What Do Boyfriends Want Their Girlfriends’ Makeup To Be?

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Guys come up with looks for makeup artist Kandee Johnson to do for their girlfriends. The results are crazy and hilarious.
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I want us to just not break up my main hall then we're bringing in three couples we're gonna bring them they're gonna sit down the girl's gonna leave and then the guys in itself what she wants us to turn his girlfriend into i want to do that no matter how crazy it is on her base i don't know if she really wears makeup except like when we go to weddings yeah i am seriously like scared for my wife but i know i don't know what i'm talking about though i just you just a mascara on my face allison's typical makeup look is kind of a lot like this i don't have any makeup on right now but you don't ever do you don't think very much i think it will be fine but it might be a lizard or a bird you know you get like a beat he's sweating a nervous what yeah because there's no way this can end well for me i don't need a way and i wanna i want us to just not break up is my main goal of this thing i like a vision like what you think you want on her face i definitely have a perfect we like a man with a plan so i think we're going to ask you to step aside and then we're going to have a powwow you trust me i hope so struts ok chris so what are you excited to have me do make up lies to your girlfriend i wasn't just the other day i was watching the mummy and the girls have those this thing is going on like this like cleopatra yeah that was cool here's the thing house is very nice skin but she's very pale so we want to give her a can bronze rhonda yeah do not make the terminology because i've used i like her skin tone but maybe a little bit paler than or bear yes make it look like snow white people like when she wakes up now when she's like yeah yeah idea what we do is make the eyes kind of pop with some liner and blue eye shadow and give her like a bright lip i'm thinking like scarlett johansson mix with cleopatra ok i got it i don't i think i got it i hope i make you proud ok you ready yes i'm not nervous to see what he chose for you i am a little nervous but again i feel like i'm in good hands he brought a challenge today i got into a lip liner yeah this is what i tell you that dance from new jersey paul go off to help us was good she know what my descriptions i have literally no idea what they look like a problem that i think it's pretty cool yeah you like the most intimate thing that we have ever done ok whoa whoa wow look at this i think it would be cool if like the weddings i think i have a good eye for this stuff interesting now i know i think honestly i stand by my eyes i think the lips a little jersey little jerk that's what it is yeah yeah that's exactly what it is is that one girl looked like right on front you think your mom i'm fine kind of like a superhero yeah hit ya do i get to see it now and everything so let's drop it oh my god a quick oh ok it's not as it's it's great to hear you're welcome let's do it looks good good job really you can do the job yeah i was imagining like you know when there's a bad wax museum that's what i look like did the winter ok i get to see you with like a vodka tonic like we get to the point you know i think this would be a great look if you were going to see family you know a big family reunion that's not going two minutes i'm kind of used to it now because you switch girlfriend every 10 minutes i just like on the next one so guys pretty much know nothing about makeup i don't know much about makeup but i think this is awesome i could rock this on the regular you know i'm saying so whether you wear tons of makeup or not a lot of makeup your boyfriend girlfriend should love and adore you for your heart and your soul there's so many different versions of macy and when you wear makeup this is a different version than your normal self i love it just as much they love the regular macy thank you i think i learned that even like even though he doesn't really know like on a daily basis shows that he does pay attention or does like notice things take away should be that i think she looks beautiful no matter what she wears where it was that's the takeaway when was that everyone let's all just remember that that's bull that's you covering your ass for me this horrible mistake

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