We Related Prank On Husband!!

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[music]. so what if the guards got the shower . mine and today you bout to go to this . party man it's about to be late actually . um quinn over there doing her hair i'm . not hearing that me a superhero . yesterday oh what else what else what . else ward those widows oh anyway i want . to go get my hair lined up i'm gonna . leave the camera-shy discovery with you . or no i'm alone all about oh yeah yeah . but here so i'm at the bottom of the . head to the mall real quick a little bit . of stuff yes baby what you owe chris are . you being are you being a crybaby what . you want huh. are you being such for you . i'm at the bar bashara enough oh yeah . brother so remember the atlanta vertical . board obviously got out there in a . minute . all right now chris getting a bit good . then wait a long time so not acidify . but er no one . so i just got my hair longer . looking crispy and sankar you know i say . fine on but anyways i'm about to i might . just wish thee i might go to the mall . switch the shoes place a full clinic . there much a little better with the . medicine or i felt like they go switch . my shoes um i'm on the head to the mall . real quick and switch my shoes and then . what else i got to do what i got to do . alright job so right now i'm thinking . cruz dog because he time to give that . late yeah so right now we just hit the . ball you already know anyway horrible . i don't even know what i'm like a writer . and even it. i'll open the legs or drink the liquid . nitrogen buster . thank you. are you. y'all many meet agree here like all . supporters. hey. they'll be. hey hey what's up to the picture with . you. look man i already know i'm bobby here . the flow trying to get that money yeah . you know it but it go so tonight please . remember i'm gonna you laugh at me now . i'm guessing now at the bank game that's . an oh my god let me stress on that beach . i'm about to be my meet my bad my bad . sorry you know tommy i got a show . tonight man . make sure y'all come out about to be . late environment . i think that we already fell about i . think it is i think that we already . sewed up well they told all these think . it's just but what i'll go say gang and . guinness craig well you know say shut up . chris brown black peers you already know . you know i've said no but do know out . thank you metal. oh my veto . my club totally linear burn a little . white i know it so i just left the mall . or mother waiting on my car right now . the vip after that i'm about to go back . to the holiday one meeting stuffer baby . chris slip it on the good stuff for baby . chris riley tomorrow then probably go . here into the house and get ready for . this performance . we need a water yo no right before i go . for my jacket over that that it'll give . her glitter do want them above all you . ain't get on the table because you are . there no girls before you don't forget. i'm telling you people that tell you . we're not minotaur to take on here room . everything i'll need to take everything . omar so then i go to thinking about life . hey. shall i be the moat remember . so add me on snapchat oh god you'll . snatch that right there who are adding. me well are you gonna add to me oh oh oh . stop digging on my car right there . i need a washer another hole i got trent . wow ugly best people i have to you cry . nice taste on those i'ma beat over oh . thank you . this idea macario music i keep playing . with me they're gonna be worse than that . it's gonna be worse . lip of the truck yo what up z and q . mafia so it's the girl queen i'm back . with another video and i joke with des . dye my hair at the leg i freaking loved . it i'm actually about to do a prank on. chrissy oh i have a prank kristen so . long okay i do you filming i haven't . printed them how many yellow nothing . dear and chris because the last one . failed the last one fail you that i'm . trying to prank them again to see if you . actually fall for what i'm about to be . doing is doing my makeup and i'm going . to call kristen here once he gets here . because he's almost here dye got hurry . up and i'm going to tell him and i'm . talking about early on the phone and . found out that we are somehow related . because we both have the same great . auntie or something like that i'm going . to just make us something because . originally quizzes last name is robinson . and originally my last name is robinson. too which makes it more believable so . i'm just makeup comes off the top of my . head see if you fall for it and i'm . gonna tell them i'm so serious i'm . trying to add a most serious face ever . and we are going to get this role in . because i'm taking up too much time by . talking so let's go . are you also christian about a house you . must come upstairs. um so let's go . yeah do then you find another thing on . the border this one . oh you are this is what did it one day . would you get some shoes well i think . the shoes of a bit of a model to open . all should be opposing tell me latin you . some training so many pressures your . number because you don't like the . washington like worse hours well these . go there i'm so mad i just never knew . not chicken back leg which will go . through helping to other piece of hawk . come on you a believer . well i'm you know i don't know how it is . but i want the over phone - like i just . i mean it's about in person and but let . me see which one per minute . but i was talking to mohammed earlier on . time and on cue she wanted to let the . family get together and at the family . get together you know it was a robinson . family reunion . what'd we lose yellow definitely you . should listen to me differently i mean . stokely the two babies on learning . anyway my mom was yeah already went home . i'm not holding their shoes at a work. order for would you do that then i get . together it will for the robinson truth . and you know that for we're doing wrong. with leah leavening is wrapped in my . bindle right so color find out mom said . she was talking to her great up key . which know your dad side of family for . your mom's side of family was the walk . when we will recoup no i would like get . it i'm guessing