Film Theory: Why You SHOULDN’T FLY to Mordor! (The Lord of the Rings)

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When it comes to The Lord of the Rings, one of the most common questions circulated online is why didn’t Frodo just ride the giant Eagles to Mount Doom? There are theories out there that suggest this was the plan all along, but sadly, when you look at the evidence, that's just wrong. In fact, it's so wrong, it's dangerous! In this episode, I will give you the definitive answer to why Frodo didn’t simply ride those giant birds into Mordor!
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I consider it my personal quest to not . only empower you with the knowledge . you're gonna need to have a fulfilling . life but also a fulfilling love life. with that in mind welcome to the first . ever installment of mad hats guide to . finding the one lord of the ring edition . hey girl was your face forged by sauron . because you're precious what don't . respect oscar-winning cgi technology. that's fine fine whatever . you must be frodo baggins because i'm. the one and you've got me wrapped around . your finger the more accurate because he . just disappeared oh hey there you shall . not pass without giving me those digits . i mean and she jumped off the bridge . maybe i should just stick to theories. [music]. hello internet welcome to film theory . where today we're donning our mining . hats and delving too greedily and too. deep into the theory mines in order to . unearth the answer to the biggest . question of the lord of the rings no not . why the hobbit movies were so bad not . even i have the answers to everything no . today i am delivering the definitive . answer to the internet's favorite lord . of the rings theory why did frodo just . ride the eagles to mount doom and drop . the ring in we all know they exist we. know they can pretty much go anywhere we . know they're friendly to the ringbearer . side so why the heck did team ring just . ride up to mordor motor bra hmm . sorry mordor in the first place honestly . it's like the movie is begging us to ask . this question 85 minutes and 48 seconds . into the very first movie if you're . watching the extended edition which is . there any other way to watch these . movies we see gandalf gtf out of . isengard on the back of a giant eagle . after sending them off to go get it for . him like some sort of high fantasy uber . why else introduced the perfect solution . to every problem so early just hit up . your mouth app calling eagle and we got . this whole trilogy wrapped up in a cool. well the 42 one of the most famous and . most popular fan theories of all time . this wasn't the plot hole at all the . plan was to use the eagles to fly to . mordor all along it's a great theory . really and if film theory existed back . in 2001 i'd be all over this one like a . horde of orcs on this other work that . they just decided to randomly . cannibalize pointing to the fly you . fools theory it was made popular by an . infographic from the website tickled . which miraculously isn't a porn site go . figure. haymitch spread quickly and the full . theory was proposed by reddit user. vulcan death grip which you know . clap half right out of the gate for the . amazing user name to sum it up here's . the theory our hero wizard gandalf is . imprisoned by the evil wizard . saruman for failing to join his evil . master plan gandalf orders up a giant . eagle lifts on his smart moth and boom . giant eagle arrives and zooms gandalf . away but instead of heading straight to . rivendell to meet frodo and the rest of . the fellowship the theory . that gandalf instead flies to the eagles . eyrie which is a real canonical thing . established in middle-earth to talk with . the king of the eagles the eyrie is . actually pretty close to rivendell but. it's on the eastern side of the misty . mountains a detail that's important . because when gandalf is escaping on the . eagle we actually see him veer east over . the mountains to the directions with . this theory actually match up once there . gandalf according to the theory hatches . a plan to use the eagles to fly the ring. to mordor something we never see or hear . any word of in the books or movies . gandalf in the eagles decide to keep . this plan a secret because they need to . retain the element of surprise even . retaining that surprise from all the. readers and viewers . apparently so now the question becomes . where to meet up with the eagles for . maximum secrecy gandalf decides they . should meet up in the south because . canonically all the other areas are . overrun with either orcs or agents of. sauron and they have to meet on this . side of the misty mountains because . again according to the theory the . weather in the mountains is too . dangerous for the eagles to fly over . that might seem like a bit of a stretch . but the story does happen in winter in . the mountains and lord of the rings were . modeled after the european alps where . it's literally like minus 46 degrees in . the winter so it's plausible to say the . least the only other option for the trip . would have been to avoid the misty . mountains entirely and go all the way . south to the gap of rohan but as . literally everyone tells boromir every . time he brings it up this is right next . to isengard. aka saruman's base of operations meaning . all the eagles would get spotted . immediately and the plan is busted so . left with no other options they decide. to got to travel on foot to the other . side of the mountains meet the eagles . and then finally fly to mordor into the . south unfortunately the group can't make. it over the mountains due to you know . that afro mentioned nasty weather and . the fellowship decides to go for no shut . up boromir stop suggesting it they go . through the mines of moria . where pippin literally gets gandalf. killed because he is the worst but right . before gandalf falls he utters these . three fateful words foolish according to . the theory this was gandalf telling the. fellowship what they were supposed to do . fly using the eagles but go figure team . ring is too thick to get it honestly . though who can blame them . instead of using two of his last three . remaining words to insult his team . gandalf could have made things a bit . more explicit . instead of fly you fools he could have. said it fly to mordor fly using eagles . even something as simple as fly i liken . and i'm sure everyone could have figured . out the rest so anyway that's the theory . and honestly i think it's a really cool . theory the problem is it's just wrong. you take it from me i know a thing or . two about wrong theories that's right . for once in my life i'm giving myself an . early christmas present and i get to . poke holes into someone else's theory . wow how cathartic to turn the tables for . a change today i'm gonna shoot down the . eagle fury pun definitely intended . because it is literally the worst . strategy for the fellowship effort i . mean honestly it's almost worse than . just straight-up giving the ring to . sauron and doing this theory i can just . rely on old reddit