What’s in my Peely Bag? (Re-creating 5 of my nail peelies) / 2017 year-in-review

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Caption: You know it's like a serial killer you . do the murder and you got to keep a . piece of it to remember your . accomplishments trophies this is normal . behavior. [music]. well hallo everyone it's me christine . again and if you're new here . meet my pe bag in it you will find many . different nail art and nail polish . pieces that i peeled off my nails a . growing collection i consider it more . like art in progress or the long time . holo sexuals out there you will have . seen my kili bag make appearances here . and there in my videos it's been three . years and counting and then you get to . add your peel off-- manicures into your . collection of a bunch peel off manicures . now it's that time again when we've . killed off our nails we're gonna add . them to the pili bag but aside from that. i've never really shown what's in my . pili bag i've seen so many requests for . a what's in my bag video or a tour of my. pili bag niche in my bag it's not a . beauty blender or a card shape bracelet . it's fun lp li's i figured with 2017 . coming to an end thank god now would be . the perfect time to go through my kili . bag together and reflect on what i wore . on my nails this year . wow i did a lot of nail art this year no . i didn't so the first question i think . people out there may wonder is why why . the hell do you keep these p li's you . fucking weirdo you see i have a problem . with collecting things sweatpants . nail polish lots and lots of teeth but . the nail poa specifically are like . trophies to me i spend a lot of time and . do a lot of hard work and they do not . deserve to be thrown away the other . question i think some new people to my . videos may ask oh by the way hi welcome . please stay. it's how the hell did you even peel your . nails off like what does that mean and . are you psychotic yes the answer is yes . years ago i discovered what is called a . peel-off basement which applies just . like a regular clear nail polish base . coat after which you paint your nails or . do your nail art as you normally would . and then a couple days later when you . feel like taking your nail polish off . instead of removing it the usual way by . rubbing your nails with nail polish . remover all you have to do is lift up . the nail polish pili which has now . hardened into a shell and pop it right . off now mind you some pills are better . than others and that can depend on a . number of factors including how many . coats of nail polish you put on what . kind of topcoat you used and so on and . so on all of these things are very . important to ensuring a satisfying peel . porn experience. [music]. speaking of peel porn if you're also . wondering what the fuck i'm talking . about that is something i started doing . many years ago as a young adult posting . it to the internet and one of my feature . peel porn videos was just so damn hot. that youtube demonetized it because . advertisers did not think it was. friendly you can go back to bed earmuffs . maybe you want to help me pick up ely . how many of you guys have suggested that . you want me to randomly draw from a . healy bag and try and recreate the . design on my nails and i think the . people making that suggestion are very . well aware that there's some complicated . ass shit in this bag i've just come to . the conclusion that you guys like to see . me suffer so grab your tea and let's . play pick that healy . okay i'm closing my eyes and i'm gonna . pick random pili betty betty i want to . pick a fold one not a little crusty one . oh that's just plain blue hollow okay . we're not gonna do that one okay let's . draw again ready . i love this nice big one oh god what am . i done . i remember this pili this is a cyclone . reciprocal gradient pan looks like an . optical illusion gradient and you're not . really sure how the hell i did it or in . what order. okay here we go to the nail polish . there's one there's another i believe it . was just these polishes but let me . double-check and right now i am very . happy that i spend about an hour making . sure my description boxes are very. complete with all the stuff that i used . because now i can confirm that these are . in fact the exact nail polishes that i . used to make this guy now we need now. vinyls where do i keep my nail vinyls . these we're just gonna paint on a fresh . coat of this aqua creme messy what are . you doing . first we got a protector skin with some . liquid latex does anyone remember the . days before liquid latex we had to use . tape or acetone and q-tips. [music]. haha paint the polish vertically on a . makeup sponge and now we gonna dab dab . dab like sweaty let's peel off the . liquid latex and now we're gonna add a . nice thick coat of glossy choco because . we're gonna add nail vinyl the next. memories the sculpture how i missed you . cat clock cuz we gotta let the glossy . taco drive really well before putting . the old vinyls on how about we pick our . next pili bring me the bag ready the . dolan twins no we're gonna pick again . rainbow holo oh yeah sometimes you can . tell the age of a pili by how tightly . it's curled it's like you got to flatten . it it on your neck oh i popped abby lee . and let's take a trip down pili lane for . a second and reminisce these were one of . my first nail art tutorials that went . viral all you need is some silver hollow . glitter polish and some highlighters. been on one thin coat of the silver . hollow glitter first and then you know . the drill we're gonna dab dab dab to . maximize glitter opacity one of the . oldest tricks in the books okay we've . got my peel here for reference so if i . recall correctly all you got to do is . take your highlighters and color right . over top of the hollywood . [music]. why is this turning out so much shittier. no cab may oh damn it fairy i'm ferris . the conspiracy theories are true . something illogical really died last . year and was replaced by someone who . can't do their nails hi. nice to meet you i'm melissa i couldn't . take it off and start over again and . probably get it right the second time . but i don't think that would be fair for . the purposes of this challenge the point . was to see if i could recreate it the . first time not give me multiple attempts . because after all you only have one life . in this game called life and if you use . it you die i am a very optimistic person . okay so we're just gonna add a glass of . choco on this and you know call it a day . now let's go back to my unfinished . reciprocal cyclone gradient now first . we're gonna add some liquid latex oh . good you left the line again just press . it down gently . but wait do you see what's on my other . hand it's a tradition this channel just . can't give up whether i'm making a nail . video or