Welcome to Hell – SNL

Women (Saoirse Ronan, Cecily Strong, Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, Leslie Jones, Melissa Villaseñor) address the ongoing sexual harassment allegations.
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>> hey there, boys, we know the. last couple months have been. friggin' insane. all these big, cool, powerful. guys are turning out to be --. what's the word . habitual predators . cat's out of the bag. women get harassed all the time. >> it's like, dang, is this the. world now . but here's a little secret that. every girl knows. oh, this bends the damn world. ? it's freaky and narcy. and fun under the jet set. but this is our home now. we'll show you around ?. ? welcome to hell. now we're all in here. look around isn't it nice. it's a full nightmare ?. ? ain't it so cool. playing this guess who. yeah it's a lot. but it's what we got ?. ? welcome to hell. hey ?. ???. oh, and this ain't a girl group. we just travel in a pack for. safety. it's how i walk home at night. dad gave me a pink gun. so there's a lot there. my little truth,. if someone is following me i put. my arm up like this, and i go. awww. then he'll be like, she's not. worth the trouble. ? welcome to hell. now you're in our boat. look at that guy ?. ? what is he up to. in that trench coat. it's like a maze here. all full of boners ?. ? hey what was that. just a cat. wait who owns the cat. could be a trap ?. ? welcome to hell. hey ?. ???. >> i guess it begs the question,. whoa, why didn't you say. something baby, girl . >> well, thanks devil daddy. we definitely did, for hundreds. of years. >> oh, man. >> because no one really cared. >> because it kept happening. again. >> what . >> and again. >> really . >> and again. >> oh, come on. >> hey, just wanted to say, i. think what you guys are doing is. really cool. i get it. but you do know that it's like a. million times worse for a woman. of color, right . >> oh, god, yes. >> thank you for saying that. >> yes. >> thank you. >> well, let's get back into. this. ? now house of cards. is ruined. and that really sucks ?. ? well here's a list. of stuff. that's ruined for us ?. ? parking and walking. and uber and pony tail. bath robes and night time ?. ? and drinking in. hotels and men. >> nothing good happens in a. van. welcome to hell ?. ? welcome to hell. this isn't new. no no no not new ?. ? our situation. has been here. since we got boobs ?. ? i got some boobs. that's why your mama. is always so tired ?. is always so tired ?. ? grab all your friends. mace in her hands. welcome to hell ?. yeah, it ain't fair, but. ? so pull up a chair. welcome to hell. hey ?. [ cheers and applause ]. .
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