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Caption: - no way!. - this is what i'm. talking about, youtube. what happened . ? (dramatic intro) ?. - (fbe) so today, we're gonna. be showing you the top ten. most viewed videos of. all time on youtube. - oh wow, that's interesting. - i bet i could guess. a bunch of them. - i feel like i'd know. a few of them already. - did you already do an. episode on this . - (fbe) we've done this once. before with the youtubers,. but it was mostly music videos. - oh cool, despacito. can't wait to see that again. - (fbe) but today,. we have researched to make. a list that does not include. music videos except for those. we felt were considered. more native youtube videos. - so, we're not gonna be. seeing five reuploads of despacito . - (fbe) due to what's happened. in the recent years on the site,. we've also removed some. of the little kid content,. since those views get. out of control and sometimes. feel suspect. - thank you. - (fbe) and we're also excluding. anything reuploaded from tv,. compilations, and videos with. overly sexual thumbnails. - well, you're down to like,. eight videos on all. of youtube at this point. - (fbe) so with that said,. these are ten of the most. viewed videos that you have. to put in order from these. classic videos we've put. together. - okay. oh, i'm so excited. - i'm gonna kill it. - rob's usually pretty good at this. - we're basically professional. meme farmers. if we can't do it,. we should fire ourselves. - (fbe) so now, we're gonna. give you this. - thank you. - (fbe) and while you're. watching, we'll have you. place the videos where you. think they fit in the top ten. - got it. - i think i might do okay,. 'cause i spend more time. on youtube. - he spends a lot of time. on youtube. - ? when the duck walked. up to the lemonade stand ?. - no way!. - oh, i know this one. - ? running the stand. hey, bum bum bum ?. - (singing along). ? got any grapes ?. - this is the pinnacle of. youtube animation. - this is our competition. animation. - (duck) goodbye. ? then he waddled away ?. - how is it possible i. haven't seen this . - (singing along) ? then. he waddled away ?. ? waddle, waddle, waddle ?. - ? then he waddled away. waddle, waddle ?. - (singing) ? 'til the. very next day ?. - i feel like i'm twelve again. i have so much joy right now. - i feel like i work so hard. making videos for youtube. and then i see something. like this and it's the top ten . it's just a smidge infuriating. - would you say five . - six. okay, five. - five. - i remember being surprised. at how many views it had,. but i can't quantify how. many views that was. - let's drop it in. at three. - that's gotta be number one. i've seen that video. so many times, i've racked. it up a couple million. at this point. - (orange) hey apple. - (both) oh. - classic. annoying orange. - dane boe. - this is the first one,. isn't it . is this the first. annoying orange . - god, this was a phenomenon. - (orange) say apple again . - i mean, it's just so good. - yellow teeth. - (apple) 400 times. you said it. - annoying orange, legends. - what . - my little brother is. nine years old and he. watches the annoying orange. gaming to this day. - so many times i'd go. to retail stores and they had. annoying orange merch. everywhere. they made a phenomenon. - i would say seven. for annoying orange. - i'm thinking seven or eight. - seven, okay. - i'm gonna put it at eight. these are giving me. such throwbacks. - (cameraman) i went. to the fridge. - oh, i love this one!. - one of my favorite videos. - this is so good. - i haven't seen this. - (cameraman) you know. that bacon that's maple . the maple flavored . - (dog) the maple kind, yeah. - it's so cute. - (dog) yeah. - (cameraman) i know. who would like that. me!. so i ate it. - so good. - (dog groans). - oh my gosh. i love that. i've never seen that before. - you've never seen that . - the could have been,. to me, a whole series of videos. they did a few of them. - that has gone around. the internet. - that's a sixer. - i'll put it at three for now. - that's so the best. bad lip reading i've ever seen. - this is what i'm talking about,. youtube. what happened . i'm gonna put that five. - this is number one. - this is number one. - oh, this was the top video. on youtube when we. started making youtube videos. - yeah. - ah, this was so big. and i know for a fact this is high. - this is top three. top three right here. - isn't this one of the first. videos uploaded on youtube . - this was the most viewed. video of all time. until when. it was passed by. charlie bit my finger,. so we know it's not number one. - i'll put that at seven. - that one's number one. it's gotta be. - it's number one in my heart. - i'm gonna put that as. my number one. if that was uploaded now,. that would get maybe 300 views. - slow mo guys. love 'em. - the ogs who