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YouTubers react to to the top 10 most viewed videos on YouTube! Watch to see their Reaction!
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See You Again
Gangnam Style
Uptown Funk
Masha and The Bear
Shake It Off
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Danny Shepherd
Jack Douglass
Craig Thompson
Jon Cozart
Ian Hecox & Courtney Miller
Timothy DeLaGhetto
Zane Hijazi
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YouTubers React #138 - YouTubers React to Top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Videos of All Time
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Number of Likes: 107,016
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Caption: - it's been so long . since i've done this. - there it is! . i knew you were on the list. - i can't believe this. is already in the top 10. ? (dramatic chord) ?. - (fbe) so today, we're. going to be showing you clips. of the 10 most viewed videos. in youtube's history. and see if you can identify. where in the top . each video currently sits . when we filmed this episode. - oh!. - interesting. - ooh, fun game. i like it. - oh, that's hard. like, what the ranking is . shoot, i'm not gonna . be very good at that. - way back in the beginning. of youtube,. we had this pokemon . theme song music video. where we lip synced . to the pokemon theme song,. and i think that . was the most viewed video. of all time for a year and a half,. and then it was. removed for copyright. - (fbe) so we're . going to give you this. - thank you. - so i'm writing all of them down. oh, this is gonna be interesting. - (fbe) and you will have . one opportunity at the end. to change your answers . after you view them all. - perfect, let's do this. - ? your sugar ?. - maroon 5, a wedding. - oh, yeah, i've seen this. - ? . put it down on me ?. - (onlooker) oh my gosh. - i didn't know this was. one of the most viewed. i've never seen this. - (bride squealing). - awww. - i wasn't aware . this was in the top 10. - definitely number seven. - it could be . i have no idea. i just put seven. - this is at nine. because i've never. seen that video before. - yeah. - number seven. i mean, that was a hit. that wasn't a big hit. - that's one that . probably trended really hard. when it came out, . but it might have dipped a little bit. i'm gonna put down . a seven right now. - i'll put that as eight,. but a very tentative eight. - number 10 because i was like,. i don't know where this would fit. - i'm gonna go for a seven. it's a very facebook video,. if that makes sense. it's the video that . your mom would watch. it's like, "oh, if only. i had that at my wedding. ". - ? is it too late now to say sorry ?. - justin beiber, "sorry" . - okay, yeah. - that doesn't surprise me at all. - ? is it too late . to say sorry now ?. ? oh, oh, sorry ?. - it's a cool video. - it's hypnotic. i can't not look at this video. every time it plays. - it's a good video. good dancers, it's bieber. i'm gonna go put. that at number three. - we'll put "sorry" . for number three. it's an extremely popular song. - i'm gonna put that at four. - this is a really, . really popular song,. so i think that's. gonna be a high four. - five or six. - yeah, i think six. - it might be higher. - okay, five. - five all right, yeah, yeah, yeah. all right. - we're compromising. we have a good . business relationship. - (sassily) mm-hmm!. ? (jazz music) ?. - what is this . - what the [bleep] . i've never seen this before. - i've never seen this in my life. - 'cause you're not five. ? (jazz music) ?. - no clue. what is this . - this is a real top 10 video . - (girl giggling). - i'm making youtube videos wrong. - i have never . seen that in my life. i'm gonna say eight. - shit! i don't know what that is. let's go with eight. - that's gonna be a 10. what the hell was that . - is that russian okay. that's one of the most. viewed videos right now . i'm gonna put that at number 10. - there's gotta be . some international stuff. that goes super viral overseas. that we don't see, right . - i know that a lot . of these weird children videos. have billions of views--. - because the baby wants to watch it. over and over and over again . - yeah. i'm gonna say that one's. actually higher than "sorry. ". - really . - yeah. - ? despacito ?. - oh!. - number one. - i think this is number one. - i can't believe this. is already in the top 10. - number one, first video . to 3 billion, baby!. - number one. - two, three, or four. i don't think it's taken . the number one spot yet. - let's put it at number four,. but, oh my god,. this list is gonna be so wrong!. - i'm gonna say nine. because it's so new. - at number