Five Nights at Freddy’s (part 15) – The Final Battle [Tony Crynight]

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Hey, guys!! ^^ Part 15 is finally here, and the longest one so far! It took me way more than usual in matter of editing and post-production, but eventually it's ready to be enjoyed, and I hope you'll like it! :D
Thank you so, so, so much, guys, for more than 1'061'000 subscribers, I simply love you!! TwT
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Thanks a huge lot to all the patrons that have been supporting and helping this project for almost two years now!! ^w^ If you want to support us, your help would be highly appreciated! :)
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As I had promised, this episode shows the fatal battle between Good and Evil, and someone is going to be severely hurt this time... In part 16 we'll see who survives and who doesn't! :3
Yeah, the title says "The FINAL Battle", but it isn't the final episode! :P
The epic Laphin Hyena plays the villains (Springtrap and Fredbear, naturally!) and the good old hero Freddy (plus a bit of Bonnie), but as you probably know, his work is not limited to voices, as he's the sound editor and voice director... And he's awesome in everything he does! :D Thanks a lot, Laphin!
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The great Timberpuppers plays again Foxy, another impetuous hero that this time has to face his most brutal, vengeful side! Useless to say, Timber did an amazing job as well, thank you very much! ^^
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Chica and Mangle don't talk in this episode, but I wish to remember that they're voiced by the greatly talented Nikki-Chan and Hayley Nelson! :3 Take a look at their channels!
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There was a more consistent use of backgrounds in this part, and it's all thanks to my very good friend and awesome artist Fog Dagger! ;3 You should definitely check out her gallery!
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I want to thank also my girlfriend Nene for her sweet support and for lending me her computer when I had to color Fredbear and Freddy! X3 I love you, Sweetheart!
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Take a look at "Catghost", a brand new YouTube animated story by Kris Patrick, the creator of The Bedfellows! ;) It's weird and it deserves to be watched, and possibly to be understood! XD
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Special thanks as usual to Clover Cat (Founders’ Hat), who gave me the idea to make a FNAF video!
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Part 15 is dedicated to my dog River, who recently passed away. I miss you a lot, bud..
SUBTITLES!! I’ll leave you the link to follow, so that you can add the subtitles by yourself in your own language, and also correct possible mistakes for the ones that are already added! :)
Tony Crynight features Five Nights at Freddy’s fanimated stories, tragic and emotional animations, comedic and crazy stuff!… But also contests, previews and specials! I hope you’ll like the silly things I make! X3
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