are. still killing it to this day. - ah, so good. - it's so good. - i've watched this video. a number of times myself. - i do remember this being. crazy popular. - these are just so. satisfying to watch. - it's mesmerizing. - it is. - i wonder if gavin's. watching this. - hi, gavin. - the water's like,. "wait, i can go somewhere . i will do that. ". - i remember this being. one of their most viewed--. if not their most viewed. - slow mo guys. i have so much respect for them. - gavin has always been. super cool. he has worn a rooster teeth. shirt in every single. slow mo guys video. - five . - five, okay let's try five. - eight, seven. - we already filled. both of those. i'm gonna go for nine. - it can't be as popular. as the duck song, can it . slow mo guys, i'm gonna. drop you at number ten. i'm sorry. - (babies babbling). - oh, the twins talking. to each other. - i think this is the first. video we've seen that i. have not seen before. - and they said english. was a hard language. - it's cute. - it's disturbing. - that was the video . - yeah. - jeez. we work way too hard. to make videos. - that is early footage of. the fine brothers pitching. ideas to each other. - putting it in at. a solid five. that feels wrong because. people love babies. - my bias makes me want. to rank it low,. because i haven't seen it before. and i think so highly of myself. that's seven. - i was thinking low tier. - nine . - charlie bit my finger. and sneezing panda are. two things that i am. surprised i haven't seen yet. - that could be at number--. okay, wait a second. where's charlie bit my finger . can the babies be number three . - yes. - that was a big one,. but there's definitely--. i gotta save room for. charlie bit my finger. - oh, this one . the dog spider prank. is this high . - spider. - oh, this is classic. spider dog. - oh man, that's so scary. - oh my gosh, what is that . - oh, this video still. creeps me out. - the web is so awesome. - that's so mean. - imagine if you're running. from a spider dog. and you see a huge web. i mean, i would pee myself. - that didn't feel staged. back in . but that is so obviously. choreographed. - i'll put it at a four. - i think that would go. into six. - yeah, i agree. - that was terrifying. - that is terrifying. - spider dog is going. number four. - bad move. - oh, charlie bit me. - there's our guys. - yeah. - oh, there it is. - number two or three. - there's the boys. - i knew it. i knew it was coming. - see, that's why i'm. saving number one. - (boy) charlie,. that really hurt!. - aw. - i just love that charlie. gets joy out of this. - (boy) charlie bit me. - i love how happy charlie is. - let's put it at two,. but know that we might. have to knock that up to one. - it's probably gonna go to one. - i'm gonna put that. one number one,. 'cause that's a pretty iconic. video. - just gonna throw a. charlie down here at the top. - charlie bit my finger. is number one. that's a classic video. that's what youtube was all about. - one. the greatest of life changing,. paradigm shifting video. on youtube. - ? severus snape ?. - ? ron weasley ?. - ah!. - oh. - oh. - oh, potter puppet pals. - oh god, that's gotta be. in the top five. - ? (characters singing) ?. - i completely forgot. these existed. these are so good. - (snape) snape!. - (harry) harry!. - (both) wow. - have you ever seen that . - i've never seen that one. before. - i might regret putting. this at number seven,. but i'm going to. ? snape, snape, severus snape ?. - you're putting it at. number five, 'cause you have. a harry potter love affair. that's sick and twisted. - do you see the deathly. hallows necklace . - potter puppet pals coming in. number ten. that means the next video. is going to--. it has to be the most popular. video in the history of youtube. - oh my gosh. - babies. - so many baby videos. - so many babies. - i don't know if i've. seen this. - top anime fights of 2012. - this is the sort of video. you just have to wonder. why isn't the parent going. to get another pacifier . - man, they're just trying. to be charlie bit my finger. - i have never seen that. video before. - me neither, but it was gold. - i've never seen that before. - i think i've seen it,. but i blocked it from. my memory. - all we have left is one,. which is wrong. - number one,. twin baby girls fight. over pacifier. that's gotta change, though. - i'm feeling pretty confident. about my picks. i'm feeling not as confident. about your weird placement. of videos. - (fbe) so, now that you've. watched through all of these,. we're gonna give you a chance. to make changes. - i'm gonna put evolution. of dance at number one. i feel really strongly about that. - i might go with. a classic here. i'ma say number one might. be charlie bit my finger. - i think number one's gonna. be between harry potter. and charlie. - do you think anything should. go in the