eight . because it's really big. it's a big song, . but it just came out. - i hear that "see you again" . became the number one song,. but then i read . recently that "despacito". was either climbing up. or about to beat it. or actually beat it. i think, by now, . it's probably beat it. i'm gonna say "despacito" . is number one. - ? i got the eye of the tiger ?. - "roar. ". - oh, yay! katy. - ? . the fire ?. - (singing along) . ? i am the champion ?. - you got some empowerment. you got wild animals. - (groaning) . this is really hard, man. they're all music videos. - ? i am the champion ?. - this song just-- it got stuck. on the radio for 27 years. - i think it's in the middle. that's kind of where . i have it right now. - "roar" by katy perry,. a solid number three. - that's gonna be four. - i'm putting "roar" . at number seven. i thought it'd be easier than this. - i'm gonna put "roar" . for number two,. but i don't think that's right. - number five, halfway mark. whew, man, this is intense. - ? we've come a long way ?. - charlie, former youtuber. - there it is! . i knew you were on the list. - oh, no! i was wrong. this is the number one song. - crap, no, i think. it's two or three, man. - ? (vocalizing) ?. - hmmm. - ? (vocalizing) ?. (clapping along). - i've never seen . a single fast and furious movie,. by the way. i've heard great things. - actually, i think . this is the most viewed. - sad song. i've heard this song a lot. so number five. - sad song, everybody. loves paul walker,. it was a good movie. number two. - i'm gonna say "see you again". is number two. - okay, just put it down. - i've never seen that video before,. just all over the radio. i'm gonna go a little lower. i'ma go eight. - i'm putting it at number two. because i think. "despacito" recently beat it. - that's number five . or six-- or maybe it's seven. or maybe it's one. i don't know. i'm out of the loop. - ? girls hit your hallelujah (ooh) ?. - ooh!. - damn it. - ? girls hit your hallelujah (ooh) ?. - this should have 40 billion views. it's just a great song. - this is a good video. bruno's great. - (singing along) ? saturday night. and we in the spot ?. ? don't believe me, just watch ?. - (vocalizing tune). - hmmm. - i don't know. i feel. like that one's pretty high. number four. - number six. - he's the new michael jackson. he has to be number four. - i'm gonna go with number six. bruno mars. yeah. - ? (singing in spanish) ?. - i don't know if . i've ever heard this before. - oh, it's "bailando. ". - is that enrique iglesias . - you feel like you haven't listened . to enrique iglesias in a long time,. but then you forget about . there's another half of the world. that listens to music. you don't listen to. ? (singing in spanish) ?. - i'm second guessing my choices now. - i love how diverse . this stuff is for the top 10. it's very impressive. - i think that's gonna . be pretty high too. i'm gonna give it eight. - i'm gonna put him at ten. - nine i don't know, "bailando. ". - hey, taylor!. - ? 'cause the players. gonna play, play, play, play, play ?. - (singing along) ? haters . gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate ?. - (singing along) ? baby, i'm gonna. shake, shake, shake, shake, shake ?. - number three. - ? shake it off ?. - how am i supposed to rank. these popular ass songs . - i'm gonna put it at eight. - i feel like this video . has a lot of views. i'm gonna put that at number four. - three, that's not three. i've got this so wrong!. - it's either one or six on my list. these are so wrong. "shake it off," . i'm gonna say is number one. - "shake it off," number six. this is the hardest quiz. i've ever taken. this makes the sats look simple. - ? oppa gangnam style ?. - hey! it's our boy, the og,. "gangnam style. ". - aaah! how could. i forget my own people . - it's been so long . since i've done this. - i completely forgot. about "gangnam style. ". - i think this is still number one. let me at least get that one right. - ? hey, sexy lady ?. - this was the biggest at the time. - i love this song, dude. - ? oppa gangnam style ?. - love it. - shit! yeah, definitely gonna . have to change this around. - when this came out, . and it got really big,. this was before a lot. of these songs coming out also. - i am cool with putting. "gangnam style" at number three. - that's number six for me. just because that's the last slot. all right, we did it!. - (fbe) now that you've. watched all these videos,. we're going to give you. one chance to make changes. - okay, i'm gonna say. "gangnam" goes up here. i think "despacito" is further down. i think "see you again" . is number one. - i'm gonna switch . katy perry with taylor swift. i'm gonna put "shake