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With all the hype around the Drama Scene and YouTubers fighting one another, I felt that it was time to start looking around for my one true hate.
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Special Thank you to Alex for coming out and filming with us!

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[applause]. hmm . wow this is actually pretty entertaining . actually pretty good fighters for . youtubers hey wade all the scones see . everybody's getting fights now even matt. jacob williams got a fight and he just . started you two like i'm one thing cool . i mean he might have just started but . his numbers were huge and he's really . controversial and really good at . starting drama like like when he called . out the blah blah brothers and expose . them on twitter oh yeah that time he . roasted in sternum tv yeah literally he . lit his house on doing sick burns so . what i can do things like that like the . other day i tweeted out all these . youtubers fighting in real life seems . pretty interesting and then i added one. of those hmm emojis you know which one . right on the iphone it's like and yeah . that's not a good call up what are you . talking about i did the hmm that's an . obvious invite to fight that's not even . a good tweet actually someone did . respond to that a lot who's alex what's . up i was a be weightless ah be . interesting i'll show you something . interesting girl respond back if you've . been a skirt if you don't respond you . ain't beep just kidding but for real . ab me bro or dm i'll be waiting fam . wow you guys are equally bad at. call-outs that was real call outs look . he's been trying to get me to fight with . him ever since the whole drama trend . even started even back when they was . just diss tracks so i don't get it then . why don't you just fight him or they . start some drama or something yeah he . has over 10 million subscribers and he's . like the same size. yeah already wants to fight you . you guys are like a perfect fit so i . don't see why you're the one it's my . first time all right . you mean like your first time ever well . yeah. not even like a sub tweet or anything oh . okay i'd never had online drama with . anyone okay i just i just want my first . time to be on a special . i'm not stupid what no we get it. yeah we just didn't know how much that . meant to you well it's never gonna . happen anyway so what's the point . come on no you know tons of big . youtubers i'm sure at least one of them . wants to you don't think i've tried that . you think i've tried reaching out to . every single one of the contexts i've . built upon youtube over the past twelve . years hoping that maybe just one just . one of them would be interested in . finding me you don't think i've tried . that no i should probably try that you . really should all right so this is the . list of youtubers that i can get in . contact with that are either in the . drama scene or they're just really . popular so what you guys want to start . with yes we'll start from the top felix . what's up man how you oh no i didn't . mean any disrespect by that like i . didn't mean to clay that i'm sorry mr. pie yes i'm a boy how you being jj oh . disconnected yeah jake's not answering . neither is logan drama okay . boozy what's up bro slice gum what's up . wait you do want to okay no that's . that's great yeah we could totally i . don't know like a hundred fifty five . pounds but no no no i can well i can . lose the weight like i can change no . dude i think i just got fat shamed okay . who we got next. well there's only one left who is it . matt jacob williams okay what's that . supposed to mean . come on i don't want to be a downer but . let's be realistic really i am being . realistic i know the guy personally okay . i met him at the steamy shorty awards . right you just had the biggest fight . ever. everybody wants drama with them you even . have his number yes okay just watch . man dj will is nice to talk to you again . first off i just want to congratulate . you on the last foot wait who's it alex . oh it's the wasa big change your name in . my phone what did you even get that . chance to do that you know where i live . no no no no i don't want you to prove it . doctor don't you dare . yeah so matt said he's busy face it . she's never gonna have a real beef with . anyone i mean sure i could start drama . with some random person but in order to. escalate that drama from mean tweets to. a diss track to an actual fight that . people want to see you need the real . stuff you need that passionate loathing . that authentic disdain that only comes . from two people who just know how to get . under each other's skin and just piss . each other off to the point of hatred . that's what true hate is that's what . people want to see that's just not who i . am never be that way . what hey this skunk run you said you . didn't take the last one really that's . what you're gonna focus on just spill my. heart to you guys you're not even . listening look maybe you just haven't. met the right guy yet or girl what you . its 2018 guys sure you'll be teased a . little bit in the beginning but hate is . hate you just have to have an open mind . i'm gonna fight a girl okay . i'm not kool-aid i like guys i fight . guys whatever i don't have to be so . hydrophobic about it hey you just got a . text from magic of williams what really . he says he's here . what would matt chick of williams beat . oh that's sun of hope hey ryan . it's good to see you again you want alex . well i've noticed that you haven't been . responding to my texts tweets dm's . facebook messages henry i don't want to . talk to you okay so what's your point . well my point is when you called me . earlier i was literally in the middle of . packing for europe and i got offered a . fight and england i was going over there . and i thought i can't leave without . figuring out what this is what what is . this between us first of all i didn't i . trying to call you i don't know when or. how you did it but you changed your name . in my phone oh that was when you left in . front of the steamies secondly i don't . know how you of all people got a fight . but i don't care so if you came here to . just rub it in my face oh no no no no . that's not it at all and what are you . here for i came here because cuz you're . my dream fight something about you . rejecting me over over over . over and over and over and over and over . it yes over and over a lot of times yes . what again and again it just built up my . hate for you and i won't be able to . focus on this fight in europe or any . other fight until i get a definite. answer from you. so once and for all ryan anthony he goes . not even my middle name will you fight . me alex i don't know how it could have . been any more clear than i've been up . into this point wait wait wait i feel . like i know you're going with this and . before you do alex . okay i don't know if it's just because . you're stupid and you really can't . understand what i'm saying maybe just . went deaf through your own high-pitched . girly voice but get this through your . thick dumb disproportionate dad to a . breeding head i will never ever fight . you if this is about the dander i . believe ever . okay i get it pull this up . no ryan you will never find true hate in . your heart unless you will shut up . what look at you . what about me you're glowing with rage . what do you talk him i've seen you upset . before but that that was different yeah . you're gonna had some decent it i know . right it was like where was that coming . for i thought he was actually gonna . punch him in the face. like in my cancer i'm not gonna fight. alex okay i don't care how many times . you guys keep bringing it up but you saw . what he's like okay he's just he's just . weird and he is annoying and sure i . might dislike the guy maybe a little bit . but i don't like seriously okay like you . you saw what he's like he hacked my. phone that's that's not just crossing . the line that's illegal okay i'm just . even thinking about him right now and . freaking makes me like it i freaking . just hate him look what no kind of it . i don't hate him i don't just i don't . hate him i dislike him a lot but ryan . go get on. [music]. [applause]. cuz you're my dream fight oh pepper ever . write something about you rejecting me . [music]. brian . why did you park so far man what do you . want dude . haven't you yelled at me enough no i . haven't not even close. what it's hard for me to admit this but . i was wrong like you and everyone else . around me could see that there was . something here and i just didn't want to . admit it because i don't know i was . scared. how do i know you're not just saying . that i've never felt like this about . anyone else before i mean just just . thinking about what your face looks like. i just get so angry you know i've been . looking at you right now i can see our . future together i can see us fighting . you don't know how bad i want to put you . in a rear naked choke put me in an . armbar we don't even have to stop even . after the tap because how excited i hate . you so much you make me more hateful . person than i ever thought i could be . you mean it i do every last bit that was . really mean and now i stand here . just boy standing in front of another . boy asking him to fight him . we don't need gloves . [applause]. [music]. this is sad seriously . [music]. .
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