Trying Weird Kitchen Gadgets You Never Knew About

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I tried a whole bunch of weird kitchen gadgets, and they were absolutely insane!
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What's up YouTube! Welcome to Guava Juice! I post a video every day at 12PM PST! You may know me as Roi Wassabi from Wassabi Productions.
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Caption: What's up youtube today i'm going to. show you some cool amazing awesome . kitchen gadgets you never knew about . let's do this i was gonna throw in the . wall but i might break it so let's start . off with this thing this is called the . big apple peeler you get lazy peeling . your apples well this machine and gadget . can do it for you let me show you how to . do it oh let's try this out so we have . an apple right here all you gotta do is . stick the apple into this thing here . heard fit now what you want to do is . just turn the knob and then this thing . should peel the apple really gracefully. let's see if it actually does it oh my . gosh it peel it a little bit i think i'm . doing it completely wrong though so let . me just try that one more time pardon . the technical difficulties okay let's . try it again we're gonna do the other . side this time so you want slowly and . carefully just twist and turn and then . apple will peel right for you uh-huh . got to put this completely right i'll . look at the manual real quick alright . guys let's try this one last time i . believe that we could do this whoa slow . leah said he'll start peeling nice great . from here what i did wrong was i have to . adjust this so it matches with the . center here and i'll just do its thing . look at that that is amazing wow oh my . gosh i have never seen a beautiful apple . like this ever this makes me want to eat . apples but you know an apple a day you . say hey look at that that's the core of . the apple oh gosh and then i dropped it . i'm so amazed oh my god oh do that again . i'm so sick all right here we go let's . do this again this thing is so tight oh . yeah look at that . and then you gotta align this to the . poor which is right here and now you . just gotta go oh boy look at that that . is just absolutely adorable and you pull . it out the core is it boy . it's right here slices of apples that's. freaking amazing mmm let's keep going to . have so many more kitchen gadgets to. show you guys since we're still on the . topic of apple's i have here an apple . slicer you guys might have seen this in . somewhere someplace but let's see if it . actually works oh let's put it here . we're gonna align the center that's . circle with the core of an apple so . let's use our failed apple from the . previous gadget and then all you gotta . do press down and you have a perfect . slice apparently oh my gosh ah this is . great like all these things just make . you want to smile hmm amazing okay that . thing definitely works on apples let's . see if that thing will work on a banana . here we go three two one it could have . been really good slices look at that so . it can work on a banana all right so we . can cut apples into slices well this . thing is the bigger version of that and . you can cut watermelon santa slices so . really simple here the only way this . thing will work is if you cut off the . top of the watermelon like this maybe . just a little bit more get a good little . bunch right here you're gonna need a lot . of force to put down okay. so put down a lot of force okay all . right this is a little bit harder than . you guys think . that is just simply amazing look how . beautiful this watermelon flower is that . is just absolutely gorgeous so beautiful . even has a thing in the middle it can . just jiggle at great i got to tell you . when i put that thing all the way down . that was just the most satisfying thing . ever it's like raw and then bam let me . show you a life hack the fastest way to. eat a watermelon is to swallow it and go . like that i'll show you here we go ready . this is called the fastest watermelon . eating challenge three two one all right . guys next up we're going to be more . protein area so we're gonna do some . maggots today we're gonna make some . scrambled eggs all right here we go let . me show you how to make the fastest most . precious scrambled egg so it comes in . these two pieces what you want to do is . grab an egg you want to put that in . there with the shell of course what you . want to do is close it up spin it just a . little bit so you can see the little . windings on the little ropes and then . you just pull and just keep pulling see . now it's just spinning at a really . intense crazy rate and you just kinda . have to do that for a good like 10 . seconds and then the egg will be. completely scrambled you see how fast . this is turning it has the rpms of . $5,000 per hour . wow that's high oh my gosh and then it . should be completely a scramble . what's up scrambled egg alright let's . put a potato in there alright let's see . that one more time so i gotta do is keep . pulling like that good once you have a . little bit of turning and twisting . now is just take it out and then it . should be cracked on the inside make . sure you don't turn it too hard or it . won't crack too easily or you can just . go like this or you could