not i always want to show you . what's on my other hand and today we . have a insert the blank here . hollow polish and it's so beautiful okay . anyways now we're gonna take our sponge . from our first gradient and we're gonna . cut this sponge oh yeah so sighs fine . save the sponges. yeah okay let's peel ready oh my god the . lines aren't super perfect and crisp but . it's still pretty damn good guess i . still got it now the one thing missing . to make it exactly the same is to add a . hollow taco oh she's back okay one fail . one success what's next let's ask the . pili bag oh now that is a classic i . think this is one of the first few . videos i ever showed my face in wow . that's a throwback look it fits so . perfectly i'll just put it back on . alright which color was first where's my . reference material oh there it is so you . just kind of gently pat down a barely . wet brush and i had definitely added a . hollow taco and she passed me the hollow . taco thank you. now you know it wasn't just a phase mmm . here i am two and a half years later . still adding a hollow taco to everything. well we let that dry let's pick another . pili benji you want to pick this one . okay she's sick of my shit so oh i . remember this guy this was a dotty care . that ended up looking like one of those . colour blind tests she okay i can do . this one oh shit i need striping tape . mitchie it's been so long paint on a . white base add a quick dry glossy taco . and while we let that dry we're gonna go . back to the pointer now this is a lot of . back and forth and paint on our black . acrylic does that. [music]. that one to close so no no undo luckily . thanks to the toothpick trick we can . essentially undo it it has saved my life. many times okay how did i do it's very . good it's just you know slightly on a . bigger scale than the original now i . just add a nice thick coat of glassy . deco let's revisit the thumb so for this . one you're gonna need some striping tape . oh the good old days . finding the goddamn end of the fucking. striping tape again find it somewhat. ugly you basically got to make the . striping tape look like a braid i'm . really struggling with doing this so far . ahead of my face so i'm just gonna do it . like this i mean if you really want a . tutorial there is already a tutorial on . my channel if you can find it oh god . [music]. all the nail polish is little crusty now . we add a nice thick coat blast attack oh . and i totally used the wrong orange . didn't i yes i did . so much for looking in your detailed . description boxes christine all right . now it's time for the final pili draw . and what'll it be. miki feely what'll it be you see as . beautiful as it is this glitter . placement took me about six or seven. hours . you know what oh would you look at that . it's the perfect fit i think in order to . preserve my sand beach we're just gonna . stick this beauty right back on the nail. of course we got to use a peel off base . coat so i can peel off the peel and then . all you gotta do is just drop it on if . i'd actually tried to redo it it would . not look this good so and all right i . think we're all done here . we have successfully recreated with a . little bit of cheating 5 historical nail . pili artifacts from the simply illogical . channel and these were just 5 of what . has to be several hundreds of peonies . how about we do a little abridged tour . for the please that didn't get the . spotlight today oh oh i'm gonna pick up . this one if you think that's my cat . harry yes you are correct it is these . were my men she mustache nails and they . were a hit right minty right that's . right yeah. oh that's cool scaled gradient mm-hmm . those were the days. look i even saved this it says one plus . one equals wind oh that's pretty. oh yes these were my oil slick foil. nails i'm not that shit look it's an old . shriveled up donald trump a secret . security service please do not come . after me and how could we forget my two . trips to polish mountain it's so crazy . how much these shrunk my nails were . definitely not this small they just . shriveled up over time they look like . little colorful raisins . that's kind of creepy it's not what our . bodies do after we die i also saved the . p lee's and the little pieces of real . gold nail polish from that time sophia . and i went to the luxury nail salon and . of course we got my most recent pili mr. snow globe. as i reflect on the past year of this . channel i think about how very early in . the year i had a very tragic nail break . [music]. it was death dating and as a result of. that while my nail was healing i did a. bunch of other random kinds of videos. pretty much anything but nail art but. then my nail healed and i found myself . honestly wanting to continue doing more . fun and more involved videos with my . face in front of the camera instead of . just kind of sitting there in the dark . painting my nails and adding a voiceover . later i was having too much fun and i . just wanted to keep having fun . it's the jenna marbles model okay it's . where you do whatever the fuck you want . my channel just morphed into jenna's . selfish time where i do put up who's . gonna make me laugh because it makes you . laugh and luckily as it turns out a lot . of you guys were also laughing along . with me maybe add me either way and now . i would like to turn into a sock and say . a big mushy thank you to all of you . who've enjoyed my videos over here on . simply anything but nail art logical i . really do appreciate you guys sticking . around and still loving and enjoying my . videos even though i've completely . departed from what i started this . channel is getting nervous hives not . good at the shit i hate mushi shit i'm . just a sock i've just been really happy . and enjoying you know making more fun . and interactive content and taking . suggestions from you guys and doing . little skits outside and whatnot if . having been joined me and drinking tea. on my second channel mentors in the . background it's been fun and i see all . your guys's comments and tweets and. memes of me and you make me laugh too . but let's all remember that . i'm thankful for you guys making me . laugh because as my channel art that i . have not changed over three years says . you gotta have some fun before you die . aunty what do you think she's not . impressed . [music]. could you do magic eye nails like you . have to look at the nail a certain way . to see like the image of a cat chasing a . mouse or something . i'm retired - to 2018 it's gonna be a . good year of what on this channel i . don't know yet you should subscribe . today to find out thanks so much for . watching you want to do with me that . would be so nice to close up here ready . alright everyone thanks so much for . watching and we'll see you . [applause]. [music]. .

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