Easter Egg Hunt Proposal Prank! *SHE WAS PISSED*

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Can't believe she fell for this again... But to be fair it was set up pretty good... today is Easter and I thought what better way to spend easter then doing an Easter Egg Hunt Proposal Prank! *SHE WAS PISSED* ... also dont forget to send in your april fool's pranks that you did on your family or friends to foxfamfools@gmail.com

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[music]. till all of these qualities that i've . read out on all these notes are . something that i would want a woman that . i would spend the rest of my life with . all of you guys go film an april fool's . prank on anyone in your family one of . your friends i don't care and then in . tomorrow's vlog i will announce an email . if you guys want this so comment down . below also if you wanted and then in . tomorrow's video i will make an email . where you guys can all send them to and . i will react to them so you all get to . be on my youtube channel what is going . on fox fam welcome back to another video . i am hopping straight into the title and . thumbnail of today's video yes i am . laying down it's been months in months . in months since i last pulled in actual . prank i think the last legit prank i did . on taylor was had to have been like two . months ago correct me if i'm wrong in . the comments down below yes i am doing . another proposal prank on taylor now the . last one i did was a few months ago when . we were in hawaii i'll give you guys a . little flashback baby . taylor look at me i'm serious please . taylor alisha constant i love you so . much. taylor was pretty mad about that and the . entire circumstances of that video made . sense for the prank we're in hawaii or . on vacation it's sunset . it just looked legit right now i'm . filming this video a day late i know . you're thinking easter was yesterday . well easter right now is today so to. make it extra believable i couldn't have . pulled this prank on her yesterday me . and taylor spent all morning together . for easter we went out we had lunch we . had like a really fun day but taylor . just left to the store to go get bathing. suits to film a video for her channel . which means she's gonna be shopping for . the next few hours so i just ran to the . store myself i picked up some goodies . and then i wrote down nine different . poems i'm gonna give her this basket and . then i'm basically gonna make her go on . an entire scavenger hunt all across my . house and then at the very end of the . scavenger hunt she's gonna have to find . nine different eggs on the very last one . there's gonna be a very special note in . here which is going to make me ask . taylor to marry her by the way duncan is. still here at duncan come in i'm gonna . prank you mommy i'm gonna get a good i . am so excited for this oh the main thing . about these pranks is like you cannot. rush doing this kind of stuff so i . really have to make this believable when . she gets here i'm just gonna say hey . happy easter i have a surprise for you . and it makes sense to vlog because it's . a scavenger hunt she's gonna have no . idea i didn't know if she'll think . there's like a prize at the end it's . just like nice thing so she's gonna keep . wanting to do it she's gonna have to . find all of these different eggs and on . the very last one it says something . pretty special i'm gonna get down on one . knee and i have this from kay jewelers . so this looks completely jit i'm gonna . pull this out there's a little tiny . secret gift inside of this box not gonna . show you guys you got to watch till the . end of this video it's gonna be really . fun then you all get it pretty much go . on the same scavenger hunt as taylor and. you can maybe try to guess where these . eggs are hidden for now i'm gonna pack . up all these eggs i'm gonna wait for . taylor to get back i think i have . probably like another hour and a half to . do this and it every go guys . [music]. two hours later here we go as you guys . can hear taylor just got here and duncan. is freaking out so i'm gonna put the. camera down really fast all the presents . if we vlog all around the house okay so . obviously film you know okay all around . the house i need a bunch of eggs and . you're gonna go on a scavenger hunt okay . so the first egg i know it's gone it'll . be really exciting okay so first egg i . will give you a hint it is somewhere . along this wall and then you have to . find the first egg each egg will have a . hint where the next one is i got it i . already got it where was it where was it . i'm the father. all right so open her on up and let's . see what she says well you gotta open it . you gotta find out your gold digger i . know that open egga what does it say i . shine brighter than the moon the next . egg is found where all my cars blue . they're all poetic i'm pretty proud of. all of all of these you did . i know usage of shakespeare i have . myself a little bit i did poetry in . school. so where is that somewhere in here could . be anywhere could be on the surfboard . got a check anywhere i made them pretty . easy blending in though my oh that there . was no cars in here so i thought i'd put . it there . it's my of the city behind me next to . the not kidding the not kitty poetry . life so just gotta think not kitty so . what's the opposite of pity me puppy so . you got to think everything related to . dogs it could be anywhere anything . related to dogs . you can come on that was a good idea. spot okay so she didn't even look at the . bed obviously because it's on the bed . but she found exactly what i guess i i . might have given it away oh you make me . laugh you can make laugh without drawing . by me wear all my clothes are lying . hello what does that mean i know these . are good huh no i swear i wrote these i . wrote all of these i promise i am . shakespeare cocaine what's going on here. man we got a scavenger hunt you find it . well those are dirty