Everything Wrong With Arrival In 16 Minutes Or Less

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Arrival was easily one of the best films of 2016, and all of us at CinemaSins just loved it. That being said... no movie is without sin. So...
Thursday: Something terrible from 2017.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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Previously on logos a 55 second . masterpiece of local action i used to . think this was the beginning of your . story . wait we get narration and foreshadowing. in the first line of the movie this must . be a prestige film . luckily for louisa's grief wandering . there are no other staff or patients in . this hospital and the overhead lights . are permanently set to twilight there . are days that define your story beyond . your life like the day they arrived . louise plays the pronoun game with her . newborn baby so that her baby will . instinctively hate the pronoun game . later in life sure these assholes could . be grouped around the tv to watch maury . reveal who the father is but louise . seriously doesn't give a cursory glance . at the screen to see what almost . everyone in the vicinity is gathering to . watch where is everyone the real . question is who are these booker's who . weren't plugged in enough to have at. least some idea of what's going on these . are the few dedicated students that . showed up to class so you got to think . they're pretty engaged so why the fuck . do you keep your ringer on and answer . that fucking phone after class begins . and she's in the middle of the second . row any news you want to share your . pranks can you turn the tv to a news . channel huh you can't fool me this is . just a different wording for her you . better take a look at this cliche denis . villeneuve chooses to focus the camera . on louise in her class as they watched . the stunning news about the alien . arrival which is probably a great . artistic choice and it keeps the alien . ships a mystery until the big reveal . later but what about my needs also is if . to punish her for interrupting class . louise steps right in front of the . student that asked to watch the tv . [music]. most modern buildings include visual . strobes in each room that go off with. the auditory alarm system so this school . is either an accidental violation of the. a da or is it dick to the . hearing-impaired or both also um either . these students are the calmest kids ever . in a disaster or else everyone's. incredibly high right now. this person is a dick - pulling out . which is probably why he has so many . child support payments okay we don't . know for sure at which university louise . works but in harvard so how can she . afford this sweet-ass modern lakefront . house on a professor's salary jeez . louise. if your mom wants to watch some . cinemasins just let her have her fun . nope in fact louise pretty much keeps up . this monotone vibe for the entire film. why this room sure does look neat and . tidy for a room where everybody left in . a hurry recently did the cleaning crews . still come in while the rest of the . world was caught up in an alien frenzy . louise realizes if she hadn't brought . that burnt casserole to the last faculty . function someone might have called her. to let her know schools canceled gt . level when i pulled up to this empty . campus i thought no way she here today . thank god i completely ignored my gut . and my common sense and found you anyway . also no phone call on email . telex you all are the top everyone's . pretty close to translations and you . have another two years sspi . thanks for the expositional resume girl . so you still have top-secret clearance . he's robbing your office not a berkeley . weber just said louise is at the top of . the list so isn't that why he's here . talking to her in fact because he says . this for basically no reason she knows . weber's going to visit a brothel . translator and she's got just the plan . to make him look bad how many i'm . speaking to god damn they took out even . half the length of the pauses in . conversation in this movie denis . villeneuve could have trimmed 20 minutes . off this thing are you sure did they. have now how would you approach . translating this look i know colonel . ghost dong here as a military dude . that's used to getting stuff done but . this line of questioning is total bull . does he really think louise is gonna be . able to translate if she doesn't know . whether or not the aliens have mounds i . can tell you that it's impossible to . translate from an audio file i would . need to be there to interact with them . you didn't need that the foster . translation furthermore this guy . actually thinks an alien language can be . translated from a couple of noises on a . recording he mentioned berkeley are you . going to ask danvers next before you . commit to him ask him the sanskrit word . for war and it's translation whoa does . she just have one of these trick . questions in her arsenal for every other . contemporary linguist competi . much dynasty he says if he's an argument . what do you savings a desire for cows . weep what how does this prove anything . also how does he know louise had the . correct translation. did he google it and if so why didn't . the berkeley professor google it. thank you bags god damn it does whipper . seriously not have a phone she could. have been ready before he got here and . hawkeye and lois lane in the same movie . that beats my dc marvel crossover . fanfiction language is the foundation of . civilization is the first weapon drawn . in a conflict only characters in this . movie just spout off random diatribe . instead of just first introducing . themselves you know what this movie is . an amazing feat doesn't get distracted . by both it's a throwback to another era . where it takes time to build a story it . says i've got your sins right here . cinema sin and you can go fuck . yourselves i've got to admit that's rude . but it's worth three sins off don't look . at the giant alien egg don't look at the . giant alien egg don't look at the dammit . you won't be needing your cellphone's . here because we communicate by showing . up at your door unexpectedly just . getting started . good morning i guess forest whitaker's. accent could be described as . occasionally new y'all stan i'm waiting . to tell you this detail until we're . literally standing underneath it this . moment behold the power of show don't . tell kids so good i mean look this is . totally good enough for a roll credits . in who ever could have said anything . like they'll be here shortly . go up and talk to them but this they . arrived response contains about the . least amount of information you could . give. man these have to pond sure do know how . to make an entrance huh it's not like . they couldn't already be there waiting . for the humans considering they know. exactly what time will show up dr. max . [music]. start from what i realize we're gonna . get a lot of scenes in this corridor but . this is a jarring ass cut when we could . actually get to see what lois first move . was wait webber specifically mentioned . that louise was at the top of the list . for translating the aliens so who was . the last guy violence continues to . spread across the u. s. today in the wake . of the 12 landings man this movie's . never seen an expositional tv monitor. that it doesn't want to shove down our . throats trying written language with . this board seems like a great idea until . someone needs to know which of the six . oxygen tanks are full sorry guys. needed to get an ink pen that's why i . left yeah i know it looks like i'm . writing this using my creepy alien claw . but i assure you there's a pin there . trying to speak and read that's got to . take longer well since he put it like . that i guess it shuts webber's argument . totally down with no supporting evidence . i mean she's obviously right but it's . much more within louise's character to . explain what she actually means so . you're gonna have to give me one net . kangaroo titmouse . i love playing this game and he asked . what they were and the aborigine said . kangaroo a new point is what's this . whole conversation written with the idea. that they needed to give forest whitaker . more lines because louise always make . sure she confuses the shit out of webber . before getting to the point it's a good . story it's not true it proves my point . if this approach works than the entire . success of this peaceful alien encounter . rests on a statement that no one. fact-checked if one person on webber's . committee says wait that sounds like . bullshit then this whole thing spirals . out of control don't you see they can't . seem to follow our algebra the aliens . are the equivalent of most us high . school sophomores yes so that we can . learn their names if they have names and . then introduce pronouns later we know . why you want to introduce the pronouns. dr. banks you're trying to get an . intergalactic pronoun game started . aren't you it's all great school words . eat lock help you understand seriously . as weber this fucking dense does he want . to start the conversation with the alien . race with words like lugubrious or . surreptitious or something. first we need to make sure that they . understand what a question is if she had . this explanation in her back pocket then . why did she ever go with the kangaroo . story i'm wondering when this alien race . rights books . do they have to stop writing when they . run out of ink and wait until their . bodies build up more. how many antelopes time for this alien. cultures driving book scene so what are . we gonna call . i was thinking abbott and costello isn't . the whole point of this to learn what . the aliens language means so now louise . and ian are just gonna make up names for . them instead of trying to figure out . what their actual names are here are . some of the many things we don't know . about hip de pods mid movie completely . out of nowhere narration this narration . appears to break the fourth wall it is . so jarring it's like we are dropped into . planet over three not planet earth with . no warning are these scientists we're . tourists if they're scientists they . don't seem to ask a lot of questio
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