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With The Disaster Artist coming out this weekend we decided to do the movie you've all been asking for - The Room!
Watch the Honest Trailer Commentary to see the writers talk about the movie and the making of the latest HT!
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Voiceover Narration by Jon Bailey: http://youtube.com/jon3pnt0
Title design by Robert Holtby
Producers - Dan Murrell, Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, and Max Dionne
Written by Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, and Dan Murrell
Edited by Kevin Williamsen and TJ Nordaker
[music]. in a world where most movies are just. okay one film will be so bizarre so . upsetting and so aggressively bad the . sheer amount of suck will collapse in on . itself like a dying star and explode in . a supernova of unintentional genius the. room tommy wiseau . stars in rights produces and directs a . film that puts the passion in passion . project. financed by a rumored six million . dollars of his own mysterious fortune . and featuring three long minutes of his . own mysterious butt cheeks he's a man . with a singular vision a unique personal . style and a powerful message to share . with the world maybe it's okay to give . up on your dreams how can they say this . about me i don't believe it i showed . them journey to b-roll of san francisco . and meet johnny your everyday . all-american dracula you know people . don't have to say it they can feel it . sometimes his emotions run hot . you got tammy part lisa sometimes he's . so cold it's like he forgets he's on . camera but he always finds time to laugh . at the little things. anything for my princess or laugh for no . particular reason. or laugh at things you really shouldn't . be laughing at one of them found out . about it beat her up so bad she ended up . in a hospital in carrero street dude . what part of that is funny experience a . story that at its core is a really . simple love triangle where johnny is . engaged to lisa his wife of the future . you might future wife lisa's your future . wife after all she's my future wife but . she doesn't love him i don't love johnny . anymore i don't love him anymore i don't . love him anymore but i don't love him . so she sleeps with mark his best friend . johnny's my best friend johnny's my best . friend he's my best friend . i know he's your best friend but set . that aside because the room has an of . dangling plot threads to weave a blanket . like this endless unexplained game of . tuxedo football johnny's promotion at . whatever his job is these two friends . who randomly appear and disappear . throughout the movie this drug deal. that's never mentioned again and the . most casual eye of cancer of all time i . got the results of the tests back i . definitely have breast cancer you are . you gonna react to that no okay cool . cool. most movies cut straight to the . interesting parts but the room is not. most movies where if a man makes a tape . you get to see him set up the equipment . [music]. if two friends have lunch you see what . everyone in front of them ordered she's . gonna copy okay once you guys have a . seat we'll have that right out for you . hi how you doing what would you like . yeah it sounds good once you guys have a . seat we'll have a right out for you oh . hi susan . oh hi johnny and if a man gives us . beyonce flowers you'll see exactly how . that financial transaction went down . spoiler alert it was weird how much is . this it'll be $18 go keep the change . hi doggy you're my favorite customer . thanks a lot bye do you like sex well . not for long because you're about to . watch an alien's approximation of human . lovemaking where a little man playing a . little boy tries to join a threesome . three's a crowd these two randoms act . like toddlers while they do it. and johnny does his best to penetrate . the area around lisa's bellybutton just . close your eyes when the arm becomes on . trust us so enjoy this real-life version . of springtime for hitler that's the . pinnacle of so bad it's good filmmaking . spawning midnight movie screenings oscar . caliber films about its creation and the . enduring mystery of who tommy wiseau is . where he's from where his money comes . from and how old he is but some . mysteries are probably better left. unsolved we've seen the guys tanked i . don't need to know anymore . starring football spoon art entrances . and exits oh hey guys i have to go now . i've got to go oh hi mike there you go . oh hi mark . i have to go oh hi danny i have to go . sir i better be going oh hi peter i . gotta go oh hi danny . i gotta go oh . don't worry don't worry don't worry . don't worry don't worry don't worry . don't worry about it don't worry about . it don't worry about it don't worry . about johnny he's just being a big baby . generalizing about women women changed . their minds all the time you think girls . like did she like guys do i never say . what they mean and they always play . games sometimes are just too smart . sometimes just flat-out stupid other. times they're just evil falling for no . reason lisa doesn't want to talk about . it i don't want to talk about it i don't . want to talk about it i don't want to . talk about it i don't want to talk about . it i don't want to talk about it . focus focus focus and chicken chicken . chip chip chip chip chip chip chip chip. chip chip the room not room the room . very different . i like to think lisa's mom isn't playing . a character she's just a lady he . wandered in and started commenting on . what she saw. what are these characters doing here how . many people come in and out of this . apartment every day this is worse than . grand central station you're my favorite . customer leave your stupid comments in . your pocket i got the results of the . tests back i definitely have breast . cancer you're tearing me apart lisa i . did not hit her it's not true it's . bullshit . i did not hit her i did not oh hi mark . .
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