he said that she's . related to your mom not my mom . great up t i don't have to rethink . somehow great welcome usually related . something religion and stuff come away . so it means to doesn't have a system or . sister cuz then ferrell i'm so serious . we can call her others you wanna tell me . my cousin could she could my emissary . you love the mountain dead a syrian my . mom said that she was on world mom . fetishes talks about very happy about . about prison . how we commissioned to show our video . stuff this is a a definite she'll had . described look not great nickname or . something like that because yo your . mom's ex with our needs on on your mom's . bed but this should be related or . something yeah we go get there to really . see door when we got cuts a long long . time ago what happened the news actually . relate when we first are there and i . thought that you follow up on asthma and . rustic element represents a number will. be actually related alkali mystical . original blood testing weakest when you . can go back to your inner solar solar . weather . cj cj snotty not you guess is not true . because you guys since your cousin your . vehicle's rational as must release our . first as well come on there and are . further away i just told you ahead . so what you want to do how do you . compute these are just views no useful . within a network . cuz it's also hope y'all could use what . you become dutiful . no because i just solved weapon so now . it's all be related to a sony we are . having kids together you more senate . whoa cousin naomi for you i kind of have . a sister cousin user yeah you think they . said never had home they may have one . night you're not ugly european colonial . chris oh we heard the baby oh baby - . artie says emma aren't you at the baby . [music]. that's what you wear all alone baby with . the frame all along forest road repair. you holdin onto a maker you are ready . [music]. what's on baby . what you want google media money related . things that you are very good owr lcr . sexy i'm looking please a lot i'm going . to fix you get this video 50 pounds of . like i'm just like y'all anyways quite . other premium network flows i was . thinking i thought was like dang for . elderly or the years authorities . everyone our lives that really is no we . really see here that take a lot you've . really got me over here scared a little . bit. i hope reinsurance are doable area . that's currently both michigan our last . original last name - robertson sorry . right about this picture okay we've so . many people was all good yes we got till . then to our party because it's all . cousins and aunts cousins cousins all . covered at all hey you crazy . i'm officer to apology booker though . hello boy you silly chocolate to help . you well they'll be hitting it almost . eligible by the table made it was my . haircut i gave the hotel booked on . herself. yes i guess we wait so truth i mean i . was already sweet and different it's . different yeah all the difference . because you you're the repeat yourself . we all tell you things that they were . doing now you finally do this wasn't no . real clean job hey y'all be right back . is clean look at to sexier hmm if you go . i'll only wear my shirt kids if you want . to stay clean cut the camera off right . now let me turn your tv on saying let's . up well yes i don't know but just know . something like to go down y'all need to . be sticking around let's see what's . going down . goodbye jane jane jane so listen you . also go follow our instagram follow our. instagrams crystals underscore when we . repeat my own mother review myself chris . i stay crystal unscrewing bit crisp and . clean underscore kristin clay underscore . make sure i go like subscribe to this . subscribe to our channel and subscribe . to the sales family we just made a new . channel we actually will be blogging on . their way more than this channel but . start blogging on that channel way more . so everybody that's literally watching . it i need everybody to go subscribe to . the sales family the sales family simply . because we're about to be start vlogging . to our challenges princess up or that . channel so make sure you guys will like . on my knees come on cuz what come on . earth oh yeah so make sure i like . subscribe we love y'all make sure y'all . meet us at sneaker gang when is that . july night we're going to be a sneaker . game and houston at 12 p. m. so make sure . you're there bring your friends and . family out because we would love to meet . y'all we've been one to meet y'all for. the longest like literally we just love . y'all so much we want to meet y'all so . make sure y'all come up with sneaker . games and houston actually all the . information will be on my instagram or . our instagram crisp and clean underscore. and chris acting like you try to shoot . me or even playing call of duty too much . but anyways so make sure you go follow . our instagram for more information . we about to start going a lot of . eventually but to have a tour we bout to . go to different states but you guys . won't know unless you're following us on . instagram so go follow our instagram . chris mclean underscore and tweet us at . chris and queen underscore as well we . loved your piece at the end of this . video . clean oh matter of fact 50,000 likes and . a little print clean back matter if i go . to my instagram on my personal instagram . the real chris and i've been seeing the . real chris sale sorry and i've been . saying a couple of deals where y'all be . giving me prank ideas you all need to . give me some better print guys . is the net because all the prey ideas . she's gone she's not gonna fall for . those the charmer telling me i've been . telling me put mustard in her or at me . to play center oreos she gonna smell . that i need some other stuff some sweet . stuff i got to give me some off-the-wall . there nobody ever done pranks just let . me know let me know down and my dear . slide on my dams do whatever you got to . do snapchat me at crystals one do. anything you got to do bridges let me . know um yeah so peace know your now you . are to another my station excuse me yes . yes trip i think . .
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