clothes. there could be fourth egg also in . between all of these try to guess where . i'm actually hiding the eggs trying to . guess before taylor actually finds them . here's the next egg let's say mister . also facts also facts i'll be close to . some egg nog here we go be honest here i . don't really know if we have egg nog but . it was just kind of like a figure of . speech you know it was sort of like a . figure of speech i think my poems were . too giving i think they were too giving . away egg nog where could be could be . anywhere in here that's too witty oh she . got it ladies and gentlemen the fifth . eggs i know i mean where you'd cut your . hair with a knife that woody fuck are . you having fun thank you do you like my . compliments what's your title in the . same vein girlfriends damaged or . anything like that you'd put up with . pranks that made you scream i'll be . bouncing on a trampoline look at that . the next ones coming let's go where . could it be next dealer oh this one's . hard because i have two trampolines this . is the first time i've ever set up an . entire scavenger hunt and it's for . easter so this is perfect that is not. the egg that would be from duncan i'm . pretty sure he was eating them earlier . the next why'd you cheer me up when i'm . in a gloom by me in lindsay's room . oh the scavenger hunts so fast i thought . it would take longer i put so much . effort guys literally took me like 30 . minutes to write all these little poems . and i know how much you love easter so . this is why i thought this would be more . fun than just a normal gift i kind of . suck i realized that now i didn't hide . them very well i honestly didn't want to . make you work too hard for it because . you know i kind of want to just cut to . the chase . thank you make a great mom what's up bud . on tanner's bra is your gum here okay . for this one i have to go set my camera . because this is the good one so you wait . here and then where you obviously know . where the grom is where's the girl okay . so you wait here let me go put my camera . down there and i had a really good . cover-up for this because like i'm . filming a scavenger. all right we ready make sure you leave . the dollar up there we have the last one . you gotta find where it is all right oh . first before you try in the last segment . where you find it we'll just a happy . easter . the last day you run out to the car . they're looking really hard taylor . i swear to god you don't see it i saw . them tell me i'm becca winked ah it's a . gold that looks like the carbon fiber . all right. they're hoping the last thing can read . what it says very low i have one . question. all of these qualities that i've roamed . out on all these notes are something . that i would want a woman that i would . spend the rest of my life with . innovation compton . you just like it's a little smiley face. all of that led up to this moment . proposed i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry . i'm sorry. i feel so bad so this is what was inside . oh god stop this is what was inside of . the box . taylor got it out oh i'm sorry . taylor sorry. are you upset i'm really digging myself . a hole because like what if i actually . proposed you and you're like okay you're . like no more like you're like tanner . it's not funny i'm like i actually have . like a $40,000 ring i'm like trying to . marry you and you're like no it's not . funny like going i just i just figured . it didn't it's been so long since i. cranked you i agree you know show us . your ring taylor show us your ring we . focus on this what you get you do not . think this is funny do you . yeah definitely my next prank is gonna . get you back if i'm sorry . taylor taylor was like i actually feel . bad less about the prank is because like . the whole time she was coming downstairs . she's like what'd you get me like she's . all excited she thought we were going on. a trip because she just got her passport . but then it was this so like even in her . head she didn't i don't think you were . thinking oh . i thought that you're actually. surprising with the trip at the end . excited. even after i like revealed the ring to. you thought that like maybe there was. more to come and that was just me . pranking you to prank you well someone. gave me this and said that i should . prank you with a marriage again so i did . it why did i forget about that you know . i did an april fool's thing for . yesterday's video haha . oh my god wait no i feel like i knew . that but i didn't think about it you . just did this just because it's easter . yeah it's easter no i know i need april . fool's day it's overrated easter no sir . no i didn't even having never said april . fool's day in this video i don't think . oh my god april april fool's got her . april fool's april fool's i just got the . best fool's prank fox fam that wraps up . today's prank thank you guys so much for . watching today's video be sure i'm a fat . thumbs up comment down below a prank you . want to see me do on taylor i'm saying . that in front of her because she's gonna . forget about this conversation and in . four months from now i'm gonna look back . at these comments and i'm gonna pull one . on her when she's least expecting it so . she said same for you yeah same thing . for her if you guys wanna see any sort . of prank anyways that is gonna wrap up . today's video if you enjoyed be sure to . have a fat thumbs up subscribe if you. guys are new and i will see you in . tomorrow's video peace out this is gonna. go in the video just so you guys don't . get mad at me so i'm the setting of that . prank i talked to taylor and she's . willing to take another thumbnail with . me because the lighting on that last one . wasn't very good this is how you take a . thumbnail kids video make sure to. subscribe like comment check 10 person . applications run get some hottest match . in the game and bye guys. ah. [music]. [music]. we sure . [music]. .

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