Everything Wrong With Bee Movie In 15 Minutes Or Less

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During the animation boom of the mid-2000's, Jerry Seinfeld himself concocted a movie idea, wrote the script, and voiced the main character. And somehow, against all odds, that movie ended up being utterly terrible. Here are the sins of Bee Movie. And no, we didn't do anything regarding the f*cking Bee Movie meme, because we write sins and don't adopt Internet memes. Good day, sir.
Next week: Family movie sins and action sequel sins.
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Reading according to all known laws of . aviation ah narration of the reading now . reading kill a black yellow black oh . black and yellow yeah let's shake it up . a little this is the movies first joke . and it's so lame you wonder how the rest . of the movie ever got made in the first . place another indication of this movies . terrible humor inside of two minutes . honey used as hair gel gargle and . deodorant bees honey laughs damn you and . a perfect report card all b's get ready . for an hour and a half of bee puns and . that's about it i help with bees have . cars more importantly how the hell would . bees have cars is this just an animated . version of all the things jerry seinfeld . likes like cars sneakers and dating . women that are way out of his league it . is oh comedians in cars getting . paychecks okay i'm willing to buy that . these bees operate more or less like . humans only they retain most of the . characteristics of bees but there's a . competes area in this hive and it's . successful enough to take up a large . chunk of the front page of this paper . also shouldn't there be more concerned . over the frisbee hitting the hive must . have been like a giant earthquake these . guys parked the car and then it was . straight why they shouldn't need a car . by flying out of the car quite a bit of . pomp under the circumstances this thing . should be called pun movie and i don't . mean that as a compliment . i like puns i just prefer good ones are. we gonna pick our job today. i heard it's just orientation how the . hell did these assholes not know what's . coming where they seriously not informed . that they were gonna do beep what was . the point of school then that girl was . hot she's my cousin . yes we're all cousins casual reference . to the ramp and incest in this hive is . extremely casual the same job for the . rest of your life i didn't know that how . could you not have known that this is . something that would've been taught . since birth right this ride is pretty . stupid to begin with but using honey . instead of water for the flume is most . wasteful of honey and resistant to the . laws of physics and how honey works ha . ha nice splash mountain gag but where is. camera there's nothing that's mounted . anywhere near the slope to get this . angle also why is camera wait they . literally just said everybody knows just . think someone you die so how was this . asshole able to off seven other people . then himself . those are pollen jocks man this movie . sure is selective on what the main. characters do and don't know so they . know who the pollen jocks are but . nothing else about how honey is made i. think our cousins too distant distant . alabama we going . 900 a gate what do you think buzzy boy . wait so anyone can become a pollen jock . at a moment's notice i know the fly boys . are fuckin with barry here but they're . also being serious about him leaving the . hive is this a breach of protocol . who knows anything about the rules here. i thought they were supposed to pick . their occupations that day right but it . seems like right after the corporate . lady made that announcement everyone . went their separate ways . jesus i don't think this movie even . stopped to watch itself yeah go to start . calling everybody dogs man there's some . excellent 90s comedy in this 2007 movie . whenever a bee dies that's an opening . he's dead this goes on for some time . also if this is the case why rush to get . a job picked anyway adam said the good . jobs would be taken but they're . constantly opening up what happened b . antenna our phones man they actually . make a ringing noise when you get a call . when but these guys are all checking . different things and are only checking . themselves not the entire fleet so this. is some really wasteful use of radio . waves my mouth i can't believe i'm out . why is this such a big deal at the . beginning of the movie adam and barry . were talking about their friend that was . killed by a squirrel. so apparently school-aged bees are able . to leave the hive but this is barry's. first time also this shot suggests that . the bees immediately ascend to the. altitude of a new york city skyscraper . which is some serious beat these kites . are also being flown at or above the . height of a skyscraper despite a . complete lack of string or people. holding them. we have roses visual so was this the six . mile journey that the pollen jocks were. talking about yesterday they didn't even . leave the fucking park movie completely . reinvent zombies pollinate flowers for . the sake of i guess maybe toy sales i'm . not sure why the guns had to be part of . the equation. to be honest also