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Tell me when he looks okay yeah just tell him i but you just said on my butt i want to be looking at i felt your eyes glaring at my butt no i'm not calling a gay but like you look at my butt is a bigger something look gonna take a picture for instagram one because you like it so much you can stand it you're working with don't you just make it what up everybody and welcome to fouseytube so a friend of mine recently told me that i had no idea how hard it was being a girl because when she wears leggings everybody stares at her but today i'm gonna find out exactly how hard it is you know play your phone but take a picture you were staying just take a picture he was standing my bro i thought your girl sighs look at it was you that this is a girl but feel it tell me if it feels like girls like you're like you're like a vulture wanting to buy today we're going to talk for you what are you doing you see here is clearly saying that my butt yeah you were yeah why nice yeah you just call my butt fat i thought you girl you thought i was a girl now you know you like but she's a non-discrimination now it's the kim k sighs look like want to scratch a piece of huh with them you can't do another one that you want to see it work look you can do a lot with that all right then you missing out because i was a girl why he's been bigger than both of yours is bigger than both of us combined look at skin case that is look it's real - it's real look at plum it what you like to just twenty percent mary would look what are my wanna you gotta look is why you stand on my butt do i don't mind but relax longer dated anyone hey what you want to talk if you want to work and watch as much as you like this one watching let me oh that's something what's up but you know walking by staring at you but not doing anything organized into your stand on my butt full you want to take a picture . you know you want a picture you want a couple of field i do you don't have to be embarrassed feel you but what you were going to stand on my buddy when you said he wasn't there but you're saying but you want to work on it - you wanna see it full huh well what's up what's up guys 1 square of my thigh which you are full my thighs will ensure and you wanna know something to the camera there's a camera there are you still mad there's a camera right there crank channel i think about my but then if you get a car like that you get your buddy what's up what's up what's up what's up got it what up everybody thank you so much for watching this week's video i really hope you enjoyed it if you didn't know i was a video on this channel every single week my name is yusef aka fouseytube and i'll see you next week boy your hand i say stances go ahead i thought you said what you want a couple feel why these guys are bigger than both your thighs together you'll never feel one this big you don't know that look at jiggle you got a girlfriend man you got a girlfriend all right you're missing out
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