do it with two . minutes and then reverse velocity this . go it should be completely scrambled . okay obviously that doesn't worry as . easy as a nun's endeavor i you know this . thing next up we have the corn stripper . okay it's just gonna peel all the corn . off of the cob so let's see back she . does work so let's open this container . comes with this thing and it also comes . with that thing not sure how to do this . press down and all the corn should be . good here we go let's try it ready three . two one okay this is hard okay you need . a little bit of power for this thing i . work or maybe you're supposed to turn it . i don't know i think you're supposed to . turn it and there you have a whole bunch . of corn i think that's how you're . supposed to do it still a lot of work . though i would rather just buy it buy a . can of corn in the store i'm pretty sure . i'm doing this right oh oh good all . right so it also comes with this thing . that looks like a pencil sharpener what . you want to do is go here oh snap move . it wow let's do that again on this side . okay this one works a lot better good . innovation there you go that's how you . decoe bocoe wring this to the movie it's . not pop but it's corn uh-huh let's just . try this thing one more time so let's . grab this and press down and then you . prick . [music]. yeah okay doesn't work so let's move on . to the next alright since we're still . the topic of corn . i have here some corn holders okay these . are just little dog corn holders just . wanna grab the ends of these two but one . in the front make this i put the other . one on the back side like this now you . have a corn dog now really simply you. just hold the edges prevents your eye . from hands from getting dirty like a . hole like this . how's move on to the next one all right . next up is for you guys who love oreos . specifically those who love dipping . oreos in their melt like this but it . comes with one downfall if you dip it . too low your fingers get milky no the . next guy that i have is this a cookie . scooper what you want though is put your . oreo inside the scooper like this one . and then you go scoop it like this one . you can dip it as low as you want you . can dip it super low you can be . aggressive and then you still have a . milk on your oreos all right the next . guy that i have here is for you guys who . are very ocd and very uptight with their . milk in their cereal sometimes people . don't like their milk touching their . cereal huh that's weird right i have . here a perfect solution so really simple . you can just put your cereal right here . on the top layer and then you just put . the cereal on the bottom layer right . there birth figs cuz a lot of people . don't like soggy soggy cereal so they . can control the output of how much soggy . their cereal let's say you want this to . be like the perfect amount right good . good it's way too soggy it's simple just. put it back on the non soggy area wow . you people are uptight you don't need . that just mix your cereal and your milk . together and you'll be a one big happy . family what's good well this is how i . like my cereal their perfect solution . where everybody's needs soggy cereal the . best come on matt this next one is for . lazy people who don't like butter so . let's do this this is called the butter . thing it just gives you a stick of a . butter every time you press it it goes . butter stick of butter stick of ugh . let's check it out so i have here some . butter better be good . what you wanna do here lift off the top . get this thing out stick your butter. here can't even fit wow. okay let's just forcefully put your. butter down there there you go you'll . press it downwards and then you close . the top just pretend you did see all . that butter there so people love butter . in their cereal right . like butter in this serie so let's say . you got this you got your cool bowl snip . it oh look it's a piece of butter that's . amazing . you want another piece of butter i got . you why don't you just grab a butter . knife and just go like that like so this . video is probably gonna be calling all . this extra kitchen gadgets you didn't . although cheryl would buttermilk is good . let's move on to the very large bartok i . have for you ice cream lovers okay are . you tired of your roommates always . stealing your ice cream from the freezer . without telling you we're asking you so . let's say you have here your favorite . flavor okay milk and chocolate cookies . from ben & jerry's in order to solve . that whole problem i have here the ben & . jerry's pint lock okay it just locks up . your ice cream so no one else can touch . it what you wanna do here put that on . top put this in the bottom right here . set your combination i'm not gonna tell . you my combination good and now scramble . the letters and voila your ben & jerry's . ice cream is completely locked so no one . else to steal it i just put in the . freezer and the only way you can open it . is you know the secret combination right . face haha that is it for today's video . thank you for watching which one is your . favorite gadget that's very extra mine . is this bowl because it's super extra . high i'll see you guys later. the next video rufus . [music]. [applause]. .

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