it off" at five. - i want to switch "see you again" . to number one, for sure. i'm gonna say . "masha and the bear" is last. - (fbe) so in . the tenth spot is "roar. ". - damn it!. - oh! (laughing) . sorry, katy perry. - okay, one wrong. - no, i guessed that as four! . i'm so wrong. - holy shit! i got . number ten very wrong. and now everything . is thrown into chaos. - (fbe) number nine is "sugar. ". - dang. - oh! . - oh, okay, okay. - nice!. - we're in business. - aah, i was so close. - another one wrong. okay, cool. - that was number seven. i was close,. but that's another no. - (fbe) number eight is "bailando. ". - uh-huh, yeah,. i said "sugar," so nope. - ugh, katy perry, . you're messing up everything. - hey! i got "bailando. ". - ha-ha! right on, . long-distance high five. - yeah! i'm doing great so far. - yes, got that right as well. two for three!. - (fbe) number seven. is taylor swift, "shake it off. ". - oh, no. okay. that's wrong. that's very wrong. - oh, okay, shit. i thought it'd be more. - okay, so we kinda-- yeah. - we were kind of rough--. bailando's really out of there. - all right, "shake it off. " . great. i am zero for four right now. - yes! one. (laughing). - yes! oh, we're in business. all right, we're on three for four. - (fbe) number six,. "masha and the bear. ". - okay, also wrong. - oh, no way!. - okay. - oh, dang. we were one off. - dang, six. number six. that is the sixth most viewed--. is there more to that video. than what i watched . - (fbe) number five . is bruno mars, "uptown funk. ". - mm-hmm, so close. - oh my gosh, i'm glad . i'm done with school. - goddamn it. all right, cool. i said "see you again. ". that's fine. - yes! got that right as well. i'm way too happy. i'm so much happier . than i should be. - (fbe) number four. is justin bieber's "sorry. ". - oh! . - aah. - we thought it was six, . so we got those mixed up. - okay. - number four. i put it at three,. so close enough. - woo! that's it. i'm in there. - it's possible i can get. two correct out of ten. if "despacito" and . "gangnam style" are correct. - (fbe) number three . is "gangnam style. ". - damn! i thought i got that one. - no way! i was. so confident about that. that's crazy. - yep! (laughing). - hey, we did it! . - yeah, we got one. - "gangnam style," woo!. - woo, not a single one right. it's impossible for me . to any one right. - "despacito" just came out, though,. so i didn't think. it would reach to number one. or number two so fast. - (fbe) number two. is "see you again. ". - i knew it!. - "despacito" took it . - what !. - no! and i put it at six. that's crazy. - oh, shit! i had it right. i let it slip through. my fingers. okay. - (fbe) and finally, . the number one video. on youtube right now, . the first video ever. to hit 3 billion views, "despacito. ". - wow. i feel like that just . came out a week ago. - no way! no way!. i didn't know it was . such a worldwide phenomenon. - whoa!. - 3 billion views. that's getting close. to half the entire world. - yes! not bad. - five out of ten. it's not bad because . if you get one wrong,. it's collateral damage. - ? despacito ?. ? i just couldn't . get five through ten ?. ? but he got him . one through four ?. - i'm zero for ten,. and that's what happens. when you don't pay attention. to music videos. - (fbe) so all the videos. but one were music videos. in fact, of the over 70 videos. that have over 1 billion views,. only three are not classified. as music videos. what do you think about. how of all the different types. of videos on youtube,. that one specific type of video. can exclusively . dominate the list like this . - i think it makes sense . because people. not only watch youtube for video,. but they watch it. to listen to the music too,. so most of those views. are just the youtube video playing. and they're actually. just listening to it. - it's a little bit of a bummer,. just that they're all music videos. it does make sense, though. i mean, they have . more replay values. than sketches or vlogs. - it's the same reason . why our theme song. was the most viewed video. for a long time,. because it's music . and music is universal. you don't need to know . the language to enjoy it. - exactly. that's so crazy, man. music is so powerful. - thank you so much for watching. this episode of youtubers react. - subscribe to all. the sexy ass people. that were in this video. their links will be . in the description. - see you later, guys. thanks for watching. - hey, guys, kyle here,. and thank you so much. for watching this episode. of youtubers react. which video were you surprised. to see on that list . let us know in the comments. .

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