Film Theory: Ant Man’s GIANT Problem (Marvel’s Ant-Man)

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We all know that the COOLEST moment in the new Ant-Man and the Wasp trailer is when we see Ant-Man grow into a GIANT man. Now, I've explored Ant-Man's powers before, but never what it means to grow up to 65 feet tall! What does that do to your body? Well, Loyal Theorist, you are about to find out!
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Big ego i'll show you a big ego i kind . of walked right into that one didn't i . yeah the taco truck damn what a waste of . tacos. [music]. hello internet . welcome to film theory the show that . puts out new episodes only slightly more . often than marvel puts out new superhero . movies i mean seriously . it feels like infinity war just happened . but it's already time to put that one . behind us to focus on a story with some . smaller stakes you might have noticed . that scott lang aka the ant-man was . absent from the latest avengers movie . and that's not a case of him bein tucked . away in some microscopic hiding place . believe me i checked every promotional . poster out there they found some weird . things by doing that too like this and . this oh there's a hidden mickey that . illuminati symbol wasn't all that . surprising considering it's disney but . ya know ant-man as far as the eye could . see all we hear in the movie is that he . and hawkeye quote took a deal since . being a hero was too hard on their . families all being a superhero is hard. is it boohoo now half the universe is . dead not like that's gonna be a lot . easier on the fam anyway in case you've . forgotten ant-man has the ability to . shrink down to amp size using what's . known as pym particles the marvelous . marvelous get it miracle matter that can . mess with the size mass and density of . any substance we most often see him . using the power of the pym particle to . shrink himself down to the size of an . ant however one of the most memorable . ant-man seems from the mcu has to be him . doing the reverse in captain american. captain american the korean ripoff . version of captain america in captain . america civil war he blows himself up to . massive size becoming the most powerful. hero on the battlefield. throwing trucks around taking missiles. to the chest basically turning . unstoppable until spider-man decides to . take a page from luke skywalker's . playbook and ties up his legs to trip. him like an at-at that forgot how to . walk . i'm calling bs here by the way it is the . most unbelievable part of the movie . perhaps the most unbelievable part of . the mcu peter parker clearly would know . what all of those things are named . anyway it makes you wonder why doesn't . ant-man use this power more often do it . all the time really because this is the . first time we've ever seen you do it in . the movie what all right so at first . this might seem like a lazy cop-out by . the writers but when you look at the . real-life science it actually makes . sense being big doesn't just take a . fictional subatomic pym particle a power . like this is gonna have some weird side . effects to scotts body as it turns out . there's an extreme cost for being big . and that's the lesson for today . how being bigger isn't always being . better and considering it's a power is . gonna be using again in a second movie . ant-man and the wasp learning the . oddities that come with being big is . gonna be essential so that it doesn't . end every fight hangry have you ever . stopped to wonder why an elephant is . less agile than a mouse i mean sure we. all intuitively know that big things . tend to move slower but why you might . say that it's because they weigh more . and yeah that's certainly true but . consider this if you took a mouse and . blew it up . wouldn't it retain the same abilities. that allow it to scamper around or by . the same token if you take scott lang. and athletic superhero and do the. equivalent of dropping him into . photoshop to stretch the corner of his. transform box whitney just have the same . abilities but bigger and stronger than . before he's still the same proportions . after all i mean sure he may be gaining . more mass but at the same time his . muscles are also growing and gaining . strength including all of those fast . twitch muscle fibers that humans use . when they sprint - why is it so much . harder for mega scott to perform basic . actions when he's big in these fight. scenes well believe it or not but the . answer is actually a universal law of . mathematics that applies to all matter . in the universe man between this and the . last ant-man theory about how he would . be able to create black holes ant-man . seems to be the key to unlocking the. secrets of existence maybe that's why . he's not an infinity war he's too ope . this secret universal law is known as. the square-cube law . all the way back to galileo in 1638 yeah . the same galileo who discovered saturn's . rings the moons of jupiter and taught . the world that planets orbit around the . sun meanwhile here i am rewatching civil . wars airport scene covered in cheeto . dust galileo making the rest of the . world feel like a slacker since . anyway teaching people that they weren't . the center of the universe didn't make . him very popular with the roman . inquisition or twitter quite frankly . resulting in him getting put under house. arrest and since he didn't have access . to candy crush or cutthroat kitchen . reruns it gave him a whole lot of time . to do math math that led to yet another . discovery that makes us all feel like . underachievers the square-cube law . aka exactly what we need to analyze and . man the easiest way to explain the law . is this imagine a tesseract that's one . inch by one inch by one inch it has a . surface area of six square inches . because each face has an area of one . square inch and there are six phases the . volume is 1 times 1 times 1 or 1 cubic . inch great if only ap calc exams were . this easy now suppose that we double . each dimension of the tesseract making . it 2 by 2 by 2 surface areas now 24 . square inches and volume is now 8 cubic . inches our surface area increased by a . factor of 4 but the volume increased by . a factor of 8 now look at this we . doubled the size of the tesseract right . meaning that we multiplied everything by . 2 but the surface area increased by 2 . squared or 4 and the volume increased by . 