Will It Christmas Tree?

Today we're asking the age old question...will it Christmas Tree? GMM #1233.1
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- today we ask the age-old question,. - will it christmas tree . - let's talk about that. (playful theme music). good mythical morning. - alright, on today's. show we're going to answer. some very important questions,. is it possible to have too much bacon . can mamrie hart get help. from a real-life witch . and do we know the difference. between an instagram filter. and a celebrity baby name . - ooh, i sure hope so, now. if you want to make sure. you get the full gmm experience every day,. i want to remind you. to click the thumbnail. with the green border to. watch from the beginning,. this is the beginning of this episode. - this is the beginning. - so you've succeeded,. but just keep that in mind. - congratulations. - green means go. - alright, first things first,. it's december, which means. the egg not is flowing,. your chestnuts are roasting,. and black friday shoppers'. bruises are finally fading. it also means that you. need to snag that tree. from the attic and get to. decorating, it's time for,. - [together] will it christmas tree . - we have some amazing. christmas constructions. in store for you right over there,. and this is serious, so we've. got some serious criteria. we're gonna judge its initial impression. that it gives us. we're gonna see can it. hold a heavy ornament,. that's very important. how does it light up, does it light up . and overall christmasy-ness. let's get to the first tree. (holiday music). - now i personally prefer a real tree,. 'cause i like wood, i like to smell wood. - we know you do. - that's the problem with a fake tree. is it ain't got no smell. but we thought, can we create a fake tree. that actually has a smell. we present to you, the car. air freshener christmas tree. - look at this, oh,. smell this thing. - i can smell it,. i could smell it before. you pulled the curtain. - oh my gosh. - we've got cinnamon apple,. we've got,. - it's like i've been hit. with a car wash. - royal pine. we've got black ice,. we've got more royal pine,. we've got, what is the yellow,. i can't even read that. i don't know, i'm not supposed to know. - vanilla aroma. - there is a new car scent, of course,. we got a row of new car scent. - we got some bumper stickers,. and then we got a topper up here that is. a rear-view mirror so. you can look at the tree,. and then look at anyone. else who's behind you. looking at the tree. - okay, so we're gonna test a few things. - but it smells horrible. - i mean first of all. just my general impression. is the smell has exceeded anything. that i would typically. experience at christmas. - when you combine all these scents,. that is not a christmas. scent, it is just a headache. like literally, i'm getting a headache. - it's starting. now structural test,. - you want to be able to. hang a heavy ornament. - heavy ornament, of course an oil can,. because everyone who works on their car. uses this old-fashioned oil can. - see if it can hang, man. - so i don't want to. think too much about it,. you just put it on there,. and you just get it in there, and then,. - okay, see, with a little. thought and engineering,. it does hang, but then like--. - and even if the kids get excited, whooo,. christmas time mommy,. it stays on there. - it's got a good spring to it,. like the cat would. bounce right off of that. and now let's see if it'll light up. i see there's a couple lights. boom, right there,. it's got a couple of headlights. - there are supposed to be headlights . you can't just get headlights though. - these are an. approximation of headlights,. slash work lights. - okay, so overall christmasny-. christmas, christmasy . - christmasness. - christmasness . - it's colorful. - you've got the green,. and you've got the red. it's got the right shape. - i could definitely see. this when you walk into. an auto parts store, but in my own home,. i could not withstand the smell. - the smell is too overwhelming,. maybe if you left it outside. for a couple of weeks. in the breeze and it gave. off all of its smell, maybe,. but as it stands right now,. will it christmas tree . - no. - no. - here is la, a lot of people go back home. to wherever they actually. live, or they came from. for christmas time, but then that leaves. a few people roaming around the streets. like nuclear fallout survivors. how do those people eat. around the christmas holidays . they get chinese takeout, y'all. so why not give 'em a tree . ladies and gentlemen we present to you. (chinese music). the i'm dreaming. of an orange chicken christmas tree. look at this, we got. chinese takeout boxes,. leftovers for days. - i'm gonna dig in, 'cause i'm hungry. - it smells great, especially. after the last thing. i just smelled. it's got a good shape to. it, it's very festive,. and global, you know. - and this is the thing, i mean,. if you stick around here for christmas,. you don't get momma's home cookin',. momma ain't comin' out here,. momma ain't comin' to la. - now on the topper you got the waving cat. that a lot of chinese restaurants have. because they appropriated that from japan. i'm gonna stay out of that one. it's like a buffet meets a christmas tree,. which is absolutely amazing. - now i will say, no doubt,. this christmas parties, right. will it christmas party,. awesome christmas party,. 