sure the firing of . suck guns in order to extract pollen . from flowers is apparently extremely. typical behavior and is completely . unnoticed by humans those aren't even . roses and your orders this morning . definitely indicated roses you're off . script chief dude seriously reaches up . to grab the frisbee that's surrounded by. a swarm of bees that's commitment . none of these bees get swatted to death . by any of these humans this. the coolest what is it i don't know what . i'm loving this color is seen not only . presupposes that experience pollen jocks . mistake tennis balls for flowers but . also that they'd never seen these in . central park. animated upskirting no lie the movie is . going to hinge on the first day out of . the hive guy getting stuck on a tennis . ball and not getting smashed by native . the ensuing tennis name circuit counting . how many times ib would be killed over . the last two minutes alone so i'm just . gonna guess it would be 32 what a sign . in the movie that many fucking sense not . only does he believe this why i was . table but he's also literally flying in . the rain while chanting this mantra made . it into a fold-out brochure what the . hell but i said ken we're playing tennis . less than 2 movie minutes ago and all. we've seen is barry get toss into a car . and fly into a window but they had time . to finish the game pack up and get all . the way home barry and acts exactly how . i feel watching this movie . jesus vanessa was able to change clothes . and come up with a spread in less than . 30 seconds goddamn time-traveling . zellweger's covering up their goddamn . tracks it's at this point you start . realizing vanessa might actually want to . this be i guess i've seen more egregious . product placement but definitely not . this cheesy coffee actually i would love . a cup setting aside the many and . practicalities of this interspecies . meet-cute how that would barry drink a . cup of coffee or know what coffee is but . not like windows watermelon i thought . you said guatemalan huh why would i . marry a watermelon . ladies and gentlemen jerry seinfeld . humans humans i can't believe you were. with humans and apparently no one . noticed that barry was gone all day . despite the pollen jocks knowing . specifically when he was lost how'd you . get back poodle but the hive was within . sight of bridget jones apartment right . barry could have flown home in a matter . of seconds do you know do you jesus . barry was out of the hive for an . afternoon but apparently is super . goddamn knowledgeable about humans i can . i will gladly volunteer to deny said . yearning be heart your yearning for a . human smoothie is dumber than stupid . he's in the pool i thought honey was . this super precious commodity so why did . the bensons fill an entire fucking . swimming pool with it . oh to be in the tournament of roses . that's every florists dream i knew a . florist once her dream was to turn a . profit in a calendar year i realize she . kind of weirded out yesterday when they . first spoke but isn't she just a little. too okay with talking to her newbie . friend on day 2 . to normal in less than 18 hours ray . liotta private select i can only assume . this is a joke about newman's own. products but paul newman's food label. donates every red cent a profit to. charity so i'm not sure why i would . deserve mockery and if it's not a . newman's own joke and it's just a famous. person started a honey business joke . then you'd have gotten a lot more milan . try to using jessica alba here please . don't know about this this is stealing . how in the world would be he's not know . about this maybe your hive doesn't know . but bees talk to other bees right none . of them have ever seen a human . harvesting their honey he paints his . yellow stripes black but leaves his. yellow face and yellow sweater alone. because he is a beam and has no concept. of subterfuge and this is a stupid movie . fyi abby is fencing with his stinger. against a human using a thumbtack this . biker can feel the drag difference when. a fucking bee lands on his backpack we . saw mulan and then called chris rock and . said hey can we hire you to do like a . b-movie version of that voice i guess in . order to be a successful beekeeper one . must have a consuming hatred of bees . this is your queen that's a man and . woman's clothes that's a drag queen . instead of pointing out the dated humor . of a movie from way back in 2007 i'd . like to submit the question of how king . bee knows what a drag queen is wait. where the hell did berry good king spy . camera he didn't go back to his hi after . discovering the honey in the grocery . store so that means he just had it on . him while on its date with vanessa which . brings up some even more disturbing. questions dating a cricket once in san . antonio man those crazy legs . kept me up all night movie will simply . not miss a chance to throw in a . reference to some creepy crawly . interspecies insect intercourse nobody . works harder than bees telling that to . michael chiquinha seriously movie b . larry king is the best you could come up . with for this fucking cameo not larry . queen or larry sting or anything. creative larry bees have
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