someone after this. - it's the best beauty . blender ever. oh my god. - this is such a dude thing. - in german, that's called. a gurken. - it's dill, it's dill. - they want you to break. the pickle with your ear. - i can handle a dill pickle. - kinda looks like me. when i have my mouth open. - i gotta focus up. focusing up. - (squeaking). - that chicken is making. a move. - the chicken's eyes. are too much for me. i'll just look at them. they know what's--. - why did you say the chicken . - (squeaking). - bite me. - i wanna bite that. chicken's head off. - (fbe) how was that challenge. for you . - my personal bubble. was violated. - bro. - (fbe) here's your last. challenge. - oh, what is this . - papers. - in front of you are a series. of phrases sent in. from our fans. you each have to read. a phrase to each other. and not laugh. so, here's the twist. you'll be wearing these. - oh my god. - what are these . are these for your mouth . - yeah. - i have a question for you. - okay. - can you feel the love tonight . - can you feel the love--. i don't wanna drool. - stop. - can you feel the love tonight . - can you feel the love tonight . - that's good. i like that. i can feel it. - if you want to be my lover,. you gotta get with my friends. - (singing together) ? it could. last forever ?. ? friendship never ends ?. - if you want to be my lover,. you gotta get with my friends. - i don't think so. - my mom made me. some mashed potatoes. - okay, okay. - my mom made me. some mashed potatoes. - i couldn't hear what you said. okay. - my mom made me. some mashed potatoes. - my mom made me. some mashed potatoes. - my mom made me. some mashed potatoes. - ash potatoes . - mashed potatoes. - sometimes, i just want. a big, fat hug. - i feel that one. - sometimes--. okay, this--. - (fbe) you're out, girl. - sometimes, i just want. a big, fat hug. - sometimes, i just want. a big, fat hug. - what . - how many chucks could. a woodchuck chuck. if a woodchuck could. chuck wood . - i'm out. - my favorite planet. is uranus. - you know that my favorite. planet is uranus. - get this off me. - i can't--. - that's brutal. - (fbe) and that is the end. of this challenge. - well, we did decent. - you did decent. i was trash at this. - this was too much fun. the creativity was real. - i like this challenge. i think this was. my favorite challenge. - we did terrible,. but i had a really. fun time filming. that's all that matters,. to be honest. - no, yeah. i had a good time. the only thing i didn't like. was he put spaghetti. on my face. i got you. - that's the viewer challenge. you guys gotta watch this. and not laugh and be. truthful about it. yes. - you should try it at home. - thanks for watching us. try not to smile or laugh. on the react channel. - don't miss out, subscribe. - goodbye guys, see you. next time. - hey guys, alyssa here,. a producer from the react channel. thanks so much for checking. out this episode. and if you head on over. to fbe 2, there are. podcasts coming out. on saturdays and you can hear. from our very own fine brother,. benny. do it!. .

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