'cause it's like,. but christmas trees, they got to last. i mean you're gonna have. to keep refilling it,. which is not a problem,. i'll keep eating it. - you know how a normal. live christmas tree,. it starts to get bad, like it gets dry,. it starts to shed everywhere,. this one would get a lot worse. i think that something. just flew out of my mouth,. - i found a fortune cookie. - you can eat it later. - health, happiness, and. great success await you, okay. i wanted a unique one, man. - mine says nothing. (crew laughs). absolutely nothing. - your future holds nothing link. - you know what, i'm changing. my mind about you tree. you got nothing for me. - the ornament test. - hang a heavy,. oh, is that an actual egg roll. - it's an egg roll link. - of course it is. - let's just see if it will,. oh, it's on there. - that's easy. - and even with a little. bit of, a little jostle,. it's not going anywhere. - and does it light up . does it ever. - yes, it sure does. - i mean the lights are very concentrated,. but they do spell open. - i gotta say, i'm enjoying. myself so much right now,. that there's no way. that this christmas tree. does not christmas tree. - yeah, this is awesome. will it christmas tree . yes!. - yes. the holidays are all about. bringing people together,. so we decided let's unite. two holiday celebrations,. hanukkah and christmas,. and have one iconic thing. we can all gather around. we present to you,. the hannumas tree. - it's hannumas time, y'all. look at all these menorahs. - yeah, there's a lot of. hanukkah happening here,. not just the menorahs, but we also have. - latkes. - latkes. - some pickles and some slaw. - we have gelt, which. is the chocolate coins. - we got some dreidel action. - we also have sides of. pickles and coleslaw,. because every time you go. to a jewish restaurant,. they give you that. - and of course right up here, the star. is the biggest jewish star. that we know, steve guttenburg. - he was in cocoon. - yeah, police academy, hello. hello!. did they say that in police academy . - i don't believe so. let's just try a little,. these were not fried recently. - yeah, kind of hardened. i mean day two, day three, day anything. after immediately, i do not recommend. - don't worry, i just put that back there. - eating the tree. - but pickle's always good, right. - and you've got a heavy. ornament down here right. - i do. - let's do. the heavy ornament test. - it's another menorah. now i don't know if this is sacrilegious,. but i'm gonna hang a. menorah on another menorah. - oh do it. success guys, and you know what,. down here we've got some gifts. - well you get eight gifts for hanukkah,. and what we've been told. by all our jewish staff. is that you get one good. gift and seven crappy gifts,. so we've got a lot of crappy gifts,. and here's our one good gift. - let's open it together. oh i can't wait, can't wait. oh look, it's the--. - menor-rihanna, she's back. - menor-rihanna. - she's coming. around again this year. - we made this last year, and. we regifted it to ourselves. regift!. - now let's see. if this thing will light up link. - there's no c--, oh yeah, we gotta,. this is a one-by-oner. - and i've also got, i've. got real fire over here. - you gotta find, oh my goodness. - head's up steve. - there's a lot of button pushen-ing. - yeah you gotta pushen-ing that button. i don't even know where i'm supposed--. - this is not great, when. you can't just simply. plug it in, and celebrate. - and you know the more i think about,. i think these two holiday traditions. might just need to remain separate. - [link] will it christmas tree . - no. - no. in less than two weeks. star wars: the last jedi. will be in theaters, and. people will be lining up. around the block for that,. but will you be lining up. today to make one of these . it's the merry sithmas tree. check it out guys, we've. got a christmas tree. made out of lightsabers. how could this not christmas tree, man . - don't get ahead of yourself,. link, let's evaluate it. - i'm trying to contain my excitement. - let's be fair. - we've got different. star wars accoutrements,. helmets here, leia's buns, and of course,. right on top, the perfect. star, the death star topper,. with leia's buns. - okay, now we actually considered. some other names for this. including tree-3po, treebacca,. spruce vader, r2-tree2,. and may the frost be. with you, but we decided. on merry sith-mas tree. - and we've got a heavy ornament,. rhett you do the honors. now that is a solid. gold darth vader helmet. oh, and you just damaged it. i don't know. - i mean, it hung. - well, it slid, that's not great. see if you can perch it. - just stick right there, oh,. look at that, look at that. - alright, and let's see if it lights up. - well you've actually got to. activate each one of these. - ooh, it's got a nice sound to it. now if the menorahs made a sound,. then that might would've. been a little more exciting. 'cause this is kind of a menorah vibe. in terms of having to activate each one. - the problem is is that once. these things get activated. you actually need to keep them going by,. interacting with 'em. - oh goodness, i just turned one off. we gotta get all these on. - i don't know, their buttons. are in different places. on each one. - here we go,. we can do this. we can do it, we can do it, don't give up. it's totally worth it. - but there buttons are every--. they're every--, they're. all in different places,. i don't even know where. freaking button is on that one. - oh goodness, okay, just you know what,. just let it go man, just let it go. alright, so if you hit. 'em, they'll stay on. so basically you gotta. keep whacking this thing. if you want it to stay on. it's really durable though. - this'll keep the kids occupied. - it's got some kinks to work out,. but i think that combining. these two things,. a world religion, and. another world religion. is a pretty great idea. - honestly i think if this. doesn't christmas tree then,. - everyone's gonna hate us. - we're gonna be in trouble. - [link] will it christmas tree . yes. - yes!. - alright make sure to click through. so you can watch mamrie. hart cast holiday spells. with a real-life witch. wish you could listen to us. talking a little bit longer . well, download the latest. episode of ear biscuits. wherever you get podcasts. .
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