UNBELIEVABLE Animals That Saved Other Animals

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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Unbelievable Animals That Saved Other Animals
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Oh guys do puppy about me he's just . splashing the water on the fish trying . to make sure it doesn't drown how does . he know that the fish needs water to . stay alive but he's like i gotta save . them they mean they need to live this is . so heartwarming. today we're gonna be looking at animals . saving either animals okay here we got . some type of lizard gecko reptile whole . thing and he is trying to save an o he . is literally trying to save that other . reptile well i guess from another . reptile they're all reptiles but i'm . gonna call him a gecko he's he's risking . his life can we see that again . look at this that snake is terrifying . it's like so fast that is a ninja snake . i am renaming you snake ninja snake kind. of mess with gecko not ninja snake this . is just incredible okay so the dog he . runs in he's like i got this stick oh no . oh no i'm falling i can't get back up . it's slippery . oh no okay he's running and the other . dog grabs the stick and saves saves from . falling down potentially a waterfall or . a really fast stream but that golden lap . i think or a retriever i'm not sure it's . just save that dog like this warms my . heart so much it's so nice to see these . animals okay oh okay what's happening . okay so he's grass did you see he just . like went in with his bulls and he was . like get out of here nobody it's my . brother. so he pack that guy's getting attacked . this guy runs in he runs in and he goes . get out of here be gone that we see . something swimming in the water it's a . it's a doggy it's a doggy i call all . dogs puppies by the way everybody stop . calling grown dogs puppies and like i . can't help it okay so he he has . something in his mouth what are you . holding doggy what is that a fish oh no . that's not a fish has legs is that a . deer he just saved a drowning deer oh. and he's making it to wake it up he said . wake up little deer but its breathing . you can see the deer breathing guys this . is so sweet. forty's these animals are so . okay so here we see it's a cat trying to . save is that a little cat the quality's . not that good so i'm having a hard time . telling what it is i know this one's a . cat but what is a little way yo guys . but he's saving him he's grabbing him up . the hill you see that over here he was . falling i couldn't get back up all and . this guy was like silly little guy i got . you scraps him by the neck and bring . this him up by the way that's how cats . carry other cats that doesn't actually . hurt them so don't worry so we got this . this fella . is in the water is that a bird well he's . gonna grab a leaf oh in the bird knows . the bird grabs him to the leaf and he . pulls the bird out of the water with a . leaf but you see the birds little beak . ii see the bird grabs the leaf with his . beak they're like working together . they're not the same species with her . feet on he's he's so caring he's like. poking it he's like hey it's okay stay. awake little birdie here we got a zebra . and it looks like a baby alligator . crocodile person okay so he he grabs on . to the zebras neck grabs on to the . zebras neck the zebras like no no no no . help me in the hippos help the zebra the . hippos protected the zebra like i've . heard all my life that hippos are . dangerous and here they are helping a . different animal like i'm sure they are . dangerous but they're also kind it . completely saved the zebra zebra gets. out of there he's limping but he's okay . so here we got a cheetah the cheetah has . a gazelle sir if i get out near these . animals wrong and oh and he's out of . there they just chased him off but is . the gazelle okay i need to know is he . okay he's okay look at him he's like i'm . just shake it off shake it off and what . are you doing he's just sitting there . eating grass. you almost got eaten look at him like . just get out of there good not to be . honest at the beginning i wasn't even . sure he was alive look look how still he . stayed if a cheetah had you would you be. staying that still like why don't you be . trying to look at least escaped out of . there. i would be panicking not gonna lie it . and i probably wouldn't have been alive . at this point so yeah look at him . running away so happy so happy what's . right out here is its face stuck in a . cup the doggy got so it's get the dog it . was like let me let me grab him - grab . that off your face . your face and the cat's free but the . castle is scared too he's woodhead out . you here we got a crocodile approaching . little piglets and then the big mommy . and they all just go after the crocodile . you see that look they're all i get out . of here nobody touching my piglets this . is so awesome i could watch this a . million times. no bacon for you tonight okay so this . bear sees a drowning bird the bird can't. fly out he's all wet see he's just like . yeah and then the bird grabs him out of . the wing and it looks a little ki little . painful but he was gonna drown and that . bears like i'm out of here your honor . you're on your own now like i helped you . out of the water you know now it's all . up to you and the bird you know he he . stands up and he's fine he's a little . wet but if you just you know