2 cubed or 8 if we had tripled the size . of everything from our 1 by 1 by 1 . tesseract surface area would now be 54 . and volume 27 surface area would have . increased by a factor of 9 or 3 squared . and volume by a factor of 27 or 3 cubed . in other words by increasing the . dimension by a given factor the surface. area will increase by the square of that . factor and the volume will increase by . the cube of that factor that is the . square cube law in a nutshell . congratulations you made it through all . the math for today's episode here's a . chocolate and an achievement and a . thousand points added to your theorists . score make sure you keep that one in a . safe place now then what's the . significance of all those darn tesar . acts - ant man and his gigantism . well this ant-man grows other properties . are gonna change as well specifically . his mass is gonna increase in the same . way that his volume does it'll be the. cube of whatever factor he increases by. so if he scales up by five his mass is . multiplied by five cubed or a hundred . and twenty five times and that's cool . and all but there's a big problem here . strength only scales with area when you . want to figure out how strong a bone is . you don't look at how long it is or how . much volume it has you only care about . how thick it is you care about its . cross-sectional area the same applies to . muscle strength so at five times the . size and a hundred and twenty five times . the weight ant-man strength is only . gonna multiply by 25 the tldr of all . this when you make something bigger . you're not actually making it stronger . by the same amount the more you scale . something up it becomes relatively less . and less straw for an example of this in . nature just look at deer white-tailed . deer are a hundred and fifty pounds . while l are six hundred pounds just by . looking at him you can tell that the . elks legs are much thicker than the . lighter white-tailed deer legs this is . because an elks bones and muscles need. to be much thicker to support the extra . weight but even in spite of all that . extra girth elk are still more likely to . break their bones the long story short . here is supporting additional mass is . hard it is biologically very difficult . it requires a lot of extra internal . infrastructure in your body . infrastructure that humans and ant-man . specifically just aren't built for so . let's take one more look at ant-man if . we figure out the factor of increased . for ant-man size we can quickly assess. how that would affect his mass and. strength now in the trailers for the new . movie we hear him bragging about how big . he's able to get how big did you get . twenty-one feet you 65 feet sixty-five . the actor who plays ant-man paul rudd is . reportedly 5 foot 10 inches meeting that . ant-man has to be able to scale up to a . maximum of 11 times his normal body size . now remember the square-cube law his . mass and volume will increase by a cube . of that factor of increase so his . resulting mass is going to increase by a . factor of 11 times 11 times 11 or 1331 . webb . i'd say that ruud weighs in at about 171 . pounds or 78 kilos so in giant form he's . actually gonna be weighing in at a . modest . kilograms that's the same as 15 . elephants or about one space shuttle . however the cross sectional area of his . muscles and bones will only increase by . the square of 11 or 121 getting over a . hundred times stronger might seem like a . lot but it means almost nothing when you . consider that he's over a thousand times . heavier than he was which explains why . ant man who's normally an agile . superhero capable of all kinds of . acrobatic feats is reduced to a . slow-moving behemoth in civil war . honestly considering how much additional . weight his legs are carrying it's a. wonder that he's even able to be . standing at all which begs the question . or for all of you on reddit who are . bothered by that idiomatic usage of the . phrase raises the question could he. actually stand well it took a bit of . digging but i found out bones are much . better at handling compressive forces. than shear forces this is because bones . are made up of columns of collagen and . calcium phosphate like bundles of twigs . and because they run vertically through . the bone they give the bone strength. through its leg to show you just how big . of a difference all this makes it takes . about 4,000 newton's of force to . fracture your femur when you hit it this . way a shear direction but . newton's of force when you apply the . force this way a compressive force over . ten times more force required that's . according to the e study guide for . physics by the way it was a hard number . to find anyway at normal human size it . would mean that scott lang would need to . weigh over . his legs no big worries there or for the . rest of humanity no matter how many . cheeseburgers we eat but then like mario . jump man on his shrooms we giganta fayed . his leg strength scales by 121 meaning . that he can now support around 1 million . 360 thousand forty pounds on his legs . and considering he weighs in at just . under 230 pounds when he's in large . scale he is well in the clear someone . get that man an orange slice he deserves . it but what's coolest about all of this. is that well yes it explains why he has. to be slow in . careful in his mega form he also . explains how he's so incredibly powerful . in his micro form because you see all of . this also works in reverse if increasing . your size increases the ratio of mass to . strength then decreasing your muscle . mass should have the opposite effect . more strength relative to your size . according to the marvel website ant-man . can shrink himself down to half an inch . that's him scaling himself down a . hundred and forty two times which means . that his bone and muscle cross section . will be shrunk down by a hundred and . forty two squared but his volume and. mass will be shrunk down by a hundred. and forty two cubed . that means that when ant-man is half an. inch tall his strength ratio increases . by a factor of a hundred and forty two . that's the equivalent of a six-foot man . feeling like they only weigh 1. 4 pounds . imagine what kind of athletic beats your . body would be capable of if you gained . that factor of strength you could lift . things that were way bigger than you in . fact that's exactly what we observe in . the animal kingdom ants are capable of . lifting objects that are hundreds of. times their own weight while elephants. are only capable of lifting objects that . are around one tenth of their weight . true in absolute terms the elephant . might be capable of lifting bigger . objects but proportionally the amp seems. so much stronger and that's a big part . of where ant man's powers come from for . example he has the ability to change . size at will while maintaining his. momentum meeting he starts an incredible. sprint while small and blows himself up . to deliver a devastating punch i always . hear the phrase that bigger is better . but as we saw in civil war being big has . its costs while ant man's gigantic form . might be one of the most visually . impressive things we see him do in the . movies his real strength lies not in his . ability to grow but his ability to . shrink scott lang proves that it's not . the size of your superhero but rather . the size of their power ratio if you to . our flesh comparing sizes 65 well the . science proves it at least scott still . seems really proud of that 65 footer but . hey that's just a theory oh . film theory and if you missed my last . ant-man theory on why is technically the . most devastating character in the marvel . mcu it's right here click the button . tear left oh . make sure you give that subscribe button. a big old smack so you can be updated . about what crazy theories we have coming . up next like have you ever wondered what . the optimum strategy is for winning the . purge oh yeah there's a right answer for . solving the purge one that you're gonna. find out next week but only if you hit . the subscribe button hurry . you only have 5 seconds left in this . video to do it 5 4 3 don't get left in . the purge . .
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