posts from 2012 oh no . i went digging i busted out the lord of . the rings books i got the silmarillion i . pored over the letters pole king wrote . to pretty much everybody i picked up two . unfinished tales in the collection of . books that are compiled by christopher . tolkien jr arse editor map trader and . publisher books filled with partial. stories and scraps of lore i spent days . poring over tens of thousands of pages . and not a book pages mind you literal . physical actual paper pages because . christopher tolkien is some sort of. technophobe that won't allow the more . obscure nerdy titles to be published an . electronic format so out the window in . my control left function and in the . window with my analog control f function . which is just an index and let me just . say it those things suck and one more . disclaimer here because i know that some . people don't consider the unfinished . tales and letters to be can . because it's that kinda fanbase so i . only went with those sources insofar as . they didn't contradict anything in the . actual books if there was ever a . disagreement. i always defaulted to the information . that was actually published and what did . i learn from doing all that well that . the lore of middle-earth is really long . and sometimes really dry and glosses . over some big things like the . destruction of an entire continent that . gets explained away in a whopping one . paragraph so the first thing to know is . that in tolkien's laura most of the . stuff in middle-earth was created by. three gods conway yavana and owl a yes . miller has gods gods that let's be . honest we're probably a bit pissed at a . three hobbit movies scraping the. absolute bottom of the barrel for any . content to fill their excessive runtimes . they still didn't make the cut anyway . it'd be yvonna created all the plants . trees forests and animals all a comes in . and makes the dwarves yavana . worried that the dwarves would literally . just mow down the forests to make stuff . creates the ends to protect the trees . maaan way feeling a bit left out sees . the stuff the other two are creating it . goes ah sweet would you help me make . some eagles like big ones big eagles and . boom yvonna and mod way made the eagles . and thus the eagles came into existence . the end now why would you care about any . of this stuff well it shows us that the . eagles go super far back in the history. of this world and in general the older . stuff is in middle-earth the more . powerful it is except for the dwarves . sorry gimli but that means in the . hierarchy of middle-earth eagles rank . way up there the gods or valar as . they're called are directly below them . or the demigods or my are this tier has . some familiar faces sauron our lawn and . candle and the eagles are just slightly . below them in fact tolkien himself as a . bit wishy-washy on this point saying . that hey the eagles are pretty much. unofficially meyer but anyway suffice it . to say they rank above all the other . races so why does any of this matter . well canonically and this is a point . that the movies don't really do a good . job of explaining the ring of power . works proportionally to the power of the . holder you ever wonder why a hobbit was . really the safest choice to be ring . bearer why this all-powerful ring that . everyone. so scared of only manages to turn people . in missile it's because hobbyists are a . really low power race in this world and . because of that the ring of power is the . least dangerous in their hands the one . ring can only really use what's he in . the wearer which isn't that much when . it's being carried by a hobbit now . contrast that to the giant eagles who . are practically demigods and who . according to tolkien himself have a . wingspan of 30 pound putting them and . half the size of a football field and . they're not just big during the war of . wrath which was a huge war before the . lord of the rings series happened they . were able to kill the dragon that was so . enormous that when he crash-landed he . collapsed three giant active volcanoes. these eagles are massive powerful and . they're immortals who are more powerful . than all the other races on middle-earth . oh yeah and they can also canonically . see through walls the eagles are more . than just mere birds they are no joke . and they definitely don't need their . power amped up by the one ring if you . give the eagles an opportunity to carry. the one ring you're looking at . potentially the most powerful dark . lord's and the entire series if they can . manage to fit the ring on their talons . that is if you think about it this is . the same reason why the ring has to stay . out of everyone else's hands this is why . gandalf never directly touches the ring . and tries to keep it out of his sight as . much as possible even telling frodo that . through him it would yield upon great a . terrible doernbecher because gandalf is . a meyer demigod the classic galadriel . freakout scene is her basically. predicting her own power amped up on the . ring which is again why so many people . are required to protect the darn thing . hey hey boromir my eyes are up here . hey also notice when the eagles do come . into play to rescue sam and frodo from . mount doom as it collapses when the ring . of power is no longer around as soon as . it's destroyed and out of the running. then it's safe to bring the eagles in . because they're no longer gonna be . tempted no one's at risk and that's . exactly when gandalf calls for their . help again but there's more to this plan . being stupid than just raw power . sauron literally doesn't comprehend the. possibility that anyone with the ring . would want to destroy it he doesn't . discover this plan until mere moments . before the ring is tossed into the heat . of mount doom he can't defend himself if . he doesn't know what he's defend . against that's why it's imperative that . the fellowship remain a secret from . everyone and the eagles remember they're . the size of boeing 747s up there trying . to conduct a stealth mission with a . giant eagle to drop the ring into the . pits of mount doom would be like trying . to sneak into a jamba juice with a . fighter jet or you know what maybe we . should just believe tolkien himself in a . letter from june 1958 where he . criticizes an unofficial lord of the. rings film treatment sent to him going . so far as to say it's murdered his story . yeah that's harsh feedback tolkien . directly comments on the scripts overuse. of the eagles quote the eagles are a . dangerous machine i've used them . sparingly and that is the absolute limit . of their credibility end quote . using the eagles to solve all your. problems just doesn't make for a good . story and that's ultimately what we as . an audience are here for and tolkien's . being the incredible writer that he is. knew just that but hey that's just a . theory. a film theory and cut man finding . loopholes in theories is fun and . cathartic maybe i should just changed . this channel to be the theory buster . [music]. .
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