dry up in . the sun a little bit and then be on with . his day. i like these stories they got happy . endings okay so on first glance i'm like . is this cat trying to eat this fish . guess he's just like pawing at this fish . that's just like lying on fun here okay . pying oh and he was just trying to help . the fish another fish is swimming . do you see he went from like completely . lifeless to risk yardage swimming faster . than ever and i assume the cat was . trying to eat so we got a horse yeah . the horse was feeding hay to the other . horse who's hungry now that is the . biggest sacrifice of them all sharing. your food this horse it's sharing his . food with this other horse was hungry . now if that's not sweet i don't know . what is now this is true horse love okay . but what's that's happening oh oh the . hippo was helping him out of the water . he's drowning come on people push push . his push his little butts oh the bear . will help the zebra get out of the water . completely help him - there's a little . path i mean i don't know why he decided . to go into the water in the first place . but that's not the point the point is . the hippos saved him you know what's . happening here . they massaging him i'm so confused. you're just casually eating his forehead. that's cool is he baby i don't know . what's happening massaging his back. maybe he's sick and they're trying to . save him that's so cute i have no idea . what's happening in this scenario but . there was some like saving going on i. think or helping i don't know there was . definitely massaging going on that i . know for sure i know a nice back rub . when i see one. what is this a doggy feeding a lamb that . is so adorable this is the cutest thing . i've ever seen like loki gonna make this . my backdrop on my phone milk so here a . canoe gets loose with two older dogs. aboard okay the dogs there they're . trapped but this is dog jumps into the . water grabs the rope on the canoe and . starts pulling the dogs to safety good . boy robby bring him home that's so sweet . look how happy the dog is with his tail . waggin i mean who left their dogs in a . canoe anyways or maybe they just jumped . in i don't know what happened look and . they're safe i love videos like this. when everything is just like it's like a . feel-good video and everything is that . happens just like good and warm-hearted . i just like the rest of my day i'm just . like so happy i'm like yeah this was . good here we have a monkey that picked . up an injured hat and brought it to . safety can we keep all these animals no . i can't i do not have this space i do . not have this space what this horse is . fully saving this scared little puppy . look at this they're both scared but . this horse is like imma save you little . doggie . let me save you go cuz scrawny he looks . it's not because he's wet but still an . elephant extending a helping nose to a . poor kitty so that the cat can grab. under his nose and he can pull him out . of this little mess he's gotten into . that is also like a teeny cat that it's . actually a kitten how did this kitten . get stranded on this rock in a river . i feel like cats just do things like . this they're just like i'm curious . what's on that rock in the middle of a . raging river and then they're like i . can't get out of this rock in the middle . of a raging river and then this . elephants like don't worry . i got you. oh look at the love look at the love . it's so cute i mean when he's a little . bit bigger they're gonna definitely be . predator and prey but now that he's a . cub they're best friends who would have . thought that this big lad comes with a . big heart too so we got a rhino saving a . zebra who was stuck in what looks like . huge mud pit this zebra was like i just . want to play in the mud and then he's. like i'm stuck . this wasn't mud this was concrete and . the rhino was like i got you here we got . a picture of it's not a baby deer being . saved by a crocodile i wish there was a . video to go along with this because what . i like low-key don't even believe this . is true nah dude i'm not pretty sure . this one's photoshop everything else . seemed real but this one i'm kind of . buying but i'm kind of not but this . one's like definitely one of the most . incredible because i do not picture this . dude saving this dude you know i picture . this dude eating this zoom but i'm not . here to judge okay i don't want to judge . the animal kingdom this is a . judgment-free zone so you know why i . have proof this six year old lab found . orphaned rabbits and adopted them as her . own what though koa has never had . puppies of her own her motherly. instincts kicked in once she discovered . these helpless baby rabbits is this . sookie what i actually saw this story . before and i'm just like she's like i . don't care that you're not my real . children like i'm gonna raise you as my . own i wonder if like how these rabbits . grow up acting like do they start acting . like dogs or do they still act like . rabbits i mean - these are these are . real questions i need to know coco the . gorilla famous for her use of sign . language and flashcards is also known . for adopting kittens how many kittens . has she adopted what anyways guys i hope. you enjoyed this video i love you all so . much stay awesome stay sweet and don't . forget to be nice to each other and . animals as well bye bye . .
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