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Youtubers React to YouTube Rewind 2016! Watch to see their reaction!
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YouTube Rewind: The Ultimate 2016 Challenge | #YouTubeRewind
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Caption: Hey everyone been here from fbe a lot of . channels including this one have been . having issues where youtube isn't . notifying subscribers of new videos. often so here's a reminder of our . schedule and if you wanna get notified . of every new upload directly click the . bell icon below and check the box and. make sure you do that for all the. channels you love on youtube . [music]. i know this i've seen this this looks . familiar it's youtube rewind i know what . this is. i'm in this bring it this is my first . you're going to react to this . i feel like this is a rite of passage . you guys are just making me watch this. because i wasn't in this one either huh. during this heard you were in this yeah . we are. i wonder where they filmed this . beautiful boys there phil z . left work . now we're in the olympics you guys ready . for the coolest part that's the golden . star right there are man . glad to get casey little spot like he's . learned . yes did a lot of international stars . this year i love all the other countries . is so cool i'll do perfect of course . kids i think this is my favorite part . we did the running man challenge for . like hours with doctors here . wow that's the damn daniel get right . he's not even really youtuber down . danielle is everything is oh you didn't . know what i don't know what his face . looks like i don't use look like a . pineapple or plan i love how they . included pen but that put a foot bed . all the gaming channels are so cool they . call the people who i was with their . last year and no i'm not your am i was . made to see . look at that jacks up the gag . controlling other people . oh yeah . like she's so cute . that was on my toe know what i don't . know if anybody realized that was my toe . but that was the best camera mobile a . hundred hundred player like that . there you go you got the holy trinity . right here thats sarah . i feel like there's usually so many . references that i don't get because i'm . not calling another bottle thing that's . probably the first thing i've recognized . do it do it . land god water bottle flips wow . oh yes this offense at the queen yes . lily . oh that's an awesome spotlight for . superwoman oh was that was that do it . way way in the back together look like. me. [music]. on justin gina pillow fighting and kind . of like that bittersweet very hard yeah . look at this dancing seems so . mind blown . i love james court in this is so iconic . i'm so jealous i was so jealous of this . tape scored are you kidding me . this was such a smart starting for him . to make yeah you should rewind know that . 2016 i loved it was so funny just tastes . like really happy being a youtuber if . that is a summary of 2016 welcome 2017 . with eager eyes getting into youtubers. react as a rite of passage getting to . react to the rewind is another rite of. passage made it even locked . overall what did you think of youtube's . rewind this year there was a lot of . colors well-produced i was in it but uh . it's okay i really liked it i had a lot . of good vibes i love you to everyone . this year i had a mixture of a bunch of . different stuff bunch of different means . and stuff including my face. this was more like clothes so you could . really pinpoint faces and everybody's . like seeing people that we know no in . this like productions that are getting . increasingly bigger budget this year's . wasn't quite as good as last year's it's . hard to be last year's though because it . was the 10-year anniversary and so there . was a lot of deep themes that were. expressed i've been on youtube for over . a decade now and finally this year they. they asked me to be a part of it just to. be a part of it was a lot of fun. so what was your experience like being. in you to everyone this year you to . everyone was so much fun this year i. think my part was really easy because. all we did was lay down and do pillow. fight it was really fun we had a long . day and it's like crazy how much time. goes into such a small amount of actual. rewind there was a moment where it cuts . to a hundred layers of nail polish . challenge on a tow it was my toe i had . to come to set 11 hours earlier that . they could paint on a hundred layers of. nail polish you're getting to meet a lot . of other youtubers who you wouldn't. cross paths with otherwise and so and . you're doing it all in celebration of. this like wild wacky thing we call. youtube so we went over the years is . very beloved that this year there's a . lot more public negativity from fans as. a comparison reminds for 2013-14 had . about 65,000 dislikes 2015 had a hundred. sixty-five thousand dislikes and this . one in less than a week already has. the 350,000 dislikes seriously it's kind . of a meme now to be like always see all . cringey youtube rewind is this year do . you think it's because they didn't like . the rewind this year or was it something. else. yeah that's a really good question maybe. there's so many more youtubers now that. we are in a way i felt like i knew a lot . of the reason but maybe they feel like a . lot of people are being left out now . officers tell me that and because