Did Apple Just Cancel The iPhone X?

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The iPhone X is the latest Apple flagship device. Some speculation has emerged regarding it's continued existence. Apparently, the iPhone X could be replaced by larger options said to be more appealing to certain markets. If the current generation iPhone X is halted it would mark the first time since iPhone 5C that an iPhone model was terminated after one generation.
Forbes article on potential iPhone X cancelation.
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Caption: This is an iphone 10 otherwise . referenced frequently as the iphone x i . really don't care what you call it . there's been some news developing and i . feel like we should discuss it i'm no . stranger to this device i used it for an . extended period of time and i came back . to you with some video content my . findings my feelings and so on and i . want to be clear about something at this . point right now this is a good phone the . camera is nice and so on and a lot of . people enjoy it and that's cool for me . it just ain't my choice and i don't . think it represents a great value given . its price point but today's video is . about an article that i read yesterday . on forbes which was informed by an . article on apple insider essentially . stated that this phone right here in . front of me . might be getting canceled by apple this . is not a tv show how do you cancel it . what do you what do you do here . well according to ming chi quo this . prolific information leaker who is . essentially i mean he's never wrong this . guy all right . his company kgi securities reported . recently that production was going to . shut down soon and that the reason for . it a lack of demand for this device . right here now he stated that one of the . reasons for this potential cancellation . is a lack of demand specifically in . china regarding the overall screen size . of this device it's not the biggest . screen in the world face id where you . add there you go obviously there's . plenty of orders that are already put in . for this there's retailers and. telecommunications companies that are. gonna have these things on the shelf it . just means that you're gonna shut down . the assembly line sooner than you . normally would and the current rumor . based on the information from this guy . is that that'll happen at some point in . the summer this would mark the first . time ever that apple has shut down or . canceled a particular device before the . next one has actually launched like you . you buy an iphone 7 right now you can . even buy a brand new iphone 6s i believe . the idea here is not that the 10 would . be completely dead but a modified larger . version would take over for it and this . one would be buried forever but that's . not where the story ends all of a sudden . there was an update ming chi quo he kind . of backtrack. a little bit was like wait i phones . performing pretty good i'm not really . sure they're gonna shut it down i'm not . really sure what's going on and to me . that 48-hour backtrack is kind of . interesting on its own was the original . information bad did something change in . the face of the reporting i'm not really . certain the question still remains is . this phone going to be canceled or not . now of course you guys know where i . stand on this particular device i don't . think it's the greatest value for money . and i even anecdotally i know people in . my life i have chosen to upgrade to the. iphone 8 or 8 plus instead of this and . so when i saw the report come out. stating that that's what people were . doing that they weren't gravitating . towards this model i could see some . reality in that at least in my own . personal experience so at a certain . point you have to wonder if that . influence has leaked out or if people . just in general haven't gravitated. towards this particular phone you might . think something is a great deal or a. great design and someone in china or. india or elsewhere might think other . ones but this development it certainly . lends itself to my intuition which is . that this marketplace has gotten . incredibly more competitive recently and . what you are able to get at lower price . points has improved substantially so the . question going forward probably not just . for apple but also for samsung and the . various other premium smartphone makers. how big is the demand for a $1,000 phone . and do they sort of need to reconfigure . a little bit in order to match the . demand that does exist now for the . record i don't imagine that the next . generation iphone flagship will be less. than this one i think apple is perfectly . happy playing in that premium space and . so is samsung but the numbers once they . eventually become public well those. won't lie and we'll find out for certain . what the demand is for this particular . device compared to the others what do . you think is gonna happen do you think . that this will survive that the iphone. 10 will remain intact or will this one . go to bed somewhere you let me know down . in the comments also what do you think . is the perfect smartphone screen side . tim cook he's gonna be down in these . comments he's gonna be reading what . you're saying so get your voice out . there. [music]. .

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