number one spot. besides charlie bit my finger . - i don't think so. - i feel like spider dog needs. to be up here more. - i think spider dog needs. to go lower. - i reckon the twin babies. fighting need to move. to number ten, 'cause i've. never seen that,. so apparently i am. all of youtube. - why don't we move the. slow mo guys and put. the dog tease there. - yeah, i like it. - i think we're good. i think we got a good one. right here. - (fbe) okay, so here's how. the scoring works. if you're right on the money,. you get two points. - okay. - (fbe) if you're just one. off, you'll get one point. - okay, great. at least we get a point. it's like millennial baseball. - (fbe) number ten is. giant six foot water balloon. with over 170 million views. - oh. gavin, do better. - i had it nailed. i'm sorry gavin,. i just love you too much. i couldn't let you be. at number ten. - you're number five. in our hearts. - that was seven. - we had it at seven. - we were one off. - that's what the stakes are . we're at over 170 . oh no. - (fbe) number nine is. mutant giant spider dog. with over 175 million views. - oh, we got one point. - that's a pity point. - that's a pity point. - i'm getting close. - so we get a point there,. 'cause we had that at ten. - (fbe) number eight is. potter puppet pals. with 180 million views. - i feel like i have. everything flipped. - i put them at seven,. at least getting a point there. - yes!. - (fbe) with over million views, number seven. is ultimate dog tease. - i had that at five. i'm two off on that one,. too. - oh, we were close. we put it at six. - yay, we did it!. - whoo, two points!. - all right, i'm getting. back on the board. - (fbe) number six is. talking twin babies. with over 195 million views. - number si--. ah, i was two away. - i moved them all the way. down to ten. - oh, that we have. on the nose. - good job. it's validated. - (fbe) number five,. with over 210 million views,. the annoying orange. - we had him at eight. - okay, one point. - we were off by one. - at least i got a point. - i thought annoying orange. would be half a billion. at this point. - (fbe) number four is. evolution of dance,. with over 300 million views. - no!. - oh no. - we would have gotten. a point, but i made hank. change it, so you're welcome. - i moved evolution of dance. all the way to number one. i was so confident. - no way. i remember how people. didn't shut up about it. - feeling like charlie's still. in the run, though. i still look good at the. top of this. - (fbe) number three. is the duck song,. with over 340 million views. - i had that at number eight. - we have that at two. - i have it at number three!. yes!. - oh, we got that one right. two points. - (fbe) number two,. with over 560 million views,. twin baby girls fighting. over pacifier. - that's rubbish!. it wasn't even good. - i've never seen that be--. why was that--. - we got it. - yay!. - that only leaves one. video. - (fbe) so that means the. number one spot. goes to charlie bit my finger. with over 860 million views. - really . - if you're having a bad day,. you gotta go see that kid. get his finger bit by a baby. - i knew it. - yay!. - charlie bit my finger. charlie bit me. - we saw it all the way. i honestly feel pretty. good about it. we got two on the nose. - lesson learned. watch more youtube. - (fbe) so, all these videos. have been huge view getters. on youtube and the majority. are what many would consider. to be classics on the platform. - yes. - absolutely. - (fbe) now we're here at. vidcon this year,. one of the many signals. of this platform's growth. so, what do you think. about the way online video. has grown where we can have. youtube classics just like. we have classics for film,. tv, and other mediums . - i love it. i love the fact that. i've been on this platform. for twelve years. and i've got to watch all. these videos and grow up. side by side and we're. all still here. - these are our roots. a lot of our videos. are based on how a lot. of these videos got viral. - it's so odd watching those. and seeing how the platform. has changed in such a. small time, 'cause it. makes you think,. "what on earth is gonna. happen in the next five years ". - we are in a golden age. of youtube. fifteen years from now,. i hope that there's. a youtubers react. you'll wheel us in,. we'll be 55 and you'll. show us videos from . and we'll remember how. great they were too. - thanks for taking this trip. down memory lane. - on youtubers react. - subscribe to everyone. on this episode. links are below. - catch you later. - hi guys, jc here,. producer here at fbe. thanks so much for. watching this episode. of youtubers react. big thanks to all the. creators who took their time. to come down here. and shoot with us. make sure to check them out. the links are down below. bye, guys. .

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