of the . traditional media like influence in it . maybe people feel anger towards that . everyone has their favorite creator when . they don't see them in the video it you . know it can be like what's going on here . i'm bummed now i don't like this video's . this year there is definitely more . negativity on youtube than there has . been in previous years i just would like . the whole thing with people supporting . the drama channels that has kind of. cultivated like a little bit of negative. vibes the more youtube becomes popular . the more entitled the viewers are and . the more they feel like they won't be. satisfied the quality of entertainment. is going up to these little you know . sticks when people are dancing and . singing lip-syncing this one and so far . i'm gonna fly like they used to . so as we celebrate rewind we're also in. the midst of arguably the most public. controversy between youtube and its . creators many channels are seeing their . view counts drop heavily out of nowhere . and many feel that youtube changed their . algorithm and subscribers are not being. notified in the recommended section of. the youtube homepage as much as they . used to have you experienced this on. your channel i i'll be honest i kind of . have a little bit i've noticed like a . drop-in views i'm just like kind of like . taking back like wait what exactly is . youtube doing is it something that i'm . doing as a creator it is very polarizing . time and it. these concerns are both legit and scary. i believe there is a way to bring it up . just in a non polarizing way does . youtube not really needed to create a . community because the bottom line for . any company is the bottom line and is . there any of that yet more use when they . have late night shows pussy know and . they're promoting their video promoting. viral not supposed to promoting like our . content or anyone else's content that's . like that's the money talk if videos are . not popping up for people who have. subscribed to said creator and it's kind . of a appoints useless something's . changing something that maybe they . haven't figured it out yet. i don't know i don't think the core of . youtube should be like if you subscribe . you get to watch it yeah that's like the . number feel like that's the number one . commandment of youtube the main thing is . that a lot of people just don't know . when someone uploads a new video there . should be a way where you shouldn't you . can see all the videos you're subscribed . to popping up in your subscription box. communication i would be a great thing . to see improved my bring about youtube . to be more transparent with not . necessarily how the code how the . algorithm works but when changes are. made giving sort of the high-level . overview of this is what our goal is . this is why we're doing it youtube is . constantly changing and and doing things. to improve the site as a whole but they. never do a good job of communicating the. value proposition to the creator's who . have built their lifestyles on this and . so if if your creator who does have a . business and a life and people who work. for you all depending on that ad revenue. check and something changes and you're . not communicated as to why or what. it's really scary what's something in . your youtube career or your life that . you are very proud of or most memorable . for you that happened in . let's see this year i guess it was . pretty recent getting out a music video . that had been in the works for over a. year i did have a show coming out this . year i'm we got a second season so i'm . very excited for that opportunity to . actually meet the pope as an ambassador. of digital creators and of youtubers and . talk to him about the impact of. cyberbullying it was really cool making . that transition from six seconds to my . first video on youtube was 12 minutes a . lot of miners are transitioning over . into youtube because recipes it's dead . now so it's a lot of people a lot of . creators want to keep creating and. youtube place to do that . finally one year from now what is one. prediction you have about youtube1 . protection have about youtube youtube . red is going to become really really big . the meme trend was really popping during. vine and like vine was viral everything . six-second everything but i think we're . transitioning into a friend like a phase . of youtube where memes are no longer . considered funny but just kind of. annoying at the end of the day youtube . knows that it can't alienate its core. audience finding a better balance . between where their head . and you know pleasing kind of the top . creators and making sure that this is. still a place where interesting creative. content can be found and where you know. that get-up-and-go attitude that has. always existed on youtube can continue i . think that that will exist in to 2017 . thanks so much for watching another . episode of youtubers react. make sure to subscribe to all these . beautiful people write down there thanks . for watching little brown girl everybody . been here producer of youtubers react. thank you for watching our annual. youtubers react to youtube rewind always . fascinating hearing from youtube's about . the state of youtube we've covered . youtube rewind every year click below to . see all the previous episodes and see . how things have evolved or not. see you next time. .

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